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    posted a message on Am I the only one who thinks Rogue is a problem?
    Quote from Biomass >>

    You have to show some tolerance. All the assholes playing Secret Mage in Wild have a right to play Standard as well.

     I recall when I was playing Secret Mage in Classic and it was such a meme deck with no hope. I was championing for it to gain some card draw or anything to make it viable. And now it is the cancer, how far we've come /wipestear


    As for Stealth Rogue, as someone else pointed out it is not even a T1 deck. I do not understand why people want to kill it so much. I personally found it very fun and the great draw and Secret Passage reminds me of Miracle Rogue which has always been a fun style of deck and I look forward to trying it again later this month. Anyway the deck is not some zooey cancer or typical aggro and it is not crazy effective (I am freshly returned and but a good player) in my own experience.

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    Is this doable?

    I've been considering this possibility since I like to play fun/theme decks but they would get annihilated since even in Silver where I currently am half the decks are meta decks and the rest are not far behind.

    I was rank 5 and I lost a big bunch of games by insta-conceding (and a few by afking) but I was still up against quite polished decks, indeed I feel I was getting harder opponents the more I tanked making me think there was some punishment league where those who insta-concede go to. But now that I saw the Blizzpost on the new matchmaking system I understand better. Unless I am wrong you are only matched by MMR while you have a star bonus, after you are matched from within your rank/league. So what I was trying to do was pointless as I had no bonus stars, they ran out at Silver 5 exactly, I will always be matched with other Silver 5+ players who as I've said are not that bad. This is the best it will be for me this season and I can either accept these are the easiest opponents I will get or just tryhard and rank.

    That said there are some options for next season. If you MMR tank at the very start of the season you will be matched up with other players of low MMR who are on bonus stars. And ofc you can stop yourself in 10-6 Silver to conceivably find easier opponents but you need really low MMR/last season end result for that (or you will always have bonus stars in that range and be in the former camp).

    You can also do this more easily in casual, and I tried. I was able to get easier opponents (thought not that easy, seems Casual is pretty empty of noobs). I also ran into a lot of other MMR tankers since I got a lot of insta-concedes in turn. Or they were just quickly finishing their quests now that I think of it.

    And ofc you can do this in Wild too which might be better since fewer people care about Wild. But it works better in Standard since Wild is comparatively dead and full of OP tryhards. Still I might make some efforts and let you guys know how it goes.

    I suppose you can MMR(Rating) tank in BGs too, could work well coupled with AFK XP farming.

    I used to do this during the old 20 rank system, usually stayed at like rank 17 and played my zany decks with a good winrate. Had a great time and a lot of people would add me since they would love my weird decks.


    Anyway if anyone does this or any tips or thoughts you are welcomed to share them.

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    posted a message on Azure Drake must be included in the Core set

    Good old Azure Drake, we miss ye.

    But even more importantly I 200% agree about undoing the Fiery War Axe nerf, what are they thinking keeping that weapon at 3 mana? It is so shit it is hard to believe, probably worst value weapon in game now. Especially with all the power creep we've seen over the years. At least give it some effect like 1 AoE damage to all Battlecry... or just anything!

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    posted a message on Random Value Generation will STILL be a problem in Standard

    Yeah Discover, infinite value generation and so on are very tiresome. I used to be a player heavily into control and value and absolutely despising aggro decks to now finding myself increasingly preferring aggro decks just to avoid the tedium of infinite value.

    It would be nice if Blizz did an experiment to greatly reduce RNG and infinite value. They can't do it this year and probably not the next either but if they wanted to in two years they could make it so no new Discover cards were added or heavily limited ones only. Coupled with general reduction in RNG and value generation, RNG being only very limited in range, to make a far more consistent game.

    I for one would love to see that.

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    posted a message on 8th place bug

    I am confused. I thought it was long ago agreed that when you win things are working well but when you lose there is a big issue to be solved, am I wrong?

