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    posted a message on Do you consider this BM?

    I feel like that is the textbook definition of BM.

    Personally, the only time I am ok with BM is when my opponent is playing a really janky combo deck and managed to set it up properly against me. I let them combo off and do whatever sort of shenanigans they want.

    But, if someone is just playing a regular deck and starts to do a whole bunch of stuff that doesn't lead to them winning, then I concede immediately.

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    posted a message on Tired of HearthStone.

    I used to be a die hard F2P player from Beta until TGT. At that point, I got burnt out from continually playing the same game time and time again (mainly because I was salty from Secret Paladin). I took breaks and focused on other single player games, and when a new expansion came out, I was excited and went back to HS for several weeks. Over time, I've been playing less and less outside of each expansion's release because a lot of the stuff is the same and the game at its core never changes. For me, the single player modes are where I have always had the most fun, and that is what has kept me interested in HS this past year. If it weren't for the Dungeon Run-esque modes, I would have left a while ago.

    I have to say though, HS has rarely ever been a skill-intensive card game. Even back before Naxxramas, games were typically decided by whether you got lucky with Mad Bomber, stuck a Chillwind Yeti on turn 4, and could deal with a Boulderfist Ogre on turn 6. Either that, or you spent a ton of money to get the Legendaries, shoved them all in a Warrior deck, and then just won simply due to card quality. Times really haven't changed too much because decks now are about either getting lucky with Discovering what you need or being able to blow out your opponent with a combo or aggro.

    When you add luck to a card game outside of what card you draw from your deck, it can be interesting and fun in a moderate amount, but oppressive and frustrating in a large amount. That's basically what HS is, a highly random game that now has very little interaction between players.

    If this is what is bothering you, then try out MTG Arena. It is a more complex game that might have what you are looking for. Otherwise, take a break and go play a single player game. At the very least, it will refresh you and will make coming back to HS seem like a different experience after a while. That's what has always worked for me, so hopefully it helps you as well.

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    posted a message on Can we remove the word "friendly" from eternal servitude

    I think a better thing to do is implement a card like Leeroy that many decks will want to run and will royally mess up big priest's resurrection pool. What would be even better would be a card like that 2/6 taunt that summons 3 raptors, but made as a neutral card.

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    posted a message on Mid-range Beast Druid could become viable this year

    They do have that new Druid legendary that will give you all of Wardruid Loti's forms in your hand when you play it. While it might not be exactly what you are looking for, it is probably the closest we will get while she is still standard legal. 

    I do agree with you that I can see a Mid-range Druid coming out of standard and it will likely contain several beasts, but I don't think that we will be seeing a lot of beast pay-off cards for Druid. As such, I don't think that a Beast Druid that wants to capitalize on just playing beasts will be played, but rather a typical Mid-range Druid that happens to have good beasts like Crystal Stag

    I hope to be proven wrong though!

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    posted a message on New Card - Crystal stag

    We are going to need to see a great lifesteal minion for Druid in this expansion or this card is just 100 dust waiting to be disenchanted. Here's hoping that it actually works.

    Also, I really hope they clean up the art for it in game. The picture looks really blurry.

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    posted a message on The Good Guys (Year of Dragon)

    Well stated! I don't know much about the WoW lore since I barely played it when you could get the Paladin hero for playing it. Based on the background info of each of them, I would definitely agree that those are better choices for some newer heroes. However, if Rastakhan is any indication of how this set will go, I'm pretty sure that each class will be getting 2 legendaries again, so likely we will be getting another Mage character, which will probably not be a dragon. My money would probably be on Khadgar or maybe Medivh, since my quick google search told me they are some of the most powerful mages and had something major to do with Dalaran.

    Also, I'm really hoping that you are right with Runetotem. Taurens are really underrepresented in legendaries.

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    posted a message on A theory about who will win in Rise of Shadows.

    The fact that this is a heist instead of a straight up battle for Dalaran leads me to believe that they will get whatever they are looking for, kinda like in LoE where Rafaam takes the Staff of Origination and you then have to fight him to get it back.

    And since the announcement mention only 2 locations (flying cities and ancient depths), I think the first 2 expansions will be about E.V.I.L. gathering powerful artifacts/recruiting powerful allies and then the 3rd expansion being an all out fight.

    I'm also hoping that we'll get some more returning villains in the other expansions like Kel'thuzad and his minions, Nefarian, and Malchezzar. Maybe getting Ragnaros on the hero's side would be fun too.

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    posted a message on How much did you spend on this game?

    Been a F2P player since Beta. Saving up gold for Naxx was tough because I kept spending it on arena every time I had enough. Then, in between GvG and TGT, I got on a big ranked kick and grinded a lot of gold from dailies and the 3 win gold, but didn't spend it on anything because I was waiting in anticipation for the next expansion. Then, I was very unimpressed with TGT, so I saved my gold and continued to accumulate it so that I wouldn't have to grind anymore for when a set released. 

    I considered putting money in many times for a pre-order, especially Old Gods, but I reasoned that with that amount of money, I could either do better in one game for about 2 years (because of the rotation), or I could buy an entire new game that could still be fun to play several years down the road. Then again, I am different than most people in that I don't care much about ranked anymore and I frequently go back and play older games (I'm just now playing Far Cry 3 for the first time). I don't hold it against anyone who spent any amount of money on Hearthstone, in fact I am glad that they do, because that means that I am likely to continue enjoying this game for many years to come.

