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    You are missing one important rule:

    "Each Mercenaries Pack contains at least one Rare or better Mercenary Card until all Mercenary Cards are collected from that rarity tier."


     It does not say that in the in-game shop, nor when clicking the info button, nor in any follow-up screen during the purchase. That is where I purchased, not in some other shop location. I would not have bought packs had I known that.


    Absolutely false. The in-game shop has an info button (which you mentioned, so you clearly saw it), and that info button leads to a pop-up telling you to click MORE for full information. Clicking MORE takes you to the webpage mentioned above, with everything you need to know about how the system works.

    There is nothing illegal about this. You were simply too lazy to research the terms of your purchase before buying. Get over it.

    The way it is explained is certainly poor as I showed previously. 

    "Each Mercenaries Pack contains at least one Rare or better Mercenary Card until all Mercenary Cards are collected from that rarity tier."

    But portraits are depicted as cards before you turn them over and so if things were working as promised you should get at least get rare portrait cards until those are maxed and then get all coins.

    Blizzard Watch in “Are you only getting coins in your Hearthstone Mercenaries packs? This is why.” explains the problem:

    "For example, let’s say you have all of the Rare Mercenaries unlocked, but not all of the Epic Mercenaries, and barely any of the Legendaries. You open a pack, the card rarity is determined to be Rare, and the roulette lands on Scabbs Cutterbutter. You have all three portraits for Scabs, but not for other Rares, like Xyrella. You get five sets of coins."

    But as explained before portraits are cards so if it was working as promised then Scabbs Cutterbutter would have been removed from the card pool but was not.  So this 'you didn't research the terms of your purchase before buying' excuse isn't going to fly because we were told it would work one way but it works another.


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    Quote from ChrisRex >>

    Believe it or not, the free game mode is supposed to be fun. Some people enjoy playing games. If people find it to be a chore, then why play at all? I'm so confused as to why people feel they need to be constantly rewarded for... Playing a game...

    "No mom, I'll ONLY play 'hide and go seek' if you buy me an ice cream cone"!! ... Is that how kids are being raised now)?

    But the free game mode seems to come from the 'you can't spell frustration without fun' school of thought.  I use to do the expert mode but they are so frustrating any and the reward so minimal that it is not worth my time.  More over sometimes I like to go back to the old adventures and see what the new decks will do.  With this locked into standard in about 10 months three of the card sets that were part of what it was designed around will be gone. That is just bad (and dumb) game design.

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    Thematically this feels like a Warlock card not a Priest card.  It doesn't feel right and without cards to support it I don't think we will see much of this card.

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    I didn't like the idea of burning through my own cards and so replaced the two Fel Reavers with Frost Lich Jaina and The Lich King




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    Actually you could go wrong...if one of those quests is the Play a Friend quest.  If I am reading this right if you have that quest you can't complete it during the promotion.

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    It's called Greed and it grows more powerful with each patch.

     You're correct in a way. The greed of the moronic vocal player base expands with every set release.
     It is not greed to want something similar to the old adventures where you knew exactly what you were getting.   Classes are now seeing two legendaries each while back when adventures were still a thing one was enough.
    The only "moronic vocal player base" is the group that thinks the disappearance of the 700 gold per wing adventures was a good thing. 
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    Quote from N0Sp00n22 >>
    • Completing a dungeon run with each of the nine classes gives you the Candle King card back.
     Funny thing.  That is the name of a wholesale candle supplier out of the UK. :-)
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    DIdn't have all the cards and so created a variant that took 3 tries to beat Sindragosa.

    ### Custom Priest
    # Class: Priest
    # Format: Standard
    # Year of the Mammoth
    # 1x (1) Holy Smite
    # 2x (1) Inner Fire
    # 2x (1) Potion of Madness
    # 1x (1) Power Word: Shield
    # 2x (2) Divine Spirit
    # 2x (2) Lightwell
    # 2x (2) Mind Blast
    # 2x (2) Shadow Word: Pain
    # 2x (3) Injured Blademaster
    # 2x (3) Kabal Talonpriest
    # 2x (3) Shadow Word: Death
    # 2x (4) Greater Healing Potion
    # 1x (4) Mass Dispel
    # 2x (4) Priest of the Feast
    # 2x (4) Tortollan Shellraiser
    # 2x (5) Power Word: Tentacles
    # 1x (5) Prince Malchezaar
    # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone


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    Quote from Underrated1 >>

    You didn't notice it because it wasn't there. Blizzard changed the art when we weren't looking. This is the art everyone saw when Ticking Abomination was first revealed:

    Ticking Abomination old art

    See? No clock.

     They also added some more dynamite on the lefthand side.
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    Quote from Zeetchmen >>

    Not very good, took like 5 tries; very draw dependent and no mulligan guide

     I guess I got very lucky as I was able to beat him the first time by turn 6 with this deck.
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