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    Horrendously inconsistent deck. I always think people making amazing WR claims in legend are employing large sample size fallacies. You need atleast 100 games to begin to state if a deck is viable or not. At Diamond 5, this deck loses consistently to all the typical meta mechanics. It does nothing well, and requires very specific conditions that can be over-ridden in any number of ways. It's WAY too conditional, and therefore WAY too inconsistent, and anyone enjoying decent WR w/ this is just having a high roll sample size that will fall out at some point. Like ANY other deck, it's GOOD if you get GOOD rng. 

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    Not sure i'm buying it. The deck is "meh" at best, it's a grindy deck, sure you might get legend one day, maybe. At diamond 5 - 1 it loses a consistently to DH, highland rogue, and gal rogue. The problem with all of these quick stated boards is they just lose to any high rolls and clears. Gal is horribly inconsistent and you often end up with dormant demons, Gal never once won a game for me. If anything he caused me to lose more than anything since i had depended on value from him i never got. I dont like the gal package at all. It's pretty useless. In the mirror match up the gal deck running the dragon package almost always wins. I maintained a 60% WR, sure its a positive WR, but not anything special. Plenty of other more fun decks out there with comparable win rate. Sure, maybe i just low rolled, but it was a 30+ game sample size (HDT Broke for some reason, so idk exact numbers), and i'm not gonna play a meh deck more than that. 

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    Sorry but if this went to legend, then you high rolled your way to it. In a 20 game sample size this went negative in diamond. Way too inconsistent. Doesn't really do anything very well. It's just a meh deck. Gets out valued by just about any other Gal deck, gets out face raced by DH or Face Hunter. The mirror goes to who draws better, Obviously 20 games isn't exactly proving a lot, but still 40% WR i'm not gonna push any further with it. 

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     Not sure what prior comments about this deck being bad are about. I just went 17-1 (16-1 in Ranked climbing from plat 5 to diamond 10) and won a friendly duel against aggro war with it. I was at a loss what to do with this expac, i held a 80% WR prior to expac and dropped down to a 30% WR after expac and was ready to quit til next cycle, but this deck gave me hope, it meets my ridiculous criteria of being both fun, and viable. Obviously sample size, 18 games at 90-95% WR (deck tracker broke when i hit diamond 1 so idk what the WR is) - is always viable even if you scale up sample size. Totally recommend. 

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    Not viable - Basically the current meta just shits on this. I tried the vanilla on here, tried a few modifications including King Krush + Beastmaster Leoroxx did not work, replaced the Infectious Sporeling with Flare to help some, but in te end too much taunt. Spell druids can taunt their whole board before you can buff your OTK combo, Priests are almost always a loss (high taunt, heal count) - Titan Lackey rolls ruin you; Paladins have ton of taunt buffs, Mages it's viable if you Flare prior to OTKing.

    Stats : https://imgur.com/iTChuBk


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