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    posted a message on Blast From the Past

    Thanks for the help guys. I settled on the stealth rogue and man am I happy. The deck is very fun to play and reminds me of old miracle rogue. Definitely not your usual aggro deck and it requires a lot of thought and skill. Ooor maybe I am overthinking it and misplaying but still I am having a lot of fun. I recommend people at least give it a try. Took me only about 2k dust to make as well.

    Anyway I will keep using this thread to wear on your patience and ask stuff about the changed game :P

    -Didn't arena used to be with Standard cards only but now I see it is Wild. Am I right or going coco?

    -Matchmaking is now based on our invisible MMR, is that right? It wasn't like that before IIRC, I recall always being matched with people of my rank or close to it. Now we don't even know the rank of the person we are playing. Tbh given this setup we might as well be playing people from Casual who are our MMR.

    -This rewards track, feels like it is less rewarding than getting straight up gold from quests. Especially if you don't reach lvl 50 like I probably won't this expansion. What is the player consensus?

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    posted a message on Just me a bit disappointed by the theme of the expansion?

    I like the Barrens aesthetic and the nostalgia it entails. But more importantly I think it might be a good time to mention an idea I've had for a long time, factions. Factions would be like minion tribes but broader, many if not most minions belong to the Horde or Alliance and many of the rest belong to the Scourge or the Burning Legion which could also be a thing. So while the Factions would be like large overtribes (indeed you could have an Alliance Murloc) the bonuses from stacking Faction cards and buffing them would be less than the regular tribes. Nice bonus but not critical. Though arguably very flavourful. That is how I imagine it anyway.

    Looking forward to this expansion a fair bit.

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    posted a message on Dust Economy Rant (in response to today's Blizzcon Q&A )

    WTF are you even on about? No one wants to take anything from you, in fact my proposal gives to you as much as anyone else. You would be able to get all the goodies you have now for less money. So why complain? Well the only logical reason I can think of is that you emphatically don't like the idea of other players catching up, even partly, and enjoying the game. You like your paid edge and fuck other players. That is exactly it, why else would you care? You would be happy that you would need to spend a lot less money for the same bang and happy other players get more. But no, you just want to lord over the peasants. You are an awful person.

    And trying to imply I am a communist? Ridiculous, you don't know my politics. Though to give you a hint if the consoomer meme didn't. I am far from a typical lefty. Just because I don't want to be taken for a ride doesn't mean I believe everything should be free. I outlined what I think and it surely isn't "you get everything for free." In fact it requires playing almost religiously just to get half a collection per expansion. There is still an incentive to spend, just less. This game costs way more than a AAA title, and did so for most paying players before it left Classic stage. It costs more than CK2 with all DLC which is something like 300$ and widely lampooned as excessive and  yet many players spent as much before GvG was over and how many expansions did we have after that? This is not normal or okay. We should call this shit out rather than accept it like chumps.

    And why do we call it out? Not because of any revolutionary zeal I can say that much. We think the game has potential and we enjoy it. Or used to at least. Nor are we saying just make everything free as a charity case. In fact I am sure that adopting my reforms would lead to more money as more people would play and be willing to pay.  In addition to making things more fun and available for more people. You meanwhile seemingly just want to flex how you can afford hundreds of packs. It is not even a question of money, I am sure most of us here payed at some point, myself included. It is about not being anybody's fool.

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    posted a message on Blast From the Past
    Quote from D_Lord >>

    First of all, as you mentioned yourself, it would be reasonable to wait for the next set, rotation and new classic set and save resources until then. But you wrote that you really want to climb now, so I will try to help because nobody answered. I am by no means a standard expert, so this is just my 2 cents.

    Is this the list you were given: AAEBAf0EHk2KAbsCyQOrBMsE7QSWBewHjQiDlgOfmwOgmwOhoQP8owOSpAO/pAPypQP0qwP1rAP6rAOwrQPwrwPxrwPnsAOBsQOFsQOHsQORsQOItgMAAA==

    AFAIK the cheapest and good climb decks right now are token druid and face hunter/rogues (stealth aggro or weapon). They can be found in various versions on the well-known sites (not sure if I am allowed to post their names here). Token druid is especially cheap, you can build lists with 0 legendaries and 2-4 epics. However, obligatory "key cards from these decks will rotate in around a month" warning.

