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    posted a message on What are you most excited for in AoO?

    Nothing really. Mostly the rotation, I'm actually tired of some meta decks. I've been on a two month break since Awakening. If i'm able to have fun with my druid decks I might come back for a week or so.

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    posted a message on New Demon Hunter Legendary Card Revealed - Kayn Sunfury

    Mass dispell on a body, on it's own is not that bad. It all depends on how strong aggro DH will be.

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    posted a message on Current state of the meta

    I don't like when too many sets are available on standard because some decks end up having too many tools making tier 2 decks unviable. I think it's a problem with hearthstone rotation system overall. Some decks that were fine to deal with sudenlly spiral out of control wenever a new set comes out before rotation because they don't lose nothing and gain new stuff.

    Like the stupid idea to print a targetable destroy minion dragon to hunter. With all the tools hunters have now, it's compretely insane, making at least 4 of the top 10 decks hunter's. It shows the hearthstone team has no idea how their cards may impact the game as they are too concerned on pushing archetipes even if they only become viable if they are broken.

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    posted a message on Is Embiggen Fair?

    Druid doesn't has the tempo Keleseth Rogue or Warrior has. The problem with keleseth Rogue was the capability of putting strong minions on board and killing yours at the same time because of backstab, preparation > evicerate and Vilespine Slayer. Warrior still had 1 mana Execute and Shield Slam and Rush Minions.

    Druid mostly plays big things that don't do much if you can remove them. It is still strong and it can overwhelm you eventually, but not as fast as Rogue or Warrior. Other Keleseth decks were not as good, at least not fro mthe top of my mind.

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    posted a message on New Shaman Card - Explosive Evolution
    Quote from Ironcloak >>

    Electra Stormsurge and Zentimo are rotating out soon.  This is a potent combo.

     It makes me really annoyed when the rotation is what I'm most looking foward in hearthstone. So many stupid cards piling up when I just want a fun, reasonable card game.

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    posted a message on New Rare Paladin Card - Scalelord

    Highlander dragon paladin has place for some murlocs, I don't think trying to get maximum value is the way here. Just Divine Shielding two murlocs might be enough value since the card has good stats.

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    posted a message on Descent of Dragons Balance Changes Coming - Including Shaman Changes

    They just have to make tempest galakrond summon1, 2 and 4 elementals that are 4/4 instead of 2 8/8.

    - It would be still in line with other galakronds average outcome.
    - It's easier to trade and AoE 4/4 elementals.
    - Shaman would have to waste damage to clear some stronger minions, like 5/5 and 6/6 minions.
    - Quest Shaman would receive less benefit from doubling the battlecry since he would lose 1or more elementals because of board space.

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    posted a message on Call it now - Which class will dominate in the Descent of Dragons meta?

    Shaman and Warrior.

    Rogue will do some funny stuff but will be nerfed in a month.

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    posted a message on New Neutral Epic Card - Kobold Stickyfinger

    Is this a JoJo reference?

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    posted a message on Are you going to pre-order DoD?

    The slow reveal is compounding on my loss of interest into the game. It would be better for them to reveal all the cards at once at least this time. I just have 0 hype despite being a dragon centered expansion. On top of that I have to endured a slow 20 day drag of some bad cards and a few good ones without having a good picture of what they palnned.

    I might skip this expansion and come back only on rotation. I don't like when there are too many cards on standard, instead of them giving more options to play, they just give more tools to the top decks. For me it's always more fun when rotation hits, most decks don't have everthing they need so there is room to play around and exploit their weaknesses.

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    posted a message on Trying to get Dragon Pali off the ground

    Dragon paladin works, it has all the mechanics, it has enough dragons and given the chance I've been able to buff at least two or three dragons with +3/+3. Drago Paladin is working as intended, it is just not strong enough to compete with T1 and T2 decks. It is not like other instances where dragon paladin didn't even had cards to play.

    The only problem dragon paladin has is how bad hearthstone devs are at judging the powerlevel of the cards they make. But that is a problem for every T3 deck and below.

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    posted a message on How will Blizzard nerf Warriror?

    The only thing that feels unfair is the Omega Devastator discover. The card does not need a nerf, just make it not a mech. Everything else is absolutely fine in warrior.

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    posted a message on 3 more days...

    I barely lost any games to Rexxar DK. Jaina DK on the other hand was atrocious, her rotating is the sole reason I'm considering playing hearthstone again, been out for months.

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    posted a message on What will be the dominant deck of every class? Share your predictions

    Token/Treant Druid
    Gonk Druid
    Ramp Druid

    Master Call Hunter
    Mech Deathrattle Hunter
    Spell Secret Hunter

    Elemental mage
    Conjurer mage
    Secret Mage

    Secret Paladin
    Dragon Paladin
    OTK Paladin
    Mech Paladin

    Madness Priest
    Silence Priest
    OTK Priest
    Ressurect Priest
    Deathrattle Priest

    Spy Rogue
    Pirate Rogue
    Hopper Rogue

    Murloc shaman
    Elemental Shaman
    Eureka Shaman
    Shudderwock Shaman

    Imp Warlock
    Plot Twist Warlock (Beast/Demon)
    Discard Warlock
    Echo Warlock
    Control Warlock

    Rush Bomb Warrior
    Dragon Bomb Warrior
    Big Warrior
    Dragon Warrior

    And the Mecha'thun decks

    That's all i came up with until now, but that is just the possibilities, I don't know what will be the best, although I share most of the opinions;
    (Spy Rogue is academic espionage, some names i wrote just for myself in a txt).

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    posted a message on Serious bomb warrior theorycraft

    It can go either with rush or dragon package for me. I don't like having everything bomb related in it with just control. I just put the Goblin, the Wrenchcalibur and Blastmaster Boom, if much an Ellek to top. Even If you have 6+ Bombs, with no pressure on the board, any control deck will be able to heal through it.

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