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    posted a message on New Neutral Minion - Untamed Beastmaster
    Quote from NewPlayer >>

    This deck will be so much better with this card and Master's Call :O

    Can't wait

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    posted a message on am i ******** or is this puzzle unsolveable?

    Edit: nvm

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    posted a message on Puzzle Labs is creative and great for newer players.

    Only finished the 2 first batches in Lethal and the first one in Survival. So far have been enjoying the puzzles a lot, even though the first ones are obviously quite easy. Looking forward to the later ones, many hours will be wasted trying to figure out the answer to some of the harder ones, I reckon.

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    posted a message on Hero Cards' Winrates
    Quote from Ndy19 >>

    It is just how they function.

    Rexxar is in all decks, and does not guarantee a win, since you need to be smart enough to build and use the correct beasts at the correct time (high skill floor, and skill ceiling).

    Valeera has a high ceiling, but a pretty low floor, since anything doubled is amazing, and she usually is only played in wacky decks, which more or less guarantees more experienced pilots.

    Gul'dan is the strongest dk, and has a n'zoth effect, so if you make it to him, the opponent has to outlast you, as you rarely ever die through him.

    Most of the others are more akin to winconditions, so ofc their winrates will be high if played.

    Dr boom is w/e. and does nothing immediately if played, so i can see him being lower. Its still a good card, just not as busted as say dk jaina or guldan.


     Do you mean that Rexxar has a low skill floor and Valeera has a high skill floor? Otherwise that doesn't make sense.

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    posted a message on The best manga in the world

    I've only finished Dragon Ball and liked that one a lot. Seven deadly sins is my favorite anime and I've read most of the first season of its manga as well, and it was pretty good. Haven't tried One piece or berserk so can't say about those.

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    posted a message on All TBP Cards Reviewed In Over 21,000 Words! By Pageturner.

    I have to say I disagree with your analysis on the Psychmelon. I think you're comparing it too much to Druid's other draw cards and thinking too much about its value aspect. The thing is, I see juicy psychmelon as a staple in Taunt and Maly Druid as a one-of in Standard, due to the fact that you are guaranteed to draw your Malygos/Hadronox/Oakheart that's sitting at the bottom of your deck. No matter how much Taunt Druid can draw, they always lose if Hadronox and Oakheart are at the bottom of the deck. This card can bring consistency to Taunt and Malygos druid by letting them always draw their key combo card. 

    With that being said, I really enjoyed this analysis (even though I'm only halfway through) and applaud you for the effort. It's great that we have dedicated people like you in the community.

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    posted a message on (Theorycraft) Feedback my experimental Reckless Experimenter tempo priest

    Here's my take on Reckless Experimenter Priest. I decided to go for less deathrattles and more consistency, but a tempo approach seems like a fine option as well. We'll have to see what works out best once the expansion launches.

    Reckless Priest
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    Minion (20) Ability (10)
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    posted a message on Mechanic Discussion. Curious about a card design.

    I don't think it would cause poisonous to activate. This seems to be working similarly to Noggenfogger, and I think if you target a poisonous minion with Noggenfogger and it gets redirected elsewhere, poison won't be applied.

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    posted a message on Discuss all Warlock cards from the Boomsday Project

    I'm on mobile rn so will just post some quick thoughts.

    I've always liked the idea of a midrange demon Warlock, but it's always seemed to be missing a few things (even in Wild), mostly good demons and enough synergies for them (so that it's actually worth making a demon deck in the first place).

    I think a lot of people are underestimating void analyst and comparing it too much to crystalweaver. The problem with crystalweaver was that his effect was useless if you lost the board and that he didn't have the demon tag himself. Void analyst doesn't have either of those weaknesses, and also synergizes nicely with cards like doubling imp and imp gang boss. 

    Doubling imp seems very strong in a midrange demon deck, since after we lost imp gang boss demon decks have really been lacking a good 3-drop to maintain board presence with. Also very strong in traditional zoo. 

    Compared to the Hunter card from MSoG that gives a beast in your hand +2/+2, soul infusion seems a lot more consistent. Not sure if that makes it worth playing, though.

    Not much else to say but I agree that dr. Morrigan, ectomancy, nethersoul buster and spirit bomb seem weak and that too many people are forgetting that demonic project also transforms one of your minions as well.