    If you want to be efficient with buying packs, I highly recommend buying 1 pack from 1 of the latest 3 sets (I would suggest starting with Scholomance, then Darkmoon, then Ashes unless you want to hit a specific legendary from Darkmoon or Ashes). Buy and open 1 pack until you open your first legendary. There is a guaranteed legendary in the first 10 packs of each set, so you want to go one set at a time and one pack after another to max your chances for 2 legendaries with your gold.

    If you want to update your reno list, I would recommnd cards from the last three sets to replace weak spots and not necessarily focus on a dragon package because that is usually too slow and expensive. Cheap, strong upgrades are Brain Freeze and Wand Thief (or Ray of Frost if you want an older card). If you are looking for some midrange win conditions that can also be legendaries which will be in standard for another year, I recommend Jandice and Ras (note that most of these cards I mentioned so far are from Scholomance, and double class cards, so you are more flexible when rotation hits). Speaking of Scholomance, Devolving Missiles is premium removal, Primordial Studies, Lab Partner, Cram Session are solid cards, especially if you go for Ras. Firebrand and Combustion are good anti-aggro tools you might also like. Pen Flinger, Wandmaker, and even something like Onyx Magescribe can make sense in your mage deck as well. Ashes is only helpful for you because of Solarian, Evocation and maybe Incanter's Flow because your singleton list will not go the spells-only route that is included in Ashes. These are solid crafts but imo not needed (maybe Evocation but your hand will be too full most of the time anyway). Darkmoon is decent for you if you want to go to a secret-based mage deck (Rigged Faire Game, Ring Toss is generally a good singleton card, Conjurer, even Sayge) but the set could be more interesting for you because C'Thun and Yogg are win conditions you can use in your singleton deck and Keywarden Ivory is another good addition to value singleton mage.

    If I were to craft anything for my own singleton mage list, I would ask myself which type of mage I want to focus on (secret, spell damage, control in general, maybe even elementals), build a list with what I already have and then ask myself whether I need more early game presence/removal, midrange threats like Jandice, game-winning big plays like Yogg/C'Thun (Grand Finale for elementals) or huge control/value tools like Reno Hero or the quest. I would probably go for a more midrange approach with Spell Damage because that package is definitely in standard in a month. So Ras, Jandice, Ivory, C'Thun and/or Yogg as finisher and the low-cost spell damage package. In the end, this should be a very fun list to play, but I gotta say that token druid is a lot cheaper and much faster as well.

     Hey, first of thanks for the help. And don't sweat it if your meta knowledge is not perfect, mine is about zero so you definitely can teach me a lot. ;)

    I was unable to read your deck to my shame, ended up stuck in loading when I tried. But I found the Reno deck I was given:


    Also I looked at legs I have opened from free packs so far. I have Ivory, Sathrovarr, Y'sharaj, Maiev and the free ones everyone got. And if you need to link me to an outside website you think is not kosher here for whatever reason feel free to PM it to me.

    PS. Do you (or anyone, all questions are FFA :P ) know why there are more bonus stars at same rank in Wild ladder?  My guess is fewer people and the stars use to spread them around the ranks quicker.

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    posted a message on Dust Economy Rant (in response to today's Blizzcon Q&A )
    Quote from Patriot1776 >>
    Quote from TheGentleman99 >>
    Quote from ZCFlayer >>

    What do you want changed?

     Ideally, I would like them to tweak the dust economy to make it better for players. At the very least, I'd them to be plain and just say that they have no intention of changing it without adding all the other bs like the free deck and free core set to make it seem like they've done stuff for us when they really haven't. The only really great thing they've gotten right was duplicate protection, though honestly I think that should have been in place from launch. The new rewards track is also pretty good now that they fixed it after the initial backlash.

     ideally, you want cards for practically nothing is what you really mean. I'm sorry to inform you that will not happen to the crafting system. As far as dust is concerned I got a free golden high abbess today because I had two regular copies. Seeing as how I have every card in the game because I have played since closed beta Im sitting on 100K+ dust and a 70% complete golden collection. The new RT system will have me at roughly 160 free packs when the Barren releases plus the 145 from both preorders plus the extra 120 packs from the three bundles I buy. 425 packs opening on release day will give me boatloads of entertainment value and the best meta decks in solid gold. 

