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    posted a message on Disenchat or keep?

    You get only one epic for legendary disenchanted so not worth it


    Edit: golden one. well , that depends on you

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    posted a message on Balance Of Shadows TOP 5 dumbest cards
    Quote from SK0L >>

    On it's own, it's meh, but when you pair it with Raiding Party and Dread Corsair, Waggle Pick is stupidly powerful.
    I guess that would be my pick.

     So the Pick is your pick.

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    posted a message on These complaints about warriors are ridiculous
    Quote from Almaniarra >>

    yeah I'm complaining about this one; Nozari

    Since the beginning of the expansion, I couldn't see once. NOT EVEN ONCE !

    Neither in casual nor ladder around r5 and wild.

    Year of the Dragons. Ok..

    If I unpack it, I will do a deck with him whatever it costs.

    Let's complain about Nozari !


    whoops, where is he btw !? lol.

     Won me a game yesterday. 
    I played Dragon Rush Homebrew warrior and got him from Dragon Roar

    Healed me and the opposing pirate Rogue was unable to get me down on knees again :-)

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    posted a message on Tips to all those crying about token druid OP
    Quote from nichocolates >>

    If you guys are having trouble against token druid, you can tech Batterhead, Mossy horror or Baron Geddon to make the matchups more favourable.

     Batterhead is 8 mana, Mossy Horror and Baron Geddon is 7 mana. If token druid draws well, you are dead by turn 5. 

    Turn 4 Wispering Woods and if you cannot clear immediately Turn 5 Savage Roar & Power of the Wild

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    posted a message on Dr. Boom, Mad Genius hero power nerf

    Fix: first mech you summon each turn gains rush

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    posted a message on Should Dr. Boom Mad Genius get Hofed?
    Quote from EternalHS >>

    Warrior has been dead for over a year

    Finally becomes good


     That's not true - just remember odd warrior.

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    posted a message on So, How is the new expansion for you?
    Quote from user-100394506 >>
    Quote from Padge >>
    Quote from user-100394506 >>
    Quote from Shadowrisen >>
    Quote from Kwakdizzle >>

    It's fine to say you don't like the new expansion, but your supporting arguments carry no weight at all. Nothing new in the game? Mech hunter, control shaman, bomb warrior, togwaggle rogue, new token druid, they're new and classesplay very differently from the previous expansion. Next to that, rotation means the game feels so fresh. Not having to play around psychcic scream, fungalmancer, or know that I lose my chance to close the game due to a Frostlich Jaina or Bloodreaver Guldan feels sooo good.

    Sometimes it's the responsibility of the player to try something new, not just for the game to add it. Go try some new decks. You may enjoy them.

     Indeed.  It is amazing to see how little concern people have for whether or not the words they type are even remotely tethered to reality.

    No new decks?  You're an idiot.

    Bomb Warrior OP?  Provably false

    Uninteractive?  Words mean meanings regardless of what euphemism you want to use for "deck I don't like"

     Man check the votes you will see how is right. 

    after less than one week:

    12,8% Bad

    60,4% Good

    26,8% So and so

    What do you think that will be the result after 1 month or even worst 2 or 3? The disappointment for this expansion like now is really high. Nearly half of the people, after less than one week thinks that this expansion is not good. So, probably you the the idiot. And yes. It is full of bomb warrior. 

     12.8% is nearly half of 'the people' ? 

    You seem desperate to convince people to be unhappy and drag as many as you can into your little hole of sadness. Why? Why are you pushing and pushing for people to not like it? It's pathetic mate. 

    12.8% will be higher than it actually is as well. Forums traditionally have a higher portion of bitches on it, people are more busy enjoying a game than going and writing about it but the sad lot who are unhappy seem to prefer camping out and trying to convince others of the same. It's not just hearthstone, same with every game forum I've been part of. Pretty much all of those have been called bad, boring, dying etc and yet are still going, still being enjoyed but the forums are still flooded with the same, asinine cretins that haunt the Internet.

    What do you like, man? What makes you happy? What game do you enjoy? Is this the ONLY game you play? Can't you play something else whilst this period you're not enjoying is going on? 

    There's plenty of new games, sekiro could keep you busy for hours, play warcraft, maybe try out something like black desert online  play magic the gathering or take up a sport or hobby. The world is your oyster. 

