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    Thank you for your question! Versus aggro, you have to fight for the board to your best with your early minions, otherwise you will definitely lose, then in midterm Use Spikeridged Steed  to defend yourself and then heal afterwards.

    In my ladder experience, those two decks are not so often until rank 5-legend so I do not tech hard against them. This construction may still be weak if environment is full of Pirate Warrior and Aggro Druid. If you can accept drop of winrate against control matchup, I suggest Golakka Crawler to help both with Pirate Warrior and Druid. I think Sludge Belcher is good as well against all aggros. 

    I think Argus may be stuck in hand so I give up, yet you may have a try in place of Stegedon. Personally I like Coghammer, though it collides with Muster for battle and Truesilver, and 2 attack cannot kill 3 HP pirates in many cases.

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    Cool deck! A nice combination of tempo and freeze mage that works well!

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