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    Everyone is ridiculous. The only problem with druid is the crazy amount of ramp they have now that they use nourish for ramp instead of card draw. UI isn't broken itself, it's how fast that they can play it that makes it unfair. Want to nerf druid but still stay true to some roots of it?

    Nerf the ramping ability to be overloaded the next turn. I.E. play Wild Growth - gain empty crystal Overload(1)  

    Druid still keeps its ramp ability but slows them down to not completely out tempo the opponent. Do the same to Nourish(overload 2) and jade blossom(1) and mire(1) and druid will be managable again. No need to nerf innervate, UI, etc. 

    the only card they should've rethought about is spreading plague. Crazy amount of stall, completely unnecessary.

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    posted a message on Suggestions for improving Pirate warrior vs Aggro Token Druid matchup?

    So wait...you're playing a cancer deck that wrecks everything except one deck and you're complaining about the one deck that beats it?

    Your best advice is that he draws super crappy. That's how you beat decks meant to counter you.

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    All of this crap about pirates and the only REAL nerf that should be done is just STOP increasing weapon durability. Everything that buffs a weapon should just be changed to +1 damage...no durability. Period. That will stop all the stupid cancer and whining from everyone. The deck's strength is the weapons, stop allowing them to stay around forever. Get rid of the increased durability and you'll see it'll be much easier to play against. You may tech against one weapon, but they will mindlessly replace it with a new one and buff that one. Just stop allowing it to stay so stupid sticky.

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