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    Quote from Midnight >>

    Can you use 3 different computers in virtual enviroment? Like HyperV od VmWare? They wiil be on the same network :)

     I believe it shoud work, but it's third-party soft again, so I am not sure if it's gonna be safe. Although 1 normal PC for your main acc and 2 virtual for your side accs should work fine.
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    Quote from elporsche1990 >>
    I think he is technically not cheating, while using fake gps is
    The way I've listed does not use any third-party programs like Nox. Basically, one can make as many accounts as he wishes, you remain in your city (and not in 10 different countries per night as in Nox variant), none of the bnet rules are violated.
    I am aware that Nox is way easier than this, and way faster, and I don't believe in 'Nox causes ban' threads, but Blizz system of retroactive bans for using glitches/side programs is pretty unstable (I remember it since i played WoW), so I just didn't want to let them have even the slightest ban reason for the account active since closed beta.
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    This is to all of you living far away from the Fireside life and not willing to use Nox for any kind of reasons. I believe this way is a bit less dangerous than Nox coords due to the reason that GPS is tracked by the robot system of Blizzard in real time, while FSG events are tracked by people and only upon several complaints. I find Nox pretty safe way, but I was too lazy to install it and to find working tavern, so I went old-school way.

    Step 0. Mandatory requirements

    Actually, there is only one. You will need 2 devices with HS and wi-fi spot. That's it. If you wanna cardback too, you will need 3 devices.

    Hint: notebooks sometimes don't work as intended for FSG, so tab+phone (or 2 phones, or 2 tabs) will be perfect. My notebook was online via my wi-fi, yet HS didn't recognize it as wi-fi connection for some kind of reason.

    Step 1. Hold FSG to create a tavern

    1) Go to https://eu.battle.net/hearthstone/en/fireside-gatherings

    2) Click host the gathering

    3) Sign all the forms there

    Hint: you can make FSG 48 hours prior to actual starting time, so if it is 9:00 a.m. 30.10, you can host your FSG on 1 November.

    Hint: choose time when you certainly will be home, and make it a bit more than needed, like 2-3 hours at least. I just had to reschedule tavern just because there was FSG maintenance for the 3 hours when the tavern was scheduled.

    Hint: you have to include your real address (where you want to hold the FSG AND Tavern). This is very important. Blizzard robot has to change your address into their format with GPS coords.

    Hint: don't write description like 'I do it at home alone for Nemsy, noone invited'. Add a little imagination, write something about closed tournament, start of new HS cafe or anything like that.

    4) Click create FSG. Now you need to hold FSG with at least 3 check-ins. It is said that confirmation may take up to 24 hours (usually 10-15 mins), though both my events got instant confirmation status from Blizzard.

    5) While you wait for the scheduled FSG, create 2 more HS accounts and boost them through the tutorial. No unlocking or any other activity required, only Illidan slayed.

    6) The day before the FSG, if you log in the game, it will ask you if you really wanna host the event. Click 'yes' only while at home and connected to the wi-fi.

    7) When the time is up, connect with your main acc, press FSG button, choose your wi-fi and click 'Host'. You will get yellow button in the left bottom corner. Now get your second device, connected to the same wi-fi, with new account #1. Connect to the FSG. Now you have 2 check-ins. Repeat with new account #2 (you may relog it on your second device instead of new account #1). Now you have 3 check-ins (you and 2 new accounts). Within 10-15 mins, you may refresh battle.net page, and now you have your first successful FSG.

    7.1) For cardback, you will need 3 devices connected to FSG simultaneously instead of 2. You need to hold 3 matches against any of your new accounts (insta concedes worked I believe, did it long time ago), while another new account is in FSG too.

    Hint: you don't need to play matches at this time for Nemsy, Blizz robot counts only check-ins in the FSG.

    Step 2: Creating tavern

    1) This is pretty much the same as Step 1. You go to https://eu.battle.net/hearthstone/en/fireside-gatherings, click Create a tavern, then fill in all required fields. Remember, 'playing alone, noone invited' is not a good description, while 'attempt to create HS cafe, only testing wi-fi spot for future great events and tournaments' is.

    Hint: the address has to be the same as FSG, which you held in Step 1. Just don't name it 'Home', name it like 'Lich King tavern' or stuff.

    Hint: don't name your tavern too obviously, like 'playing home alone', it may give you unnecessary attention.

    2) Repeat confirmation the day before the scheduled event (at the address of event and through the wi-fi).

