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    This is a bug obviously. Where is described on the bomb that it reshuffles the target deck ? The bloody bomb is shuffled IN the target deck!

    In Blizzard's explanations that this is how it works ? haha That is total crap from somebody who created a bug and than perpetuated as a legacy bug and made it a "feature".
    They don't even try to fix it, and is about legendary cards.
    Yes it is about cards that only a few people uses so why should they care to invest some effort in fixing it. That costs.

    I am talking about Blizzard of which I was a fan since Warcraft II.
    **** them, one more corrupted company it seems.

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    posted a message on The Cupcake Card Back Is Now Available In The In-Game Shop

    I have it, is it so old ? oh well yes, since beta many years came and go, I think I am old. How old is the card again ?

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    posted a message on Is the priest became an obnoxious class?

    I can understand why some dont like priests now:
    - they are way too slow
    - to slow because you want to play too fast

    I play since beta, and I can tell you now, that priest was my MOST dis-favorite character at the beginnings.

    I love priest now, because they give some seance of control.
    Control which it seems is missing for now.

    I play it, some resurrect custom decks. And I totally enjoy it, and the crazy beautiful quits.

    So do not judge and hate.
    Just play and enjoy, if you like it. What you do not like will happen to you anyway, someday. Enjoy.

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