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    posted a message on Carnivorous Cube

    I have high hopes for this card. Day 1 of the expansion I might craft two copies of this just to build fun decks.

    I will try a lot of deathrattle decks... Rouge, Hunter, Priest, Warrior, maybe even Paladin. I guess that we will see a lot of N'Zoth, the Corruptor + Spiritsinger Umbra decks with this card.

    Also it might work great with big demons for Bloodreaver Gul'dan, and it is great going into AoE/Twisting Nether/Brawl turns from the opponent.

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    posted a message on Rin, the First Disciple

    I think that this card will work well with Kazakus, Krul the Unshackled and Bloodreaver Gul'dan.

    Power to push your opponent into fatigue is a real deal in control match even if it removes just 5 cards from your opponents deck. Because it denies the resources and pushes them into fatigue a few turns earlier, and fatigue damage stacks really fast, 5 turns = 15 damage.

    If we look at the seals as summon x/x demon + draw a card, than the first two seals are undervalued and it might be tricky to play because you lose tempo. The last two are really good. The third seal is good because "summon 4/4 demon + draw a good card" for 5 mana is like Azure Drake with demon tag.

    So the hard part with this seals is to find the opportunity to play first two seals, probably they will have to be pared with taunts, Doomsayer and Hellfire or played into Twisting Nether turn to avoid tempo swings for your opponent.

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    posted a message on Ravenous Pterrordax

    This card looks great. I always liked to play Void Terror with Power Overwhelming combo, and this card is almost the same as the comb.

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    posted a message on Infest

    I think that this card needs to have three minions on board, it will be good with Snake Trap, Unleash the Hounds and Knife Juggler.

    I will definitely try to build a deck around this card, I have hopes :-)

    On turn 3 with three minions on board this card would be great but I don't think that this will happen too often. And as a late game card it is a really weak card draw-ish effect. Although I really like random beasts in hunter.

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    posted a message on Cho'gall

    I really like the design, this is a perfect fit for warlock class. And the battle cry is amazing, and the effect is flexible enough to play this card in many situations. I would like to see more cards like this.

    Often warlock plays one big spell as a removal so having an option to "squeeze in" 7/7 is great.

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    posted a message on Wing 2 Card Analysis - The League of Explorers, Overwatch Stress Test Beta

    Reliquary Seeker I disagree, I'm sure that it will work in ZOO. Costs 1 mana, so it can be easily played on turn 5 with Imp-losion, so it shouldn't be compared to Gormok the Impaler because Gromok takes whole turn to be played and Seeker is a filler. And it is really easy to get 6 minions with imp-losion and creepers.

    Tomb Spider I agree that it will work in some decks, with time we will see more and more of this minion because this minion is good and people will see the upside. I think that random beast is often better than draw a card.

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    posted a message on First Tempo Mage attempt

    I think that [card]Forgotten Torch[/card] is slightly better than Fireball, but you can run both in same deck.

    Also check if you have enough card draw, because for me it is problematic when I don't have spells for Flamewaker, that is why I run some mechs that generates spare parts and more cycle-cards to go through my deck.

    Stone might be great I will have to test it in my deck.

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    posted a message on Dark Peddler

    This card is great for Handlock, because it doesn't delay Mountain Giants when you play it, and 1-mana warlocks cards are useful for handlock. This minion can easily replace Darkbomb or Mortal Coil. And even if you get 1-mana minion it is OK, since you will have time and option to play  it for 1 mana since handlock often can't use mana efficiently. I think that we will see this card a lot on ladder and in tournaments.


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    posted a message on Obsidian Destroyer

    This card is really nice in general, cause it generates 1/1 with taunt, it might slow down the attacker, specially when there is no way to do 1 damage to it.

    Also a cool idea is that this card fits in Bolster deck. And I really like playing decks like this, they are fun to play.

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    posted a message on Elise Starseeker

    This card is amazing for all the players that cannot afford to craft legendary cards, I will play this card just to have the privilege to play all legendaries :-)

    Legendary minions are usually late game focused, so this card is great for decks that tries to do something specific in early game but fails. I think that this might be almost auto-include in all-in decks or control decks for players that don't have legendaries.

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