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    The Occultist is a class based on Eldritch Gods and the C'Thulhu mythos, or the C'Thun mythos, in this case. 
    A class with damage synergies, boardclears, lots of draw, and power at a cost. Tentacles too, if you're into that...

    Example Cards



    Wicked Devotee : A card that synergizes well with the Hero Power, granting early game board presence. 

    Madman's Knowledge : One example of the Power at a Cost cards in Occultist, granting early game draw at the cost of a friendly minion. 

    Call of the Deep : Another kind of power at a cost in the class, this time relying on your hero's health to provide extra value, but also giving you Taunts to protect your face, and a bunch of tokens you can sacrifice. Tentacles! 

    Wrath of the Occult : A very powerful boardclear that depicts Eldritch gods coming and wrecking everyone! 
    How lovely. 

    Ire of the Primordial : A powerful spell that probably removes two random enemy minions, unless they're really big. Why would you even play the game when you can just call down upon an Old One to do the job for you, anyways? 

    Remaining Cards

    Bloody Blow : A boardclear that makes you pay with your health, or your blood in this case. Powerful in the early game, but the 4 damage is a big price to pay. 

    Ancient Power : A powerful enough buff, that enables the Occultist to have a little more of an early game presence. 

    Mind Flay : Deal 2 and draw 2, for 4. Isn't it pretty? Reliable card draw that you don't even need to kill your minions for! 

    Ancient Blood : Relying on your Hero Power for all the healing wouldn't be a very reliable strategy, would it? 
    A big heal for a big mana cost. Fair enough, i would say. 

    Lesser Old One : If the Lesser Old One is an 8/8, imagine how big the real Old Ones are! Another card that synergizes fairly well with the hero power, while mostly being a way for the Occultist to heal himself, eating the nice Eldritch meat that gets cut off out of Mr. Old One here. Madness, honestly.

    Previous Phases


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    The Occultist


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    The Occultist

    Have you ever felt like there aren't enough Old Gods in Hearthstone? No? Well, that's a shame, because now there's many more Gods and Eldritch stuffs in the game now!

    The Occultist is a class based around Madness and Power at a price, similar to Warlock, but different.
    It's main mechanics are LOTS and LOTS of card draw, to symbolize the Madness that you will be facing while you play with your cards, and it also contains many buffs, boardclears, and it's gameplan is to slowly grind out your opponent while controlling the board and creating huge threats for the opponent to remove.

    It's Hero Power, while it has less power than most others by itself, has plenty of powerful synergies with the class' cards, granting sustain to your hero even without any synergies.

    Card Showcase

    Wicked Devotee : A 1-drop that benefits out of your Hero Power, gaining attack without being snowbally, and granting some early game presence to the Occultist.

    Ghahnb the Judicator : A fun card that creates lots of value, at the price of potentially milling a bunch of the cards in your deck, helping you to grind out your opponent in control matchups.

    Will of the Eldritch : Power at a cost. A cheaper Consecration, but at the cost of a friendly minion's life. The poor Murloc Tinyfin...

    Deep Madness : The name says it. Only someone who has lost their mind would give an enemy minion +10/+10! But the reward being drawing 10 cards, it might be worth a try.

    Doomed Expedition : The big threats that you control the game for. While the minion discovered may vary, giving anything a +10/+10 buff makes it into a lategame threat, but you might need to use a lot of your turns for it.

    Thanks for reading through me spilling out nonsense that makes sense about my cards! An upvote is appreciated, and so is any feedback.

    Ah, also, i really like H.P. Lovecraft and that kind of stuff, and that's where i took most of the inspiration for this class, as well as just loving grinding people out in control matchups.

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    This card set is a nice idea, but it requires much improvement.

    We would like to have you in the /r/Customhearthstone Discord so we could help you at making more balanced and fun cards.



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