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    best card ever


    Her wall of taunts is paid for purely by her womanly charms.

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    This is better than a lot of people think IMO; there are many targets for removal and silences right now, and if you're playing control (which is the only case you should be using this card), you have a fair chance of it surviving lategame.

    In Shaman, though, Stone Sentinel and Al'Akir are plenty, and arguably better. Especially in addition to the multitude of other elemental taunts, which cost less and are more reliable.

    Useful for priest elemental?

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    Drawing a card has a huge value. Drawing three cards is immense. Drawing 1-3 cards and knowing what you'll draw? Hee-hee hoo-hoo hah-hah. 

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    Massively underrated. 


    In my spell damage shaman, it draws my:

    Malygos or azure Drake, 

    Jeweled scarab (which is great for shaman, so many 3-cost class cards) 


    In my ramp druid it draws:

    Sir Finley

    Mounted raptor, armored warehouse

    Alextrasza, Chromaggus

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    Divinity: original sin, enhanced edition. You can even play with a friend. Takes close to 100 hours to play, absolutely fantastic story and an extremely rich game. Turn-based rpg with crafting and very unique battle system, basically DnD as  a video game. 

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    Just checking in to ask which deck I should play in order to appear intelligent

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