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    Correct. Tons of bots. Thanks team 5! 

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    posted a message on Can it really be since 2021 since I enjoyed Hearthstone??

    If blizzard reduced the cards available each expansion it would be better for us, but they would loose money. 

    and they don’t loose money. They want you to pay $$. 

    it’s a cash cow that won’t stop until we all stop playing. 

    also, fuck priest. 

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    posted a message on Old player what to do with my golds?

    Don’t buy packs. That’s how Blizzard gets you. 

    play wild mode and arenas. Arena gives you a free pack no matter what. 

    F2P is the way. my 2 cents. 

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    posted a message on Playing against bots in ranked

    What would be cool is if blizzard would let you know when someone gets banned from your report - like rocket league does. 

    I report these bots instantly, but knowing my report actually did something keeps my mind from wondering the report did absolutely nothing and is still sitting there waiting to be reviewed for years to come.

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    posted a message on (WILD) Best Way to deal with Bots??

    I’m curious what the community here thinks about how to handle “bots” (people that run a script - usually warrior which ropes out after just spamming armor/hero power). 

    Obviously once you can tell it’s a bot you should report them for cheating, but do you leave the game or play it through? 

    what’s the best way to deal with these low life’s ruining the game? 

    I see a ton of this in diamond (wild). I wish blizzard could address this. 

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