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    posted a message on Looking for Hearthstone friends? Post your BattleTag Here 2.0

    Battletag: Mandelbrot#1144

    Region: NA
    Usual Play Times: night
    Level of Experience: Advanced
    Preferred Heroes: Priest, Mage
    I’m Looking For:  42
    Tell us something about you: Been playing since GvG.  Got Legend for the first time in June.

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    posted a message on Patch 18.0.2 - Balance Changes - Kael'thas, Illucia & Battlegrounds
    Quote from Beatsz >>

    It's a good nerf. Priest is in an okay spot, not too powerful and not too weak, but Mindrender Illucia is a very oppressive card for any combo deck. It's too easy to play her on like 6 mana and remove a combo piece or two from you're opponent's hand and you're good.

    Answers to combo decks are important, but this is too easy, too reliable and too backbreaking. After the nerf, Illucia will still be hands down the best anti-combo card in the game, but at least she'll be a bit slower, and the Priest player will have to more carefully think about when to play her, and it will give the combo decks a tiny bit of room to play around her.

    The card is still insanely good, whenever (non-resurrect) Priest sees play, this card will be included 100% of the time.

     Too reliable??  LOFL...it's a LEGENDARY aka ONE (1) copy per deck.  For a class with no draw, that's a big deal.  This nerf is LUDICROUS.

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    posted a message on Why So Many Complains About Priest?
    Quote from SoupCan51 >>

    It's because people want faster games to climb to legend 

     This is the answer.

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    posted a message on I've Made Legend. Now what?
    Quote from TheMexijew >>

    I'm a casual f2p player who's been around religiously since before Naxx. I jump between wild and standard, get all the adventures with gold, and get dozens of packs from every expansion (all with gold).

    This month, I hit legend for the first time. It felt like a big deal! I finally got the card back and prestige I've looked up to other players for having. But after the pride and celebration wore off, I thought "What now?" I'm currently content with being #2680 in Wild Legend. Do I just keep playing and vie for a higher spot for pride? Do I turn my sights on Standard? Other than bragging rights, what do I do now? Daily quests and battlegrounds? I had never felt the Hearthstone fatigue until now. I always had something to strive for, but now I guess I just twiddle thumbs until next season and try again then.

    What do others do when they start to feel that end-of-the-month-hearthstone-ennui?

     I made it for the first time last month, and again this month.  Also in Wild, using my favorite deck of all time...Razakus Reno Priest.  I see myself being done with the game very soon, actually.  I can't stand standard anymore...WAAAAAAAAY too much repetition.  I mean, Wild isn't great either, but Standard is just out of control from top to bottom with 95% of decks from a very small handful of the exact same decks.  HS has been fun...I really loved it for several years.  But it's felt like more of a chore than fun for a while now.  I may well open the packs for the new expansion and then be done.

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