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    Love RenoLock, switch between that and Reno hunter now, so fun!!

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    Definitely Lunas, you can just tell from the announcers casting the tournament over the weekend. I wouldnt mind seeing Dr Boom change to mechs in your deck have rush. I also wouldnt be surprised to see some cards hall of famed, alex, or mountain giant or something like that. Doubtful but who knows.

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    Zephyrs is actually OP, you just have to know how to use it. ;)

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    I am also a consistent wild player. Usually end at around rank 9, best I ever did was rank 4 with renolock. This month, I've been straying away from wild and playing more standard. Currently Rank 12 in wild and rank 12 in standard. Big priest is a very frustrating deck to play against. That I have to agree on. It takes a certain skill set, patience and some luck to beat the deck. It's very strong, but, statistically not very strong. Any player who has ever played against it will agree with me that stats dont tell the full truth. The resurrect onslaught can be overwhelming. Katrina, mass resurrect, lesser spellstone, resurrect, eternal servitude, and some new cards from Uldum make it tough.  even control warriors cant deal with all of that. It used to be a polymorph or hex and a sylvanas so it can be stopped, but now the deck as evolved. I've been playing alot of new wild decks but, I always stop and go back to standard once the dreaded priest is matched against me, lose everytime. Tough deck to beat, easy deck to pilot. Maybe I'll make a new version for this season and try to top my best rank ever (4) . If not going to odd pally or secret mage

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    Sooo I am also a avid control player since 2015 when I first started playing. Mostly warrior and warlock. Since warlock is dead basically on the control end, I was looking for a new deck to make. So yesterday, I decided to make a control warrior. I was going to put in some mecha, control cards and taunts ( that flunky card is op) I also added in 2 town criers bc that rush reborn minion IS OP!!  I then realized that the new 8 mana taunt minion that copies is also a mech... so instead of the spell, I crafted Armagedillio.. I played about 9 games with the deck yesterday. They were a bit long games but, so much fun.  After the 9 games I realized I went from 14 to rank 12 with only 2 loses. I went 7-2, one of the games I lost to was a stupid quest shaman (my next deck I'm building) . I beat buff pallys, quest and reno mage, quest druid, a zoo warlock. It's a fun deck and alot of mechanics to take advantage of. The games will take longer, and you might have to think to pilot it correctly, but imo very fun and strong deck. Please keep in mind that I only have 5 taunts in the deck, 2 flunky, 2 new copy 8 cost mech taunt and 1 zilliax. Not to mention a 4/7 taunt for 6 with an end of turn effect is really good.

    So yes, I crafted armagedillo and I dont regret it 1 bit.

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