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    For those who want it, here is some data on our turtle mage friend here. For each hero, I'll reveal the chances of Primalist offering a card that will give him value, and some comments on the class in general.

    TLDR: Only Druid, Mage, and Priest can ever hope to use the card with any degree of effectiveness. Maybe Rogue or Warlock if you have a really weird deck.

    Druid: 69%, by far the highest chance of him being worth playing, he can pull a large number of useful cards that are guaranteed to help, even when cast randomly, including a lot of minion summoning, drawing, and buffing. The best card you can get is usually Wisps of the Old Gods, with a 9.7% chance of it showing.

    Hunter: 25%, you can get Call of the Wild 13.6% of the time, which is amazing, but there is not really anything else that makes the card worth playing, mostly secrets, which are not good value.

    Mage: 49%, it's worth noting that with mage, while you have only a little less than a coin flip's chance of getting value, when you do get it it is often in the form of Flamestrike, Blizzard, or Greater Arcane Missiles (about 27% of the time), and when you don't get it you will at least get a secret or better 90% of the time, making a true dud more unlikely than with any other class.

    Paladin: 35%, and you will get a set of 3 lovely duds giving 1 or less value to the card 39% of the time. You can get Avenging Wrath just under 10% of the time, but that, Lay on Hands, and Stand Against Darkness are the only cards worth getting at all. One of the worst classes for him all accounted for.

    Priest: 42%, but with Free From Amber and Mind Control being options, it is still a potential monster if luck is on your side. Furthermore, a lot of priest cards can be interesting and situational, making the chances of it being useful more than what the 42% based on card value and targeting would imply.

    Rogue: 40%, and will mostly just draw you cards. Maybe a good Sap or Assassinate, and potential for a Vanish that uses up no cards, but a pretty low chance of doing anything useful.

    Shaman: 33%, and the highest chance of doing something actively detrimental to the player who used him of any class. Overload is a *****, and the cards that might be useful are limited to board booting effects like Spirit Echo and Bloodlust. The best you can really hope for is four murlocs.

    Warlock: 12.5% chance, the chance of getting Kara Kazham!. No other card makes it worth the cost of the card without there being a better option to just have in your deck normally. What I mean by that, is that he has a 32% chance of giving you a complete board wipe, which can still be useful. Basically just an unreliable Twisting Nether, don't play him if you are ahead. Or put him in your deck.

    Warrior: 12%, very similar to Warlock, only good card that doesn't clear is Ironforge Portal. MAYBE Sudden Genesis. Other than that, a more expensive Brawl is the most you can hope for. If he wins the brawl though, that would give him a moment of glory.

    In summary he sucks, but if I see him drafting arena for Druid, Mage, or Priest, totally grabbing him.

    Let me know if you want more stats, you single person who read this.

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    Blingtron is mostly used a combo card with Harrison Jones or Acidic Swamp Ooze. However, even by himself will destroy any weapon the enemy has prior to his use, and grants the user greater value since they get to attack first, being able to better make use of the unexpected weapon. In addition, aggressive decks do not mind the opponent gaining a weapon quite so much because using it will creep their health ever closer to 0.

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    Equality, Consecration. Poly. Hex. Mind Control/Mass dispel. Etc.

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    I miss when everyone played face hunter and I got up to rank 5 with a troll healing paladin deck. I'm like the only one who likes it when it's just a face meta!

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    The new card, Ram Wrangler, summons a random beast when it is played. Because of the large amount of beasts in the game, that makes its value hard to decide. Here is a breakdown of the math and statistics for you!

    There are 40 collectible beast cards in the game. Any of which can be summoned. I like to put them in 3 categories based on value of wrangling them.


    Poor Value

    These cards make Ram Wrangler give very poor value when played, worse than the comparable card, Silver Hand Knight. Wrangling some of these cards can really ruin the game, in rough order of value:

    Captain's Parrot
    Angry Chicken
    Young Dragonhawk
    Timber Wolf
    Stonetusk Boar
    Hungry Crab
    Ironbeak Owl

    River Crocolisk
    Dire Wolf Alpha
    Bloodfen Raptor
    King's Elekk
    Scavenging Hyena
    Haunted Creeper
    Silverback Patriarch

    There are 15 cards here, or 37.5% of all possible wrangles.


    Good Value

    These cards make Ram Wrangler worth playing. They will all give pretty good value, although are not overpowered. There is a fair amount of variance here, but these are generally what you would hope for. Again, in rough order of wrangle value:

    Ironfur Grizzly
    Jungle Panther
    Oasis Snapjaw
    Emperor Cobra
    Starving Buzzard

    Armored Warhorse
    Core Rager
    Mukla's Champion
    Stampeding Kodo
    King of Beasts
    Lost Tallstrider
    Tundra Rhino
    King Mukla
    Savage Combatant

    There are 16 total cards here, 40% of total.


    Best Value

    Then there comes the ideal results. Getting any of these cards will give you a larger amount of value than almost any other turn 5 play in the game. Some of these are practically surrender material:

    Stranglethorn Tiger
    The Beast
    Core Hound
    Captured Jormungar
    Savannah Highmane

    King Krush

    There are 9 cards here. 22.5% of wrangles.


    So  while you have a higher chance of pulling trash than a god, the best results can really be game winning by themselves.

    Now some more statistics ;)

    Average Attack: 3.475
    Average Health: 3.7525
    Percent With Value Raising Abilities: ~25%
    Percent With Value Lowering Abilities: Just THE BEAST and possibly Acidmaw, since it's unexpected arrival will often just kill your own cards.

    What it boils down to in the end is actually not very impressive. A 5 mana class card that needs a combo to work usually gives more than what is on average worth about 6 mana. For example, Druid of the Fang, Shado-Pan Rider, Upgraded Repair Bot, or Quartermaster. But it does have WAY more potential value than all but the lattermost of those cards. So in the end, normal value, lots of luck, loads of fun and frustration!


    Any more stats you would like to see?

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    This guy was so OP when I was rank 22.

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    Lol, I only got 2 normal and 1 golden ball of spiders. But I only bought 25 packs.

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    I won pretty hard, drew Nefarian next turn.

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    And the whole deck is cards that draw or create more cards!

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    $10 is a lot for a skin...

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