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    posted a message on Best legendary spell
    Quote from Areyiz >>

    Give them Rush. Rush = No attack on Heroes this turn

     If they have both charge and rush they can go face.

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    posted a message on Set Both Players Health to 1

    Ice block is a thing as well as armor for Druid and Warrior. Seems like instawin every time for those classes.

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    posted a message on New Hunter Spell - Cybertech Chip

    Ya'll forgetting 'bout the real sleeper of GvG, Metaltooth Leaper. That thing alone is going to make mech Hunter viable in Wild.

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    posted a message on New Priest Minion- Reckless Experimenter

     This + Twilight Summoner in Wild = 6 mana 9/11

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    posted a message on Which is your most coveted card(s)?

    These may sound like odd choices, but I've always really wanted to have Malorne and Foe Reaper 4000. I started in WotoG so I never had the chance to pull them from packs, but every time I get them in a brawl or by some random effect I have a lot of fun. Will hopefully craft at least one of them some day.

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    posted a message on An attempt to balance all cards in Hearthstone [Under construction]
    Quote from SamTheHam >>

    I'm glad you're back in business! But there are some points I had to disagree with. 

    Starving Buzzard — Maybe make it something like 4 mana 4/3? Yeah, combo with Unleash the Hounds, blah blah, but how often is, say, Cult Master used with it? 

    I'm hesitant to buff him too much, since he has so much potential to be broken. Remember, his ability lets you draw cards by trading minions that spawn beasts with their deathrattles (I.e. Infested Wolf) as well, so you might be able to draw with him on turn 4 already. I've experimented with him a lot and think even the one mana reduction in cost would hugely affect his viability.

    Humility — What if it was 2 mana but also drew you a card? This recycle feature definitely makes the card stronger. 

    That's a very good idea. This way Eadric's effect would retain its legendary status. Might be too strong at 2 mana though.

    Light's Justice — Something like 1 mana 1/2 weapon which summons a Silver Hand Recruit when played? Don't know. 

    I feel like that would make Odd Paladin too good. Also sounds a bit too similar to Muster for Battle. I think this card has potential, being a cheap weapon with high durability. Weapon buffs have always had the potential to turn useless cards into OP ones (see: Upgrade!, Arcanite Reaper and basically all of Pirate Warrior in MSoG).

    Assassin's Blade — 5 mana 4/3, possibly? 

    Would that be too strong? Vinecleaver is the same but for 2 more mana and has a bonus effect. Then again, Rogue doesn't have a lot of heals. I'm mostly afraid this could be abused with weapon buffs in aggro (like Arcanite Reaper).

    Totemic Might — I think it should be reworked. Health simply won't work. How about 1 mana version which gives your totems +1/+1? And no, don't remind of Mark of the Lotus, that was simply stupid... 

    That's a good idea. I think it could breathe new life to totem decks.

    Ancestral Healing — I suggest changing its cost to 1 mana to get it in line with Power Word: Shield. It's not strictly better. 

    I'm not sure if it would be too strong though, since a lot of people already dislike how PWS is an auto-include in almost every Priest deck. potion of heroism is 2 mana and is quite balanced.

    Frost ShockBreath of Sindragosa exists... but... whatever. 

    I forgot about that card. I'm still not 100% sure about this one.

    Shattered Sun Cleric — It's fine as is. Its nerf was pretty reasonable. 

    I guess you're right. After all, Fallen Sun Cleric has a similar stat distribution and doesn't feel incredibly weak.

    Stormpike Commando — What if he dealt 3 damage but had the same stats? Doesn't seem that bad. 

    I don't know, Basic neutral cards usually have pretty weak effects. I'll wait a while to see what others think.

    Booty Bay Bodyguard — Definitely should be 5 mana 6/5. Tournament Attendee, Pompous Thespian, Hired Gun, Evil Heckler, then this and then... 

    For some reason, it looks like Blizzard wants Basic neutral taunts to be weaker than ones from expansions, so I'll follow this trend for now, at least (see: Ironfur Grizzly).

    Lord of the Arena — Yes, him. 

    Savagery — For some reason it fees like Druids are better at gaining a ton of armor right now than Warriors, and this card would be too powerful even for Warriors. 

    It does damage per amount of attack, not armor.

