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    It's basically clone of Cycling from MTG. You'll play it if the actual card will be good or if there will be good cards that trigger when you trade.

    Think about it - You have a card that you don't need in particular part of the game. Instead of holding it in your hand or burning it to do something unnecessary you'll be able to trade it for draw. One mana for an option to trade not needed card in your hand for something potentially very important like removal to save yourself from threats or burn/pump spell to finish the game is pretty huge.

    Tradeable cards for sure will find place in meta decks as this kind of cards with option to dig further into your deck. And again, if we get some good cards interacting with trades it may even end as meta deck on its own.


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    posted a message on How to make Classic amazing!!


    It's a gimmick option for these few nostalgia-driven players. It's not supposed to have numbers that are even closer to standard or wild. And your idea defeats the purpose of Classic.



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    AWhy tho?

    I doubt that it will speed anything - you need to know situation on table anyway, for what you need to wait for your opponent end doing their stuff... so to the end of their turn. And there's no difference between animation playing at start or end of turn, it's the same time-wise.

    Except for opponent - when you stack on each other a lot of animations and go way above time out during them, it's starting go count your opponent's time. It's sucks, should not be a thing, i'm not sure why it's happening in the first place but seemingly Blizzard can't or don't want to do anything with it and in this case one more animation in your turn = less precious time for your opponent turn. Especially if we get more cards like Choose Your Path or cards activating on draw, which just prolong everything.

    And at the end of the day it's also extremely counterintuitive. Practically all relevant card games have draw phase on the start of the turn. Why being different? What's the practical gain from it? Change for the sake of change?

    And it's not that HS is some 300 IQ, deep gameplay game where you need a lot of time to think about play. For what you need more time and why breaking game in half is worth it?

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    Way too much.

    Nerfs are knee-jerk reaction to crying of people are awful. Instead of reacting to every "OMFG THIS CARD IS TOO STRONG!" reaction i would prefer Team 5 to return to more passive approach and let meta develop itself.

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    ...I would not mind HS going back to nerf frequency from when Ben Brode was working on it.

    Don't get me wrong, changing things that are problem is important but plenty of time i feel like nerfs are knee-jerk reaction. There's no time to see how meta will develop instead of hitting things ASAP.

    Tickatus is strong but has bad match-up against aggro? Just wait till aggro players will scare the fuck out of it and in meantime figure out what has good matchup against them.

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    Call me an awful person i don't like the direction where it leads - ultimately it's a case for police and court, Blizzard is none of these two and penalizing players for out of game/event rules/tos reasons is not what they should be doing. It's a case for police and court - if he's guilty he will end in jail. If he's innocent then this suspension will be very shitty.

    Game companies are not morality guardians and should not be given power to be them. It's not their job.

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    Obviously they try to copy what MTG is doing. They also are going through new keywords at insane speed. There are tho two difference between MTG and HS.

    1. MTG has a lot of complementary sets reintroducing and expanding old mechanics. Between all the Commander decks, Master sets, Jumpstarts and other similar products there's big chance that underdeveloped mechanic will get new toys to become actually relevant. Look for example at Snow Cards. They were pretty much ignored when they got released but few more cards released in more modern sets and it's a legit deck archetype.

    2. HS is virtual and has that nifty hover to explain function. It means that there's little to no confusion over both new mechanics and reintroduced ones.


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    posted a message on Classic Format Live Today - The Hottest Decks To Start With

    Honestly i'm mildly interested with this one. A lot changed, mostly for worse, during all the years of HS and similar retro-style formats are actually mildly popular in other card games (Oldschool 93/94 in MTG, GOAT format in Yu-gi-oh! etc.).

    Yes, the metagame will be more stable but that's actually a good thing - It's easier to become successful and learn the format when top decks are not changing every few weeks and even with small card pool best decks should flow naturally from one to another along with trends.

    Also it will be much more cheaper thanks to this slower changing metagame, only handful of cards and plenty of staples seeing play in multiple decks. It's ideal format for budget player.

    I actually think that Classic format will be successful. Yes, most players will not be interested with it but the few that will probably will be playing HS exclusively because of it. It's healthier, more stable, cheaper and easier to grasp alternative to fast-changing, quite expensive, usually not that healthy and overly complicated standard or clusterfuck that is wild.

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