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    I'm a priest player only, 

    one time i was playing against someone who stealed my quest spell; but I also was able to copy the same spell from his hand with those thief cards... 

    The amazing play I played was that I had a mage secret in hand (cant remember why), the move was this: 

    I copied my/his quest spell back 
    I played the mage spell
    I attacked and played another minion
    End turn

    the player thought that the secret was Counterspell.. so he played a 1 mana spell to test... 

    that was it.. next turn i played my quest spell and won... i laughed so hard that day 

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    posted a message on What deck are you using to climb with on Standard ladder right now?

    I used quest priest to reach legend,  and now im using dreivo's combo priest to reach top 1000 legend. FIRST TIME LEGEND :D 


    i only play priest 

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    what is the "new" part here? 

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    thats the main topic of his channel 

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