     What problems do you have man? 12,8%+ 26,8%. If you have issues in understanding data thinks the contrary. 

    60,4% of the people like the new expansion after one week. DO you think that this is a good result? What do you think that is the acceptance of the people after a new game expansion? 80%/90% when it is good. 60,4% after one week will be after 2/3 month less than 40% of acceptance. 

    Ah by the way: Why should I convince people to dislike the expansion? I really don't care. I hope that people like it. I like Hearthstone and I want people to play it. I am disappointed. THat's it. 

    I think someone else have problems handling the data of the poll.  Why you count the 26,8% between unhappies? I 12% people don't like chocolate, 60% likes chocolate and 28% are indifferent, you cannot say nearly half of the people dislike chocolate.

    BTW, even with your "statistics skills" 39.6% is closer to one third than to one half. 

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    posted a message on Token Druid just keeps growing and growing.
    Quote from PHM1 >>
    Quote from Ascaron >>

    If the Mana Cost of both cards was 0, it would have been just busted! Even if you count in the Cost of Keeper Stalladris you would get insane Value and Tempo. Just imagine a 7 Mana/Draw 6/ gain 2 Mana

    nourish was increased to 6 recently. so it would have been a 8 mana draw 6 & gain 2 mana, or a 8 mana draw 3 & gain 4 mana. 
    Drawing 6 cards at the expense of 6 mana and two cards after turn 8 doesn't sound busted to me at all. seeing how they just had UI, the 2 mana wild growth as well as the 5 mana nourish it seems comparatively weak to me. Even if the cost was 5 I don't think you'd nessecaqily use it, as you'd often find yourself wanting to ramp up two turns earlier. 

    Stalladris is just a meh card right now, imo. yeah its ok to get a tad bit more oomph in this deck seeing as theres not that many buff cards for druid currently. But its by no means an auto include or a must craft. it only works for spells too. My guess is they made this card to initially grant 0 mana spells, but seeing as druid has been the shit for years now, they just decided to make it a lot worse. I don't see this working with any other cards than power of the wild in this deck and I found that to be a bit underwhelming honestly. 

     Except it would be cost two card and 8 mana, draw 6 cards, get 2/3 body with insane ability and 4 mana crystals permanently (relevant in turn 8) or 4 mana refund. Yes, it is 3xtremely strong. 

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    posted a message on So, How is the new expansion for you?
    Quote from user-100394506 >>
    Quote from C_A_W >>

    Three days since the release and people already calling it "old". 

     Man it is old. Did you see something new? 

    Bombs: We already had it

    DR Boom: it is more or less the same

    Burgle rogue: we already had it

    Togwaggle: it si Marin 

    Daring escape: Shadowstep

    Buffs for druid: we already had it

    Catrina Muerte: It is similar to kel'thuzad and y'shaarj

    Ress and silence priest: we already had it

    Convincing infiltrator: It is similar to the statue

    Portal keeper and Portal overfiend: They are similar to Fal'Dorei

    Togwaggle scheme: Gang up

    Murloc Shaman: we already had it

    Rafaam: it is the monkey

    Zoolock: We already had it

    The design is very vey poor in my opinion. 


     I will help you with your ‘analysis’

    minions - we already had them

    spelss - we already had them

    weapons - we already had them

    done, see?

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    posted a message on Clarification on Rise of Shadows Free Packs Quest Chain

    I got the regular quest at midnigth and the new quest at 7 PM (CEST)

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    posted a message on Double armor animation?


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    posted a message on Is this a bug? (Mobile, discover effect)

    Another bug - I stole my opponents Shudderwock and it did not gave me a chance to guess a card during Curious Glimmerroot battlecry effect, it just fizzled.

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    posted a message on When today is the expansion being released in EU?

    Tomorrow, not today.

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    posted a message on ROS - Solo adventure


    • Zayle, Shadow Cloak golden legendary for finishing all wings
    • 15 Card Packs (Rise of Shadows Packs, 3 packs per wing, first wing is free)
    • 1 Golden Classic Pack (Contains all Golden cards)
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    posted a message on iOS Emulator for the new cardback

    Weird but worked. Thank you, Almaniarra!!

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