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    This deck is legit. I have won 6 in a row...beating Weapon Rogue and Token Druid easily...haven't played a Mage yet, but well crafted deck my friend.

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    Absolutely, the deck is a blast. I only made that one little tweak, the rest of the deck is perfect.

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    I gotta say, if all Druid decks I use, this one is the most fun...winning is important as always, but fun is a huge factor for me, that's why I don't use Rogue and Mage very much. This is an aggro deck that has some mid tier play, and even some late game play if it goes there. I took out the (2) Strength in Numbers and added (2) Vulpera Scoundrels instead because getting to choose spells in certain situations in the game seem more important to me than an extra minion on the board, and there are tons of battlecry minions that get negated if summoned by Strength In Numbers, but either way this deck was pleasing. I see the comments about getting wrecked, but my losses have been by slim margins, I see to always be in the game, and usually in control of the board early to mid turns...plenty of card draw too, but you have to pay attention. Overall, very creative deck...decks like these are why I recently joined the Hearthpwn community. 

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