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    Priest and Shaman galakronds are messed up. Me AND my friend watching me both crashed when opponent priest played galakrond.


    As for Shaman, I can't even make a galakrond deck. It won't let me add some cards.

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    Not sure i understand jepetto. You already have 2 galvanize + shudderwock to get down to 7 mana, and you need to play all your cards anyway...

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    Hi there! I love Mecha'thun Renolock but can't find anyone to chat with about it so I'm going to bug you if that's ok.

    I'm currently rank 8 in wild with my deck. I've just come back maybe a week ago after being gone for months.

    My first suggestion is I think The Soularium  bad. It's too situational and will often be a dead card until it's too late. I suggest replacing with Jepetto Joybuzz (I know he didn't exist when you wrote this) or other card draw.

    Lord Godfrey! OMG he's amazing! My win rate seems to have gone up since i threw him in. He's saved me so many times. Don't know why i didn't add him before. I also recently added Mountain Giant, which I suggest. You can win battles early with him that would otherwise maybe ne hard. Especially with Zola (and possibly also Brann). Brann is one of the weakest cards in my deck so i don't necessarily recommend him but he has his moments .

    Your deck is overall very similar to mine. Mine has more heals but less card draw. Anyway just wanted to chat with a fellow Mecha'thun Renolock enthusiast. Cheers!

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