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    Been playing HS since it started, and this is the first time i've ever complained about a deck. Very often decks are overpowered at the bronze to gold ranks, and you see pretty skewed data on HSreplay. But you know for certain a deck is broken when it has 60% wr over 5000 games at legend ranks. Irondeep means it has better aggro than face hunter, due to unbalanced synergy with paladin buffs. It has endless draw and value due to librams, and the hero card is utterly broken, as it makes it immune to not only aggro decks, but all the control decks that rely on an OTK/combo finish (which is most of them at the moment). The Irondeep troggs definitely feel the most oppressive, however that can be dealt with in most instances. What is truly broken is the hero card, as it's pretty much a 1 card win the game, whether vs aggro, midrange, or control.

    I'm sick of facing only paladin on Ladder, please fix this trash. Adjusting troggs would make it so people experiment with different early games strats and cards, instead of of 99% of players using only 1% of the deck collection. And nerfing the hero card would balance out the deck in higher ranks, where it's power is used more effectively.


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    Dude I am playing your list at legend with 70% winrate, I honestly thought I had wasted my dust when I crafted the other exodias, super grateful for this solid deck.

    *Edit: just pray you don't face rogues lol


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    Really impressive list, the only list I have seen that makes exodia viable tbh

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    The big problem you have here is thinking that Bazaar Burglary is an aggro card, that is 100% a control card to keep aggro at bay, way too slow for aggro. And having 4 weapons is fine when you don't have raiding party. Before cards like Forge of Souls or Raiding Party existed, you would find that having 4+ weapons in deck was fine.


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    Do not hesitate to send me an add, preferably looking for someone of equal skill level (if that's possible in this childrens cardgame we call RNGstone!)



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    Seen a sick shudderwock vs atm, wtih omega defender, giggling inventor etc. actually recked me. I legit thought I was being so original with this deck in this meta and then one of the tournament guys had this deck, I didn't really like his version, but the sea giants and soul of the murloc I thought was excellent synergy, so I thought it fun to try it out :)



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