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    posted a message on The Good Guys (Year of Dragon)

    I like the way you think, but we most likely won't be getting most of those characters because their goals are too distant from caring about these villains. The Gadgetzan characters care mostly about their factions and fighting the opposing factions. And for Saarad, Zola, and Umbra, they are too minor of a character to rise up to a heroic position. No idea about Alanna though, so maybe that would work.

    I think that we will likely have heroes that originally matched up against the villains, so I definitely think that either Reno or Elise will show up because of Rafaam being there, but probably only one. (Likely Reno would be Paladin and Elise would be Druid)

    Going further, in The Witchwood, while most people seemed to oppose Hagatha, I think Genn Greymane was the leader of the Worgens, which I think was the main force trying to fight her. I could see him either as a Hunter or Druid card. Shaw and Toki might be good picks too since they want to take down Hagatha.

    For Dr. Boom, since he was originally from Goblins vs. Gnomes, I can imagine a new Gnomish hero coming in to oppose him. Im thinking they would be a mage simply because of Toki, which I think would be a good candidate, even though she already wants to fight Hagatha.

    As for someone to oppose Togwaggle, K&C didn't really have any real group fighting against the Kobolds since we were just basically raiding the Kobold's homes. The best thing I can think of is maybe a Dwarf hero for the only reason being that Dwarves also live in mountains and thus could want to fight with the Kobolds. So, maybe Hemet might want to join the fight to take out Togwaggle.

    The same thing is true for Lazul, except I have no idea where she is really from. The closest thing I can think of is the Old Gods just because she has that vibe. If this is true, I have no idea who would oppose her since I don't really know who was opposing the Old Gods (it kinda seemed like everyone who wasn't corrupted). So, you could probably toss in any classic hero like Tirion, Antonidas, Cenarius, etc. and remaster them, similar to how Elise was treated. And for some reason, even though she is an alternate hero already, I think Tyrande could also be a card here (take that with a grain of salt though)

    Here's my ideas compiled:

    Paladin: Reno, Tirion, maybe even Bolvar

    Hunter: Genn, Shaw, Hemet

    Mage: Toki, Antonidas, maybe Medivh

    Druid: Elise, Cenarius, Tyrande?

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    posted a message on Why Don't Secrets Play In Order Played?
    Quote from KingCarnage >>
    Quote from Mini1994 >>

    Except that they do and you are full of shit, or just actually flatout lying.

     LITERALLY gave an example in opening post.

    Opponent 5/2 minion, 5/7 minion

    Attacks with 5/2 minion.

    Freezing trap (which i played AFTER explosive) activates and 5/2 starts to go back in hand.

    Explosive trap activates,

    5/7 goes face.

    If secrets worked in order i played them trap would have killed 5/2 and activated freezing on the next attack.

     Yeah that's how secrets have always worked. Even if we assume you don't have any minions so that the 5/2 definitely attacked face, this still would have happened. 

    Furthermore, even if Explosive Trap's animation went off first and "killed" the minion, the minion would still stay on the field for Freezing Trap to activate and bounce the "dead" minion back to your opponent's hand. 

    This is because when both traps are on the field and a minion attacks your face, the trap's status is now changed to activated and has a designated target for it. And since Hearthstone does not have a continuous state based check to see if the minion is dead like Magic does, stuff like this happens.

    So, in the future, don't play Freezing and Explosive Trap together. But if you can figure out the interactions between other secrets, you can pull off some good effects like Explosive and Wandering Monster.

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    posted a message on About Prince Malchezaar

    He was designed as a fun card for casual players, similar to the first Elise. The only difference was that the first Elise actually saw some higher level play

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    posted a message on What do you think new Blastermaster Dr.Boom will do?

    Because of the legions of Boombots behind him, I'm thinking something more like 10 mana 5/5: "Summon a Boombot for every friendly Mech that died this game" 

    Then the Boombots would work the same as they did with the original Dr. Boom. Maybe this might be too powerful, but it would be cool to have more build around cards like this.

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    posted a message on New Decks for Old Adventures

    Back when One Night in Karazhan came out and I was really bored with many of the encounters, I went back and messed around with some older bosses and had a lot of fun trying to cheese them out. Since at the time of their releases, the best way to beat most encounters on heroic was to exploit the AI with Kel'Thuzad and a taunt minion, I tried some different cards to make the encounters easier. I haven't given it another shot in a while, but I imagine it could be fun to try it out.

    I'll see if I can come up with something for Chromaggus at first, but what are the other bosses that you want to see new decks for? Obviously, I'll focus on beating heroic, since most regular encounters are easy.

    EDIT: So I was just theorycrafting some stuff for Chromaggus and realized that Priest is likely the best way to go because of Silence and stuff like Psychic Scream and Lightbomb. Unfortunately, I don't have a majority of these cards to say if they will work or not, but I imagine that if you use a Wild Control Priest build with Silences and Alexstrasza, you can do well. 

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    posted a message on Username Change Request Thread

     Could I get my name changed to NayrSlayer to match my Hearthstone account?

    Thank you!

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    posted a message on RIP Wild On April 9th

    Sounds like someone doesn't have any good wild decks.

    Wild has always been like this. Any deck that dominated the meta and didn't have a core card nerfed shows up in an even more optimized form in Wild. Personally, I find it a lot more enjoyable because all it takes is a little creative thinking and some tech cards and you can beat most of these decks with your own combos.

    Maybe I just enjoy thinking more than others.

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