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    posted a message on New Shaman Epic Card Revealed - Flash of Lightning

    Probrably because it is a next turn effect. If it was part of an OTK (same turn) they would for sure not put a Nature Tag on it.

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    posted a message on New Priest Common Cards Revealed - 2 Cards

    Serenity only hits enemy minions. Might not mather for Control Priest but can be useful for any other priestdeck that needs board presence.

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    posted a message on New Rogue Legendary Card Revealed - Mimiron the Mastermind

    That is a hell of an entrace. It actually scarad me because video was playing off screen.

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    posted a message on New Neutral Epic Card Revealed - Storm Giant

    That would be 5 8/8, kinda good. Still slow.

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    posted a message on Why you should boicot Twist

    I came back to Hearthstone for a few months after a good 2 year break and it is the same shit as ever.

    I don't care about these "fun" game modes if they can't have a good standard format ever, which always revolve around stupid design and balance decisions rendering 80% of the available decks useless anyway. Mind you I actually had fun on the rotation, but that has gone with just a mini set release, let alone next expansion because so many cards are unhealthly broken and they ruin the game when they hit critical mass.

    They keep trying to repeat the success of Battlegrounds instead of taking care of the care they already have.

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    posted a message on Forge of Wills

    Feels bad they nerfed Construct Quarter. Maybe revert the nerf or put it t 3 mana 2 uses also.

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    posted a message on Embrace of Nature

    Drum Circle without set-up can be quite a good save against aggro, but outside that there isn't much unless they release some new choose one cards. But it also works for minions so Fanboy might work?

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    posted a message on Eonar, the Life-Binder

    I'm almost sure they don't get summoning sickness, so at least you get 1 effect off. It looks like they get some blueish aura while they have Titan powers available instead of the normal or rush green one. Eonar is busted, It will make we miss Ultimate Infestation.

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    posted a message on Tyr

    2 attack can be any minion

    3 attack, cool ghoul or Liadrin

    4 attack Purator or Leviathan

    Another 7 mana card might be a bit much for the deck though

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    posted a message on Hearthstone New Expansion Teaser - What Could It Mean?

    I don't know what it is, but Thrall might be involved.

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    posted a message on New Death Knight Rare Card Revealed - Dead Air

    With both Foul Egg and Nerubian Egg on standard, this may work. If the deck is to be competitive it is up for debate.

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    posted a message on Abyssal Bassist

    Not sure, You have only two nagas to pull Demons from your deck and they are way stronger than this one. Unless there are more cards that support another kind of demon deck, this won't fit in the current one.

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    posted a message on Through Fel and Flames

    It is a 0 mana spell on demon hunter, and is gives a +1/+1. A finale at 0 mana is the easiest one to trigger. It can also be used to give Lady S'Theno an extra attack. It might not be as valuable to warrior.

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    posted a message on Discover Discover Discove Discover

    Discover is only a problem when the card pool is very limited for a specific class. At that point you just have an extra copy of your strongest stuff.

    But the mechanic itself is not a problem.

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    posted a message on Can it really be since 2021 since I enjoyed Hearthstone??

    It has been 2 years that I have played very little, mostly around the rotation and when others things I like aren't popping out. The powercreep of these last sets have brought the Meta to a quick stagnation because you can't have new decks succed when the main cards are too strong.

    They want to print more powerful cards so people who want to stay competitive gives them money, but they end up eventually ruining hte game.

    If a Tier 1 deck is close in terms of power with a Tier 2 or 3 deck, they can switch places if a favorable match up to one of the lower tier decks becomes more popular. When the Tier 1 decks are 6% to 10% over the other tiers, that is impossible.

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