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    I try to think positive about this guy.  So far...

    Some combinations that work for me is to use Spirit of the Bat + Rafaam's Scheme + Some sort of sacrifice card, Void Terror or EVIL Genius.  If I had Rat Catcher I think it would be an awesome addition. 

    Also the lackey that evolves your minion up by (1) could be used on one of the Hi'reek copies.

    Arena Fanatic gives some mild success to buffing Hi'reek.  Doubling Imp works well in here too.

    I'm no Pro but I gots a 20% win ratio *flex* rank 20 forever

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    I am playing a hi reek deck that has a similar game plan as you. 

    I found I like to use self sacrifice cards like Void Terror & Grim Rally to actively trigger Spirit of the Bat.  The warlock card that sacrifices a minion to get 2 lackeys is awesome as well.  I think doing this is helpful versus control decks that tend to be spells heavy.  A mage could just blast the Spirit of the Bat and cut off that play. 

    Dark Pact I found useful as an additional heal while sacrificing minions and getting that hero power going. 

    I thought forbidden ritual was to hand constricting with the cost.  I would have to play it last in a combo play, otherwise it would eat up all the mana.

    Arena Fanatic I'm trying this out with some success to buff those minions that multiply on battlecry. 

    Hope you have some success. I am determined to get this legendary going.




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