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    posted a message on Custom Class Competition #7 -- Discussion Thread | Week Four
    Quote from Noah_McGrath >>

    I've got 2 different ideas for my prime (and the dormant minion, cause challenge). Which one is better?

    Long and slow OTK setup combo:

    Snitkch Prime is super powerful, i know, however he is a 10 mana play. Skaven is not a particularly great class at controlling the board, as so this is a very slow combo.

    More miracle sort of combo:

    Chain as many Warpstone cards as you can for a mega whirl of death from Snitkch. The verminlord helps you draw cards so you can get those warpstone generators and consumers.

     My plan for this phase is to make cards showing Clan Eshin and introduce a combo-ish sort of aspect to the class. Because of the increased number of cards i will also fill some gaps from previous phases, showing some skipped units like weapon teams and artillery.

    EDIT: Forgot the Demon tag on the Verminlord. I'll add it later.

     I like the second prime more, but I think the second version of the verminlord is very powerfull, I'd change it to draw 2 cards instead of 3; IDK.

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    posted a message on We are likely to see a renerf to Raza in Renopriest in the near future!
    Quote from vronco >>

    If NERF hits that means more Big priest and Believe me or not raza IS more playable ... You got neutral hero Power switch + finley and their deck IS dead but against Big priest not every Class Has poly/Hex 

     True, but they're 2 cards among 30, the chances to draw them r slightly low. You're not gonna draw those 2 cards in all games against Reno Priest. Obv, warlock its the class that has more likelihood to draw them.

    N what nerfs do u suggest for big priest? 

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    Quote from Imbawar >>

    i play since start of the game and my feeling when i meet the priest ? I want to concede even before the game starts just because i know it is one sided beatdown. ( in wild) Big priest or raza priest. no other priests decks are played in wild , i made my own deck to kill every big priest and my winrate against big priest is 99% they just have no chance and i want to say that i run control deck , not aggro. but when i see they dropped raza on board im hitting concede button only because it saves me next 30 minutes of "movie" in which i will die.

    Wild would be more healthy if only WILD card will be allowed in it. seeing new evolve shaman without single wild card playing wild is the thing which makes it broken. libram paladin in wild is also broken and nobody cares about that. make the rule that not ALL cards are allowed but only the one that rotated out. so you wanna play librams in wild ? wait for it mate or play in standart. 

    and i still dont understand anyone who plays aggro in wild when u have like 3000 cards in there. and yes i hate demon hunter because it is "player hunter" ( class like normal hunter , predetermined to be only aggro) what the hell is he doing in wild ? DH have no wild cards, and seeing DH Ilgynoth in wild is what makes it broken. 

    just change it little bit and ban standart cards from wild.

     Sorry but libram paly n evolve shaman r not as OP as Reno Priest n Secret Mage, they're not even high Tier 3 decks. They're OK, thats it.

    And the idea of banning standard cards from wild is, IMO, terrible. Cause, ok, mage wouldnt have "Rigged Fair Game" neither "Sayge", but the deck will be playable next year. All you're doing is delaying the inevitable.


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    posted a message on Tavern Pass - How much XP do I have to get to reach level 50? How much do I have to play to reach it?

    Hi guys,

    The other day I was wondering how much XP do I have to get to reach level 50; then I decided to do the maths and this is what I got:

    The first level of the tavern pass requires 1000 XP, and this number will increase by 100 every level, so the last level of the tavern pass will require 1000 + 100 x 49 = 5900 XP.

    This means that the total XP you'd have to get to reach level 50 is given by an arithmetic progression:

    TOTAL OF XP = ((1000 + 5900) x 50) : 2 = 147.000 XP          That's the answer to the first question.

    Now, how much will it take to reach level 50?

    You can calculate it by your own using this formula:

    7 x 400yz + 7000z + 6000z = 147.000 where "y" is the number of hours you play a day, and "z" is the number of weeks. You just have to replace "y" with the time you spend playing hearthstone a day (in hours) and solve the equation.

    If you play an average of 1 hour a day it will take you about 10 weeks to reach level 50 without buying the tavern pass (only if you complete all of your daily and weekly quests).

    Hope this solves some of your doubts about the new rewards system.  :)

    So you will get an average of 5500 gold + 1 legendarty + some packs in "only" 10 weeks. 

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    Where is the card that adapt your SHR?

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    Luna's Pocket Galaxy

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    posted a message on New Rogue Rare Card Revealed - Prize Plunderer

    Not enought damage neither mana I think

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    Control Rogue??!? Don't think so

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    Yeah, but u can't do the OTK with this card, so it's actually worse. KAPPA

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