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    Interesting development I will try it out and will follow up if I find any interesting changes

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    Tilt wise: Resurrect priest! All the rest is fine for me even if overpowered! 

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    Eventually comes down to matter of preference guys. Some of us would like the game to be played more on board, some prefer OTK stuff and some more just don't want to get beyond turn 4 or 5 

    In many years playing this game we have seen lots of so called "toxic" decks that people thought were still fun!

    People loved to play Control warriors mirror not long time ago, and I used to love that in 2015 when matches weren't going up to triple digit health. Also in that time Paladin midrange was good enough to counter CW and there was that rock paper scissor thingy as well with face hunter completing the triangle.

    Mech hunter and mech mage used to curve out minions in an overwhelming way to win in few turns, secret paladin was having the best mana curve everytime with Loatheb Challenger Dr Boom Ragnaross to end everyone

    Then we can mention Freeze Mage basically the old Shirvalla pala! You don't play board except for card draw and removal, you basically play solitaire = ez win!

    Patron warrior  similar concept but you need to consider taunts for your combo and all the duplicates for all the effects
    Combo druid FON Roar where being below 22 hp turn 8 could have meant you were dead

    Reno lock the first single copy deck, then Razakus priest

    Jade druid, aggro shaman, midrange shaman, miracle rogue .... the list goes

    I am pretty sure among all of us on this thread people will be divided to what was Toxic and what was fun!
    Same apply today to the current meta, which by the way is one of the most varied in such a long time.

    Current meta as some mentioned: Galakrond Shaman is slower and definitely not the power house it used to be.
    Rogue is the most popular (in two or 3 version highlander or apothecary). This makes pala shirvalla less represented due to Flick, and of course brings the rise of face hunter and Galakrond warrior to counter rogue. Druids lags behind with some mix of aggro and embiggen/dragon that doesn't seem to cut it. And priest can rely only on combo (which with all the silence and polimorph effect is not feeling great) and resurrect that can at least counter most slow and aggro decks.

    My advice: pick one deck you enjoy and don't switch too much or you will never learn how to play different match ups. If you find yourself not fitting the meta, you might be playing a low win rate deck, or you might be tilted and not beeing efficient in your plays ( Trust me I say this because I still need to improve a lot in managing my tilt) :)

    Hope this can be helpful, and happy new year


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    This is a tempo rogue, you need to set up a board while storing damage in hand for a killing blow!
    It worked well for me before Galakrond warrior started dominating the scene on ladder and got me from rank 5 to rank 3 quite easily.
    Said that this was not and is not a top tier deck

    Auctioneer would cost 6 and might draw you some cards (maybe 3) but you'll have to include in the list preparation and generally it would be less efficient than candle breath 6 mana draw 3 but with a chance of 3 mana draw 3!
    Draconid lackey is very common among the numerous invocation of Galakrond and other effects, so I rarely had troubles with that spell.

     if you want a list that can be top tier check this out:  

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    haha I might have shortly a burgle highlander rogue to post! But still trying to make the list look consistent
    Stay tuned ;)

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    This makes me so happy! Thanks for sharing man and congrats for legend! I hope I'll see you in my twitch chat sometimes, or just wish you merry Christmas :)

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    I was against Worms playing this deck and I can guarantee the list is solid!!! 
    Very hard to break through and pretty sure no aggro deck can do much against it

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