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    Meanwhile I'm still using my unchanged old Witchwood quest warrior decklist (not playing enough atm to justify any crafts) and still cruising. Odd Warrior might beat it head on, but generally I don't see how that would ever be a better ladder deck than quest right now. 

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    Quote from ColinthePyro >>

    I'm pretty sure I didn't face a lot of t1 decks when I first started; Has it actually gotten that bad in the year since I got this?

     Started just before TGT, played till Kara and then stopped till Febuary this year and can definitely confirm. It's gotten bad. Back when I first played the lower ranks were full of people with crap decks, meme decks, selfmade decks and sometimes clearly missing cards. Now it's T1 decks only at every rank. Seriously, I played T1 decks starting from rank 25 when I restarted.

    And it's not just high tier decks, but the really expensive ones aswell. When I first started seeing a legendary definitely didn't happen every game - not even close. Now you'll see a couple every game at every rank. 

    So yeah, even for me as a restarter that had a pretty decent collection starting again was a pain; as a new player I honestly wouldn't even bother getting into the game at this point.

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    Battletag: Wayne#2517
    Region: EU
    Trade only: You go first

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    @Quabbelfax: "I fought someone and almost won, but then he had good cards"

    That's what happens in every HS game. Discover is fine, just drop some more shit in the pool.

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    Quote from Motions >>

    I play heartsthone since the start and always mained Priest.
    Priest never was really good until the recent expacs. However, It never bothered me that much.
    With this expac however I feel there is nothing good for Priest, so I don't know how much longer I will continue to play.

    Which is sad. Cause I really like the game as a whole...


     "I really like the game as a whole, but now - a day after release - that I FEEL like the 1/9 classes I'm playing doesn't have anything good - it might or might not, I don't know - going for it, I might quit the game all together. Thanks Blizz for ruining this game that I enjoy so wholly and that I'm attached to so much..." 
    Just get out. And please ignore the "Baku Priest op :((" thread just right below this on the way out.
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