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    posted a message on WCDC Season 9 Finale - Mini Comp #1 (Discussion)
    Quote from Demonxz95 >>

    Amazing name.

    I feel like we've been building up an arc for 9 seasons and we're so close to a climactic finish.

     We're in the Endgame now.

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    posted a message on Literally nobody uses original decks whether it's casual or ranked (If any, it's like less than 5%)
    Quote from Bluelights >>

    There once was a tale of Timmy, Johnny and Spike. Three Magic players.

    Timmy liked to have fun and do weird and strange things and just have fun. Enjoying a deck is the most important part for this player. 

    Johnny likes to make decks and see if he can make an interesting card work. He sees making deck not as a part of card game, but THE part of the card game. 

    And Spike likes winning and to feel powerful. For the Spikes of this world winning equals fun. If they are not winning they aren´t having fun. They don´t care where the deck comes from, they care if it wins. 

    This applies to every card game. Now it´s difficult to fit exactly into this and a lot of people have a bit from another, but these are the general archetypes of the players that exist in card games. 

    Moral of this story everyone plays the game for a different reason, and neither of them is playing the one true way to play a card game. And neither of them is entitled to another player playing the game their way. 


     You forgot Octav, the guy who plays nothing but Arena.

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    posted a message on "Technically" full dust refund should be applied with buffs too

    points at Hearthstone community: You will never find a more wretched hive of whining and entitlement.

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    posted a message on Is SN1P-SN4P part of Boomsday?

    If you look closely at the expansion watermark on the card, it seems to have the Boomsday one:

    If that is the case, and this card rotates with Boomsday, it would be the collectible card with the shortest life span in the game.

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    posted a message on New Hearthstone Cinematic - Here’s the Plan! (Dalaran Heist Adventure)

    Ok, that's it!

    I NEED those 5 dorks in a TV series!

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 9.15 - Final Poll
    Quote from Shatterstar1998 >>

     Hardly. It's a 4 card combo that only gives you a beating stick. If you build your deck around it, and your opponent kills the bancient one, you loose the game. If you don't, you either have to break the combo so you don't loose the game, or you're stuck with up to 3 dead cards in hand. I'd say it's fine. 

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    posted a message on What card do you want to make work?
    Quote from GentilleMouche >>

    Deathwing, Dragonlord is the absolute card I want to make work.

    But ever since it was introduced i haven't been able to build a strong T1-T2 deck around it and it saddens me. It's impossible to enjoy Hearthstone with a 30% WR. I have it golden and I think I will dust it, I already dusted golden Chillmaw yesterday, I don't feel too bad about it... Except that I crafted these cards in the first place.

    Someone please tell me not to dust Dragonlord and why. 

     I've had this idea for a Bone Drake Priest deck that only focuses on summoning as many of them as possible  so when you play N'Zoth  you have a full board of 'em. Maybe you can make it work there with Reckless Experimenter and a bunch of coin generators.

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 9.15 - Discussion Topic
    Quote from DestroyerR>>

    Thoughts? Rakanishu is Togwaggle’s pet flame elemental BTW

    Mage already has access to Twinspell. You must use one of the 5 E.V.I.L. clases: Warlock, Preist, Shaman, Warrior or Rogue, the latter being the most thematically fitting.. The idea itself is pretty cool. Unfortunately, the card itself must either be a Twinspell fur one of the classes I mentioned earlier, or a scheme for one of the others.

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 9.15 - Discussion Topic

    Here's my idea:

    The idea is that you shuffle a bunch of bombs in your opponent's deck, then you play this, get their bombs, and draw a bunch of cards. After this you can either:

    • Wait a few turns so your opponent's deck gets smaller, and play the other spell to blow him up.
    • Play the other spell right away, and hope to blow him up.
    • Wait to shuffle more bomb into his heck (and maybe blow up some of yours), then draw some more cards
    • Double his bombs with Augmented Elekk.

