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    posted a message on All The Demon Hunter Nerfs - All the Details - Live Already!

    I hope they make lots of money off you and the rest of the morons who can't see clearly.

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    They just nerfed the class into 2nd tier at best with a high skill cap.

    You're playing the wrong deck for your meta.

    Oh and if you're wondering why there are so many demon hunters? Well, you unlock a lot of bonuses, gold cards and cosmetics for playing demon hunter and leveling the class... Not to mention the patch event quest asking you to play demon hunter 3x for 2 packs... Maybe has something to do with it?

    Get off your high horse and wake up, game is essentially free, you won't be missed.


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    It's unfortunate the new class is a work in progress, when it should've been completed, tested and balanced before release.

    I feel like this is all rushed to get more money in their pockets and to take advantage of mass quarantined (and soon to be) people with phones.

    I didn't even use my google survey money this patch, and I am actually insulted at the cost of the BG expansion pass. Would've been completely fine with it if it was season long like year of the Phoenix.. but for a few months in a patch, you expect me to give you $25CDN for extra choices in a tertiary side project game? I'd rather use my google money on removing ads from my puzzle phone game for small wait times like dropping a deuce or waiting for a garbage hearthstone patch to release.

    Eat shit Transactivision.


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    I really like the skill cap in this deck, I've pulled off some pretty ridiculous combos/miracles. Very fun

    I've tailored this list to beat the aggro variant in the meta, prior to that I was holding my own at 50% win rate plat 2.

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    Why are warglaives epic. They should be legendary.


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    I can't help but laugh at this.

    We all assume dragon tribe right? Minions that buff dragons existed since Amalgam was broken. Why? Perfect logic to add dragon tribe.

    I can't help but laugh, because watch blizzard pull a fast one and just be like 'hey guys, check out the new bg hero Deathwing!'

    Huh? What dragon tribe? We put a lot of effort into this hero! Do yOu GUys NoT LiKE DeAThwINg?

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    posted a message on Battlegrounds - Blizzard Patch Teaser?

    Nah, rewards are everything.

    Do you still grind to legend every month? for your shitty golden classic cards? It's not fun, it's not rewarding, and you can't keep up with the pros unless you dedicate your life to it like a streamer.

    I stopped grinding about a year ago, imagine the incentive to grind if they offered packs for various placements in the season? How many more people would play ranked ladder or actually try in BGs If you started to earn packs instead of 10g for 3 wins? 1 pack for seasonal participation, 5 packs for rank 10, 10 packs rank 5, 15 packs legend, 25 top 500 legend? That seems pretty reasonable to me, it takes a lot of time to grind to those higher points, they definitely deserve some sort of reward. Card backs mean absolutely nothing.

    Probably the most enjoyable part of MTG is being able to expand your collection and trade for cards with your tournament prize winnings. You could literally go into a 4 round swiss pre-release tournament and win 20 packs for just winning four rounds.

    What do we do in hearthstone? Pay money for digital cards with no value whatsoever. When I quit magic I sold my collection for $5000USD, bought a gaming PC and took my wife to the Dominican. What's my hearthstone collection worth? ZERO.


    As per the topic, hoping for a dragon tribe to diversify bgs a bit more. It was spoiled long ago considering many of the cards have buff dragons in their text.

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    posted a message on Rise of Shadows - Eight Revealed Cards, Expansion Information

    Christ, the cost of this game is worse than the cost of the dead game Black Ops 4. Transactivision killing it, Literally.

    Makes me want to get off my lazy ass and play MTG again, at least those cards have resale value.

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    posted a message on Hearthstone Specialist - The New Competitive Format for 2019

    Huh? I haven't seen anything about MTG axing sideboards, they were present at the 2018 world cup and they are still present in current day tournament play?

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    posted a message on Dean Ayala Asks: What Would Get You Back Into Hearthstone?

    Well at that point you may as well ask for rare/exclusive card backs too, but isn't that what makes them rare? Though you can probably still buy Tyrande codes on ebay for $5.

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