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    I've been having a ton of fun (and success) with this decklist I came up with. Unlike most of the decks I've seen for the brawl thus far, it's super cheap (360 dust in total, no epics or legends) and is highly effective, often achieving victory on turn 5 or 6. If you want to get a good deck to grind gold on tavern brawl for cheap, I highly recommend it.

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    I agree with basically everything you say here, except about edwin.

    You claim that edwin is antisynergistic, but clearly, you've never played him. Crystal core only ever makes edwin a 5/5 if he is in play when crystal core is used. If you play him after crystal core, his boosts are applied after crystal core takes effect. Basically, what you've got is normal edwin, with an additional +3/+3 boost. 9/9 edwin is really easy, for example.

    What this means is that edwin is perfect as backup. Deck doesn't turn out, don't get crystal core? edwin can still drag your bleeding carcass to victory. Board cleared after crystal core, running out of puff? edwin has your back.

    And yes, that does mean that very occasionally, I draw him and it costs me the game, but the number of games that he has cost me is nothing compared to the number he has dragged out of the ditch.

    Edwin, and edwin alone, is worth having of those cards, for this reason.

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