    3) When the time is up, create your tavern with your main account (point 7 of step 1), connect with one of your new accounts. Now you have to play 3v3 brawl. Choose it, insta-concede then by your new account after you get your starting hand. Congrats on getting Nemsy, it is instant I believe.

    Hint: you don't need to unlock any heroes for your new account, mage deck should be enough.

    Hint: your tavern like your FSG event starts only at scheduled time, your time zone. You may create it earlier, but check-ins count only within the time period mentioned while creating FSG or tavern event.

    I like this way more, though the whole process might seem too long, you do not violate any Blizz rules (you may have multiple bnet accounts, and you don't use any side programs like Nox).

    I will be glad to answer any questions. And yes, I know, this is ABC stuff, but sometimes such guides help not to lose time, like I did scheduling the tavern for Thursday morning 8:00-10:00 a.m., and Blizz scheduled FSG maintenance for 8:00-11:00 a.m. Thursday.

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    posted a message on The Top Death Knight Decks for Each of Hearthstone's Nine Classes

    I can't believe that this is the best mage DK deck.

    Just faced some kind of elemental bla-bla mage and the only thing I should say that DK mage requires Baron Geddon. You know, pumping up from 6 HP to 22 HP is pretty nice. Besides, there is a great synergy with elems in this deck, e.g. the spit of a fire elemental for 5 dmg also heals mage for 5 dmg, which is pretty insane. She had a chance to self-heal way better than my priest tho.

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    Well, the bosses seriously were kinda too easy. I mean just normal lvl of previous adventures.

    1. Normal buff priest played in construct. 1 try, too easy.

    2. Normal pirate warr played in construct. 1 try, too easy.

    3. Normal quest shaman played in construct. 2 try, too easy.

    I was even too lazy to forge the decks for the bosses, so just took constructed ones and finished the wing.

    I mean that's kinda disappointing adventure for one of the major villains in Warcraft history. No heroic mode, no challenge until week 3 (and I believe there won't be any challenge either).

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    I guess I found a nice replacement for minor oozeling - Spiritsinger Umbra. She can be really devastating with Sylvanas.

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    Okay, I tried this, finished 5-3. That's not a bad result tho, but could be better.

    Won 2 very strange decks (Priest and Pally, handmade and garbage to be honest), 1 pirate warrior, 1 Vlpz's Nzoth shammy and 1 I don't remember.

    Lost to Fr0zen's druid, but was pretty even matchup. He got lucky on early Jeeves and then on warlock ability from Sir Finley. 

    Lost twice more to Reno-Nzoth priests. They are pretty much counter to this deck, cause losses were very miserable by fatigue, tho inevitable. It's almost impossible to break through taunts, then N'zoth, then Warden -> 40 HP, then Reno. If you're not lucky enough, he'll bury 2nd Reno (yours) into his deck.

    Therefore, I'd highly recommend teching Acidic Swamp Ooze into something more profitable like maybe Loatheb. I don't know to what exactly, but this deck really lacks counters to priests.


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    Devolve in shaman decks works just heavenly. Even better than priest's Mass Dispel.

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    posted a message on What One Night in Karazhan Could Have Been + Early Karazhan Art

    We do have Overwatch cardback too.

    Besides, Tyrande and Overwatch? It's high noon there, and she loves midnight.

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    HotS is far from being "underpopulated", dude. And besides, as already said, we had a cardback for HotS promo.

    I guess another brawl or stuff

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    That might be an unpopular opinion, but I definitely like it. Way better for me than 2014 and 2015 "all-hail-Zeus" backs

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    posted a message on BatStone #1 Survival Guide - Everything You Need to Know!

    Fandral wins you games if manages to survive for at least 1-2 turns.

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    Quote from krmko >>

    He has shadow word: horror, not so bad against aggro.

     Dude, are you serious? I don't see any aggro deck using 1-2 dmg minions. Like, at best you have a chance to clear half of the board, but that's it, and the most dangerous other half will remain.
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    Guys, HS is not a totally free game, and you just have to choose: do I want to pay a couple of bucks or to spend a bit more time on grinding?

    I've been playing since closed beta for free (besides 2 packs for golden Gelbin) until, I guess, BRM because I'm collecting cardbacks and it was the only way to get some. Though even before that it wasn't that much of a problem to get a decent collection. It took some months ofc, but see above: time or money.

    And stop that bitchy wining, just do some research. E.g. zoo paladin is cheap (always was) and competitive enough to climb rank 10 or even higher.

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    Moroes fits zoo paladin right the way it is intended and he is totally playable and valuable.

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