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    posted a message on I hate pirate warriors so much!

    Pirate warriors have ruined this game for me and ruined The feel for warrior class. Everytime I use anti pirate decks I face all except pirates and when I try "normal" decks I face pirate warriors even If I have a good curve its impossible to survive that face damage. I ran pirate warriord back in The day but then it was more like a control deck. I hope you pirate deck cancers get injured irl. I know im salty and I wont craft patches and I dont care all I want is that all cancerdeck runners Will get injured irl and cant wait for Hunters comeback.

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    posted a message on How do I kill all these murloc decks!?!?

    Sooo many murloc paladins out there and I dont know how to beat them. If you kill murlocs you loose If you dont youll loose :(

    Link me the ultimate antimurloc deck!

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    Thanks God


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