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    posted a message on I broke my TV

    congrats for beein openminded enough to seek help seriously. are u still in therapy? did it accomplish something for u? 

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    posted a message on I broke my TV

    Tbh the problem is more with u than the game. if u lose control to a point where u damage things out of anger should be a warning, maybe u should try to seek help? because if u are this way playing a video game u probably act equal in other situations and endanger other people just because u arent able to control ur temper. changing behaviour is rly dificult without profesional help so maybe u give it a try. 


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    posted a message on im a returning player

    at the start nobody can tell u for sure what turns out to be strong, we can only predict what could be good but time will tell. if u wanna be safe craft a cheap aggro deck for the beginning and wait 2-3 weeks till the first meta settles. than u can invest u dust in what is actually strong

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    posted a message on Wild Pyromancer + Lifesteal

    u should just invest more time into learning game mechanics instead of calling something bugged. 

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    posted a message on Battlegrounds Shitposts

    was quite entertaining. i liked the editing but can imagin some ppl will find it bit over the top. 

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    posted a message on New Warlock Epic Card Revealed - Revenant Rascal

    Ye i was confused tbh. As english isnt my native language. Thanks for clarifying.

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    posted a message on New Warlock Epic Card Revealed - Revenant Rascal

    am i wrong? this card seem to have a name wihout beeing a legendary? 

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    posted a message on Wax Rager nerf?

    every form of silence and devolution. There is even a neutral legendary for this case inb4 class x hasnt an answer

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    posted a message on Silas darkmoon + soulbound ashtongue otk. What has been your best shell?

    This list i made worked best for me to hit legend with it recently. I tested 3 lists the other with Gala in it were mediocre (2-3 and 1-2) with v 1.3 i managed to go 7-1 till legend. It destroys Soul DH (6-0 on my way to legend), Hunter and Priest consistently.

    ### Ashtounge
    # Class: Warrior
    # Format: Standard
    # Year of the Phoenix
    # 2x (1) Risky Skipper
    # 2x (1) Shield Slam
    # 1x (1) Soulbound Ashtongue
    # 2x (1) Sword and Board
    # 2x (2) Armorsmith
    # 1x (2) Battle Rage
    # 2x (2) Corsair Cache
    # 1x (3) Ancharrr
    # 2x (3) Bladestorm
    # 2x (3) Bloodsworn Mercenary
    # 1x (3) Bulwark of Azzinoth
    # 2x (3) Coerce
    # 2x (3) EVIL Quartermaster
    # 1x (3) Lord Barov
    # 2x (3) Shield Block
    # 1x (4) Reaper's Scythe
    # 2x (5) Brawl
    # 1x (5) Cutting Class
    # 1x (7) Silas Darkmoon
    # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

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    posted a message on Priesr plays a secret?

    idk what u expect to hear. u wanna hear he cheated u to be happy? well most likely u missed something. i mean its abvious no? u play mage he plays a class that steal ur stuff and u ask urself what could have happened that he ends with a mage card in his hand... watch a replay if u dont have one deal with it. its not the fault of others that u mind is tricking u

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    posted a message on How is this possible?

    ye lets make the effort to create a mod to greet my opponents during their mulligan. for real some of u should consider searching for mental help. 

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    posted a message on Why blizz?

    Why cant this post be in the Salt Thread?

    oh cause some ppl think we need their cryposts.

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    posted a message on Is there a hope that old wild cards will see play again?

    í mean beside of all u can also challange friends (or create a thread and ask for interested ppl) and make specific rules. Since blizz introduced the share deck option this shouldnt be to difficult to realize.

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    posted a message on Jandice Barov nerf to cost 6

    ye pls nerf the card because u got the 2nd best highroll possible. tbh it sounds more that ur opponent got this result against you but i can be wrong on this one, still its the 2nd best outcome possible and very rare. u can also get a 2/1 and two 1/1's doesnt sound so op right?

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    posted a message on Perks gone?

    well ye? u need to earn money to give it to your employees. Whats ur point? Money dont grow on trees

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