About Me

How's it going everyone, my name is Naem and I'm playing Hearthstone since 2014 (although not consistent).

I've reached legend a few times, but I didn't have the consistency to go for it every month (and sometimes just not the time to do so).

So I was thinking about making content for a while now, but I always struggled because of the fear of just failing on the first shot. Well guess what, I'm trying it anyways now!

I want to mostly do videos with decks, that are not meta right now but still good, mainly because I get bored of playing meta decks all the time. I also try to go through my thinking process as good as possible, so maybe even new players can learn and understand a little bit of the game (even though I'm not a pro by any means!)

Feel free to hit me up for some feedback, I really appreciate it. All the links are down below!


BattleTag Naem#2389 Region EU


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