    And probably other combos I'm not aware of. What do you think?

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 9.15 - Discussion Topic
    Quote from Wailor >>

    I decided to go with villains, partly because I like exploring which characters could've returned and partly because bad guys are cooler.


     Arthas can get pretty out of hand, but it's the most interesting one if you ask me. Kel'Thuzad could probably cost 3, considering Frost Nova. Kazakus... no... just... no.

    Quote from Shatterstar1998 >>





     Both schemes are interesting, but I think I like Maly more (even though it enables some stupid combos). The twinspell is also interesting, but what happens when your previous HP is not the basic one?

    Quote from YJHS2000 >>

    Simple, Soulpriest combo potential!


     Compared to Divine Hymn, it seems balanced. Or it would be, if it could only target friendly minions. As is, it's broken with Auchenai effects.

    Quote from CecilHoshino >>

    A crazy idea...and an even crazier idea!

    The intention is that the first version on the left goes wide, while the second version on the right goes tall. And, of course, it can combo with Khadgar himself for a truly diabolical development (one moreso than the other).

    For balance, after 3 turns, the Wide version is like a different take on Unexpected Results, where you can improve the quantity of minions summoned, but not the quality. As for the Tall version, a random 5 drop for 4 without its battlecry is about where you start to get some value, but mostly you'd want to hold this until it hits 6. Naturally, it'll hard cap at 12, although, theoretically, you could hold onto it long enough to get Shirvallah, the Tiger...


     The second one seems fun, unless you intend to make some sort of Zoo Mage. The second one could cost 5 or 6, though.

    Quote from whatTheHeck >>

    Here's my idea:

    Randomly shooting ice and fire shouldn't be the plan of a city like Dalaran. But it works."

    Well, not sure if counts, but Ragnaros is in some way the good guy in Blackrock, so here goes nothing.


     Don't really like the flavour, since this has nothing to do with Ahune.

    Quote from ZiombalaBoms >>


     Not sure about the cost of This One!, but I also want Yogg to work with it (Glory to him!). Just a Head's Up: Twinspell is usually the frst word on the card.

    Quote from NOveXoR >>

     Dark Shield - Tech against big minions in meta or just a small heal against enemy minions or friendly damaging cards. The second cast does nothing if the first one is still in use.

    Alexstrasza's Scheme - From what I remember from WoW, she was an imposter infiltrating Alliance in human form and something was up with her Brood. I don't remember all, but I think card text matches her lore. Also, I tried to fit Mage's "Many big minions" theme that RoS introduced. Edit: To clarify, only the amount of minions transforming is upgrading, the stats of the Brood stay the same.

    Rise! - I don't think there's any OTK with this card, so it's a great midrange tool. Imagine in wild resurrecting 4 mana 7/7s :P

    Which one should I go with? Or should I create something new?


     So Dark Shield is basically "Give your hero Divine Shield"?

    I think you're confusing Alexstrasza with Onyxia (though my lore isn't perfect either). The card itself seems balanced, unless some sort of Zoo Mage appears.

    Resurrection is mostly a Priest thing. Your card is also worse than Ressurect.

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    posted a message on Dr. Boom's Ignoblegarden Has Begun! Free Packs, Cards, Tavern Brawl

    You know you could've just switched to the American region, right?

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    posted a message on Soo.. just played Jepetto Joybuzz and he didn't draw.

    Maybe you need to have at least two minions in deck for him to trigger? 

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    posted a message on So which decks counters bomb warrior?

    Here's your counter :p

    Quote from Trollbert >>
    Quote from NiRaSt >>

    I've seen people say Thief Rogue, but if you rely on the cards you get to win, you're gonna have a hard time  Most Warrior cards are pretty bad standalone. 

     Thief rogue counters because of the lifesteal, buffed, essentially endless weapon.  Allows you to do everything except take 6 bombs to the face.  Since you’ll be shuffling 20+ cards into your deck this is very unlikely.

     fair points.

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