    As much as evryone would like things for free I'm sorry but that has to end at some point. Blizzard could give evrything away and people would still complain. 

    The new system benefits people who spend money to support the game the most, as it should, but it also has greatly benefitted people who dont spend a dime. 

    The continued begging for more free stuff is pretty degrading to those who do it and very insulting to those who have to listen to it.

    When will anything be enough for some of these people is a question that has only once answer....NEVER.

    Good Luck with your time!

     Aww, aren't you a proud consoomer. I am sure Blizz will milk you again soon for being such a good boy.

    Or you can get off your high horse and act like an adult, either or. We are not complaining because we are poor peasants who can't put money into the game. I have while I still believed in it and would again if the game improved. Helping people keep up with the expansions without spending outrageous amounts of money would be a good step. So was duplicate protection if it works how I think it works (recently came back to the game so not sure). What would really secure me as a paying customer again would be dismantling Standard format. By that I mean ending power creep and making fun and fresh cards which are nonetheless balanced to fit with the totality of HS cards, or close to it. That was the straight and narrow but correct move. Predictably Blizz went for the easy and greedy option of Standard and giving your cards an effective 2y lifecycle. I know my last request is unlikely to happen but might as well speak my mind, if I don't no chance of it becoming a thing.

    What we need is at least a doubling of dust value. The way I would do it is to simplify the whole system, which helps new players learn too. Each rarity level should require to disenchant two cards of the same rarity to craft the card of that rarity level you want. So two legends to make a legend, two rares to make a rare, etc. Golden cards always cost double of what a normal card does and also DE for half the cost to make them (this is mostly true already). This should roughly double the value of our dust. You can further play with the odds of gaining the higher rarities from packs to adjust this perfectly.

    The final goal should be to have players who spent almost the whole season playing, doing all of their quests and putting in 1-3hrs a day gain virtually all commons and rares. As well as about half of the epics and legends, including a healthy majority of the "good" ones (since those are the ones you will be spending dust crafting). People who pay 20-40$ worth of money per expansion should have the vast majority of all cards period. And whales like you should be able to afford all goldens pretty much by spending 100ish dollars each expansion.

    That is fair and reasonable, 20-40$ every few months is pricey but comparable to DLC and many people will be happy to pay it to have access to pretty much all the cards to make whatever deck they want. Whales aren't skinned alive for their shineys though they still pay well. And most importantly F2Ps will be able to craft most (though not all, so incentive exists to pay) meta decks they want and enjoy the game. Stuck up as you are because you help pay the way it is still F2Ps who make the soul of the game. Without them the queues would be terrible, matchups stale and cookie-cutter at all rank levels and our community much poorer. And God damn if we can let as many people enjoy as possible shouldn't we? It is also good for everyone. Better progression means more F2Ps come and more stay, which means more engagement and enjoyment for paying customers. Happy people spend more money. As I said many of us feel betrayed and used as cash cows and we just won't do it, improve the situation improve the cash flow. Blizzard pretty much only cares about money so they are happy too. The only people who would be unhappy are those who want to see poorer players suffer and scrape for leftovers just because they enjoy seeing it which despite being clearly disgusted by your attitude I hope you are not.

    But hey that is just how I would help fix up the game, hope others agree too though ;)

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    posted a message on Blast From the Past

    I am an old player back for some HS after years of being AFK. I stopped playing actively just before Frozen Throne hit. So now my Standard collection is pretty much a (nearly full) classic set and a Blizz made Reno's Riches mage deck I was given for free when I showed up some months ago plus about 15k in loose dust as well as about 1200g.

    I need your help to figure out how to really get back into the game.

