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    posted a message on TITANS: Card List, Release Date, & Expansion Details

    I'm disappointed Blizzard didn't put any Attack on Titan reference on this expansion. I'm not talking about a direct reference since the concept of Titan is completely different in both franchises, but at least a neutral minion with a sort of vertical maneuver equipment, or a spell with one of the wow titans leaning out over a stone wall, that would have been enough.

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    Been listening to this lately. In love with the mood of this song.


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    posted a message on Why don't nerf hunter?
    Quote from Mexiito >>

    hunter is mass murdered by ressurrect priest.

     and resu priest is murdered by every other deck, especially aggro/midrange decks. Any other idea to deal with hunters?

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    posted a message on Why don't nerf hunter?

    I was expecting a hunter nerf too. Every single hunter deck is efficient in the meta right now, especially HL, which doesn't make sense as HL decks tend to be a bit less consistent than regular decks. HL hunter is way too efficient and that bothers me. Even aggro is less difficult to deal with.

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    posted a message on Decks Assemble! is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    Oh not again. This got to be the borest tavern ever. About 30 minutes trying to get the f*****g pack.

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    posted a message on Twin Slice to +2 for 1 mana is NOT a nerf but a buff?

    It's rather a tempo/curve nerf than a functionality nerf:

    DHs can no longer have a 2/2 Battlefiend at turn 1.
    DHs can no longer trigger Glaivebound Adept at turn 5 (unless they previously equipped a weapon).
    DHs can no longer deal 1 AoE damage twice with Altruis the Outcast at turn 4 (now they have to wait till turn 6).
    DHs can no longer summon an Illidari Satyr (through Satyr Overseer) at turn 3 (unless they previously equipped a weapon).
    DHs can no longer play a 4/2 Furious Felfin with Rush at turn 2.

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    Quote from Feretic >>
    Quote from Sherman1986 >>
    Quote from Feretic >>

    I hope the new expansion will bring a bundle with a new Rogue hero and sneaky things and alot of shadowy thingsss,



    But yeah, maybe a teaser next month

    Haha, yeah, same here. We, main rogue players, have been waiting for a new hero skin for too long (Pirate Valeera doesn't count). :(

     Facts, Valeera is a badass (maiev is crap and not even a real rogue), but i wish they did a better job for the 1000th win (non themed one)

     I feel the same, but for god's sake, can we just have a decent Druid alternate hero? Lunara is retcon (I hate her) and the eerie-looking tree is horrible. Elise Starseeker is the only decent one, but she is not original of WoW (now she exists in wow, but was created in HS first). I'm still waiting for Hamuul Runetotem.

    As for the other classes, I hope for:

    Mage: Aegwynn or Prince Kael'Thas
    Warrior: Varian Wrynn or Cairne Bloodhoof
    Warlock: Cho'gall
    Shaman: Ner'zhul or Drek'thar
    Rogue: Tess Greymane or Garona Halforcen
    Demon Hunter: Izal Whitemoon

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    posted a message on Kayn Sunfury

    I propose this nerf:

    • He will not be able to ignore Taunts, only your Hero and/or your other minions.
    • He will still be able to attack the enemy Hero immediately if there are not enemy Taunts.
    • Can no longer be used itself as finisher (if the are not enemy Taunts).

    Do you agree or does he need even more nerf than this?

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    posted a message on Patch 17.4 Is Live! - Pirates in Battlegrounds & More

    As a collector, the alternate DH hero Alanna Starseeker is the only one thing I want from this. Oh, and golden Kael'Thas, of course. I don't give a **** about BG so the rest is meh for me.

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2

    Dude what's wrong with matchmaking? I play Quest Druid and Resu Priest (just because of DHs), this is the list of my latest games:

    Quest Druid vs Demon Hunter

    Resu Priest vs Resu Priest

    Resu Priest vs Resu Priest

    Resu Priest vs Resu Priest

    Quest Druid vs Demon Hunter

    Seriously WTF??? after that the game expelled me to put me in queue. Thank you Blizzard I'm done.

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