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    posted a message on Hearthstone Mercenaries Launch Guide - With Tips and Frequently Asked Questions!

    Got through the tutorial, setup the Tavern, but won't let me complete building a team. Server issue or...?


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    posted a message on D5 to Legend - Any suggestions for making the climb?

    I wasn't sure if I should say anything further on this, but after the last two days I'm feeling like I should say something. Have played 43 games since I hit D1 and 2 stars. I am playing the same deck that got me up there. Out of those 43 games, I have lost 35. I have been up against folks using Legend backs 16 times, and have faced off mainly against Priests, Demon Hunters, and Shaman with a couple mirror and a couple Druids for "flavor". Only one Rogue, but unfortunately for me they were playing the Crystal quest and had the right pirate and spell to complete the quest on turn two.

    Basically at this point I'm feeling like trying to make the climb was a huge mistake. I'm sure I'll be told I should just "get good", and perhaps I really was only lucky to get that far. But it does feel a little broken to put in that effort and see so few results from it.

    FWIW I'm back to D4 and 3 stars, and still trying to make the climb, Just feeling like it's much less likely I will succeed.

    In case anyone wonders if it's REALLY that hard to get to Legend. I would vote yes :-)


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    posted a message on Pirate Priest (Forged in the Barrens)

    Love the deck! Seems to do very well against the current meta!


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    posted a message on LEGEND BIG PRIEST (WILD)

    Has worked well for me. Thanks!


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    posted a message on Dekkster's UPDATED Secret Tonk Hunter

    Replaced the "Tracking" x2 with "Flare" x2 to better handle the mirror game and not lose the two cards from each Tracking. With that change I've been doing quite well. Thanks for the deck!


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    posted a message on You are Prepared to hit Legend

    Mulligan or other general guide? Suggestions for how to handle Mage or any of the control decks?


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    posted a message on What Do You Wish For The Next Expansion?

    What I have wished for the last couple years - a coop mode. Similar to the couple of Tavern Brawls where you and an opponent have to work together to beat the AI/Big Bad. This could be as simple as a new Hero that once played requires you and the opponent to both meet some goal (get both to fatigue or something - and then you BOTH win), or better an actual AI-based opponent where you're matched up to face off against it with another player and there's an actual strategy for replayability.

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    posted a message on Lunar New Year Celebration - Quests and Tavern Brawl

    Was hoping they'd have the one that gave all minions taunt as that tends to help against Zoo type decks. Oh well...

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    posted a message on Servant of Yogg-Saron Tryouts is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    I suspect that the "Invoke" programming is not working so well with the base programming for this. It's one thing to code for having something call one other thing. To have to deal with it calling five or six, and you have to check a variable that probably wasn't there when this was first written? I can imagine they have a bit of an issue...

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    posted a message on Pandapple´s Tempo Warrior. Nice winrate!

    Mulligan Guide would be appreciated! Nice deck!

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