    What I am looking for is the following deck advice. How best to improve my Reno mage without investing heavily into Y.O.T. Dragon cards which will be leaving soon. Any other class that has a good singleton deck I could make without investing too much? I know such decks are often expensive but with some budget replacements to expensive but not critical Dragon cards I could reach platinum which is my rough goal. Any other cheap decks, both control and combo but mostly aggro/tempo you would recommend? I need to rank up fast and cheap after all.

    I am thinking of buying about 6-8 Phoenix packs to get some commons and rares going so I don't have to craft them all. I know best value would be to wait for Barrens packs but I think getting a few packs from each of the newest expansions will go a long way towards giving me more options at low cost. As for what I will craft, that depends on you guys ;) 

    Any and all help welcome.

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    posted a message on Hearthstone classic
    Quote from Tykaine_J >>

    WoW and Hearthstone are two very different games.

    WoW Classic will transition to TBC, but they will keep one or several servers for people who want to play Classic in Phase 6 forever.

    Would they do that in Hearthstone? You would have Standard, Wild, Classic (real) and Classic (with expansions).

    Seems kind of redundant, Wild serves that purpose.

     There is a big difference between Wild and HS before Standard format was introduced. The difference being that Wild is poorly balanced, and intentionally so. It is a place for... well wild things, crazy combos and so on by plan. Blizzard said they will only reactively balance Wild and AFAIK little to no cards were ever nerfed in Wild. I played some Wild recently and it was a mess, even at rank 19 I was seeing crazy powerful decks.

    Conversely up to the OG expansion that introduced Standard we had many expansions but pretty good balance. Because it had to be that way, Blizz did not chicken out yet and effectively thrown half the cards into the trashpile each year. Both freeing them from having to make good, interesting cards while not power creeping and forcing people to depend more on the new cards which meant more money at the same time. First heavily nerfing, segregating to Hall of Fame and now throwing the Classic set into trash (Wild) wholesale is just more of the same and why I lost faith in Blizz and now am a 100% F2P player when I used to pay a fair bit.

    If Blizz had not went the easy way of Standard format BS I would still support them monetarily and intellectually. That is why I think pre-Standard meta is something to bring back as well. Not just Classic.

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    posted a message on Hearthstone classic

    I wonder that too. I mean I can't wait for Classic, best news they released since ... before the disastrous implementation of Standard? But eventually it will get stale. Despite my enthusiasm I realize that the meta for it is pretty much "solved." And given how classic cards are no longer part of standard pretty much only veterans will be playing, which means complete collections and meta decks will be the norm overwhelmingly. After a while I am sure this state will begin to grind on me.

    Now Naxx, GvG, Blackrock and TGT are no less solved but it would refresh things and change up the meta. I think these expansions would make for a good rounding off point because that was the last time HS was whole, before Standard basically ripped it into two. That is the HS I want to play most.

    That said I can see alternate paths they could follow. They could change the meta by nerfing best cards (or even better buffing worse ones). By introducing mini-expansions for Classic (like some wanted new raid tiers for Vanilla WoW) or even just single impactful cards could change the meta. Also they can do like TBC Classic, let people who want to keep progressing move on but keep base Classic around too.

    Lots of possibilities, hope they don't cock it up.

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    posted a message on Is there an ideal disenchant strategy given the coming changes to the game?
    Quote from Finalstan >>

    Surely it is ok to disenchant if you only ever play Standard? This might change in the future of course, and then you will no longer have access to those cards, but if you only ever want to play Standard then I don't think this is an issue.

     It is, since Standard will always be the newest content + Core and you get all Core cards free to use during the year they are Core. But that is only for standard, you won't be able to use them in Brawls, Duels and ofc Wild and Classic which might or might not be a bummer for you.

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    posted a message on Is there an ideal disenchant strategy given the coming changes to the game?
    • Basic cards and their Golden versions will be granted to all players that have Wild unlocked for free at rotation.

    Thanks for all the replies, this is what tripped me up. I conflated basic with all classic cards. Also I did not know Blizz gave temporary cards before, I am only now coming back to the game after last playing seriously during Un'Goro. This explains why I thought we might keep Core permanently.

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