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    Used this card, realized how clunky it is against a pirate warrior who drop the Frothing first. Works well against 1/1 tokens that Token Shaman threw out, but never against those 2 hp tokens that Druid throw out. Played this weapon on turn 4 in attempt to fight a board full of 1/2 only to get countered by Mark of the Lotus or Power of the Wild.

    If you are using this weapon in a control warrior, you will find out that this weapon is NOTHING like death bite. Most of the time, you really needed the 4 damage to kills a single 4 hp minion on turn 4.

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    posted a message on New Shaman Card - Stormcrack

    This card is actually pretty good tbh. When Shaman lose Crackle in the standard format, I was thinking about Shaman needs their own form of shadowbolt and this is the card that came in my mind; a 2-mana overload 1, deals 4 damage to a minion. When you play mid range or control shammy, you often use Crackle to deal with mid-range minion, often 1 with 4 health because banking on 50:50 to kill a 5 health minion is too much of a risk most of the time. And sometime, you just lose the game because you fail to kill a 3/4 totem golem with crackle.

    With this card, it's so much safer to deal with 4 health minion. Sure you can't go face with it nor you lack the 5 or 6 damage high roll. But Shaman have enough rng stuff like hero power and lightning storm, fireguard destroyer, etc. It's time for Shaman to be a little more consistent.

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    posted a message on Why do people hate Secret Paladin so much?

    Because a 6/6 drawing out 4 or 5 secrets is just utter bs and the only way to win it is you have board control from turn 1. That's right from turn 1. If you didn't draw your chow on turn 1, you better pray that he draw only secrets on the first 3 turn.. Heck, even a no secret keeper, into a turn 2 minibot, into a turn 3 secret + recruit put up a lot of fight. There are so many notable win condition that secret pally can win the game even before mysterious challenger is dropped.

    • Turn 1 secret keeper into a turn 2 git down + avenge combo. No Owl? You lose. Waste a owl? good luck handling tirion later on.
    • I see that you have no turn 1, lemme 1 coin 2 secret keeper out. Turn 2 pop any 2 random secret, good luck handling 2 3/4 on turn 2.
    • Turn 1 plays a secret, turn 2 coin out Mustard. Let's play a game. Is this avenge or comp spirit?
    • Coin minibot into another minibot. Not the worst moves for anyone to handle, but it puts them way ahead.
    • Turn 1 redemption, turn 2 juggler, turn 3 mustard. By then you taken too much damage to your face.
    • On curve Shredder. This card is so hard to remove I leaves a body behind. Pally are good when you can't clear the board any turn any time because blessing of kings just creates a lot of tempo. You tries to play around kings and clear it, but you wasted a lot of resource doing so.
    • Coghammer on any early drop in the game. It suck even more after the turn 1 secret keeper, turn 2 git down avenge combo.

    It's the most hated deck because the moment you miss a curve against them, you most likely lose. But when they miss a curve, Mysterious Challenger tends to save their sorry asses.

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    posted a message on [WOG] Leeroy Miracle Rogue // Full Guide

    I really want to play this deck but it's so hard. It's like whenever my opponent drops a Loatheb, I just lose the game. Is that a normal thing or I have to rely on the auctioneer 'miracle' the following turn after?

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    Could have been a 3/5 stats.

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    posted a message on New Warrior Card - Obsidian Destroyer

    Turn 7 use Dr. Boom
    Dr. Boom gets BGH-ed.
    Turn 8 drops Obsidian Destroyer
    Most players don't run 2 BGH so they gonna feel very annoyed dealing with those scarabs every turn.

    Cards turns out pretty good for FTP players who don't have that many legendary. Definitely great that this card came out on the first wing.

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    Cheap replacement for some legendaries in a control warrior. While Alextrasza and Sylvannas is important to have, this card could at least replace Grommash or Ysera if the players don't wish to craft those.

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    posted a message on Hearthstone Jokes and/or Puns

    Where did Dalaran Aspirant want to go for vacation?



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    posted a message on Bash

    A better version of Warlock's Drain Life. Seriously... Which locks uses Drain Life these days.

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    Guess I will give it a swing with this one too.

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