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    Hey, can someone explain me, how does work pvp rating once you reach 14000 MMR? 

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    posted a message on Guidance does not trigger Unbound Elemental effect

    Even if you  pick overload option in Guidance, Unbound Elemental does not get buff from it. Does someone know, if it´s intentional, or why it works like that, or is it just a bug, which should be reported?

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    posted a message on Order in Pally secrets

    Can someone explain me, please, how does the order of effects in pally secrets work? Because so far, it feels to me like ""always in favour of paladin."

    Concrete examples - If I kill the egg, and Avenge is in game, it will buff minion summoned from egg, so the effect triggers AFTER all action is gone. BUT if I want to clear board with landslide, while I am overloaded, it kills one health minions with the first round, then IN THE MIDDLE of effect, avenge is triggered, buff some two health minion, which doesn´t die then. 

    The same, even more understable, problem i have with reckoning. I want clear board witth Samuro-Apotheosis combo, while Reckoning is in play. I hit some minion, which doesn´t kill it, so it survives and should trigger frenzy effect in my opinion, BUT AFTER that in a strict chronological way, Reckoning is triggered, kill Blademaster Samuro, so Samuro dies and nothing happens. Why, if avenge can work in the middle of my spell effect, cannot frenzy mechanic work immediately after minion takes damage??

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