    Keeper of the Grove — Should honestly be unnerfed. Isn't it just better than Fire Plume Phoenix, you may ask? Class cards tend to be stronger than neutrals, so for it being restricted to Druid you also gain an option to Silence something if needed. Sounds fair. 

    I'm not sure, since silence effects have been really popular recently. Even Ironbeak Owl has been seeing play, so having an even more versatile silence card seems sort of  dangerous.

    Starfall — Might as well just be "Deal 3 damage to al enemy minions" for 6 mana. It's so good you shouldn't even be able to have an extra option. 
    Ancient of Lore — I suggest a 7 mana 4/4 which either draws 2 cards or restores 8 health. 

    I don't like the idea of messing with Druid's identity of having choose one cards, so I think I want to at least keep that aspect of these cards.

    Misdirection — What about making it redirect to a friendly character instead of any other rather than the face? A bad outcome is guaranteed then. 

    That's an excellent idea.

    Explosive Shot — Maybe 6 damage instead of 7? And I don't know, the card doesn't seem even half bad per se. 

    Well, it might not seem all that bad, but it's incredibly inconsistent. if the enemy minions aren't in just the right places you usually don't get much value out of this card. In addition, the high cost makes it clumsy to use. Even control Hunters don't run this card.

    Vaporize — Did you mean 2 or MORE attack? Anyways, I don't think a buff is necessary in this case.

    You're absolutely right, thanks. I think this one needs a small buff because it's absolutely garbage in constructed and barely draftable in Arena. Polymorph is superior in almost every situation.

    Argent Protector and Sword of Justice are also OK as they are.

    I'll think about it. Personally I haven't seen them being played in constructed much at all and they've never been in any meta deck.

    Tirion Fordring — Yes, he's OP and... it's totally fine!

    Yeah, I'm not sure he needs to be nerfed anymore, thanks to all the powercreep. I'll remove him from the list.

    Temple Enforcer and Perdition's Blade — Also unnecessary to buff.

    Are you sure? Both cards are really bad. These buffs aren't even that big.

    Dust Devil — Potentially even weaker. Should be a 3/4 at the very least.

    Well, he doesn't die to pings anymore, but you might be right. This guy just has so much TTK potential it's quite scary.

    Upgrade! and Arathi Weaponsmith — Yep, also pretty redundant.

    What do you mean by that?

    Millhouse Manastorm — My inner perfectionist hates to see that his Attack and Health aren't equal >:(

    :/ I just feel like buffing him too much will make him too much of a highroll out of Piloted Shredders and the like.

    Master Swordsmith — Might even be a 2 mana 2/3. With the original effect, of course.

    That's also a good suggestion. Will think about it.

    Lorewalker Cho — Would be much better if your opponent couldn't copy your spells.

    Both players being able to use him is what makes him so meme-y, though.

    Tauren Warrior — What about making it a 1/4 or even a 1/5 (that would probably be too broken though)?

    Those are good suggestions. I'll think about them.

    King Mukla — See Millhouse.

    Demolisher — Could also deal 2 damage to a random enemy MINION. That would be way nicer.

    I'll think about this one, too.

    Arcane Golem — I think even a 5/5 version wouldn't be particularly playable...

    Yeah, the drawback is quite harsh. I think I'll buff him more.

    Windfury Harpy — Could rather make her a 4/6.

    That might be a good idea.

    Illidan Stormrage — Swap his stats and he's not that bad!

    Sure. That way we might actually see his cool new animation at some point :P

    Hogger — Make him a 3/6, possibly?

    Sounds good to me!

    Stoneskin Gargoyle — I suggest giving it one extra Attack.

    I was thinking that could be too strong but with all the crazy stuff in the game right now, maybe it's not too much.

    I'm also surprised I didn't see [[Mind Control Tech]] on this list. There are many problematic cards to be changed but this one is simply a paragon. It's one of the stupidest cards ever made and should have been dealt with a long time ago. This pesky gnome is able to win games all by himself and HAS to be reworked. I would even gladly take something like "Battlecry: Take control of an enemy minion with 0 Attack" (keeping the stats) instead of the current atrocious design. I wouldn't even mind if they completely killed the card, it would freaking deserve this.

    He's a very problematic card for sure, but will definitely require some thinking to come up with the ideal solution.

    But anyways, great changes!

    Thank you! <3


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