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    Feels like you made this deck just to push the idea of wow 40 cards without it really doing anything other than making you slow af. 

    What you dont need: 2x Solid Alibi, Kaelthas, Theothar, 2x Multicaster, Zola, Renathal, Lady Naz'jar.

    That is nine cards. Then you cut either one of Snowblind Harpy, Shattering Blast, or Fire Sale. Another idea is to keep Lady Naz'jar and cut two of previously mentioned cards.

    I am playing almost the same deck with 30 cards and so far I've been thinking I might need a Fire Sale or a Shattering Blast. So there you go.

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    Hello. I was actually building my budget version of naga hunter even back when before miniset released just to have fun with new cards and build a new sort of midrange hunter as opposed to boring face is the place. I just recently came back to standard after a long hiatus so I obviously dont have all the cards, however I have been running Conch's Call for some card draw, and its still been working wonders in this deck, so for now I suppose it kinda serves as a replacement to Barak Kodobane. Any specific reason to running Beaststalker Tavish? Any other related to naga cards or just some good new cards that you deem interesting as side tech for the deck? Any stuff the deck struggles with and could be looked into when replacing for budget reasons? So far pretty good but would like to hear some feedback.

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    posted a message on Varden Dawngrasp
    Quote from Dragy10 >>

    How to win with Varden in BG?
    I am losing my mind over here since it is the last achievement in the BG section, and nothing seems to work.
    I came close with elementals and boars, but in the end never got #1 spot...
    He is currently the worst hero stats based and I don't see how you could even buff him to be competitive...

     when i tried him for the first time, i had a bunch of wrath weavers and tricksters so i stayed on tier 1 a little bit and it was the easiest win in my life

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    posted a message on AFKay tier 1!?
    Quote from MyDude33 >>
    Quote from Livesage >>
    Quote from MyDude33 >>

    AFK hardly ever gets first place even though it has an overall good average placement. It's part of the group of heroes I hate most in Battlegrounds. Heroes that are really good in the early to mid game and fall off as soon as they encounter even a semi-real build. They are so stupid because they force out other players who have a chance to get to the late game with something that is complete shit and won't even win.

    C'Thun is the worst offender by far, but the top 4 heroes on HSReplay (top 50% MMR) are those types of heroes right now. I mean just look at the placement curves for them. It's degenerate.  

    Maybe stop thinking about "winning" in Battlegrounds as getting first place. You win if you place top 4, and a build that consistently guarantees you top 4 is not "complete shit" but a strong build.

    No, a win is a win. Second through fourth is just a consolation prize so people don't get fed up an leave the game mode. And no those builds are not strong. They cannot compete with an actual build. I saw it myself playing AFK as I mentioned in my other post on here. 

    If you want to gain MMR that's fine, but that's not winning. Any fool with enough experience in Battlegrounds can put together something that just gets fourth place and gains them MMR. And it turns out there are lots of heroes that facilitate that with degenerate hero powers and buddies.

     Ever since auto chess came out, making top 4 was considered victory, but whatever floats your boat.

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    Yo! Can you explain what Maiev Shadowsong does for the deck?

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    posted a message on Nothing happening at the start of the game

    So, sometimes, maybe every third game, the announcer says our names, who vs who and then... nothing... at all... since the xpac...

    Am I the only one with this? Only concede fixes this, which is not cool in ranked.

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    posted a message on Rexxar's Buffet

    Good deck, but I have met a ton of big health minions I couldn't bypass, so I swapped Tracking for Hunter's Mark which worked well for me.

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    posted a message on Patch 9.0: Frozen Throne Flavor Text, Free Card Packs, Pirates Day Event, Twitch Prime Card Backs, Official Patch Notes

    Are you going to build a compendium where you show the community percentages about cards?

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    Treachery ?

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    posted a message on [14-2] CHEAP EASY WIN (UPDATE)

    great deck :D

    tho i wouldnt say thats a face hunter, unless i successfully buff my hyena to 15 attack, otherwise it's midrange-ish

    i changed knife juggler for macaw and volcanosaur was always a dead card so i changed it for cult master, works great so far

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    So does the minion have to have full health?

    Will it work with wounded prince malchezaar on board?

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    posted a message on There are Nine Tri-Class Cards in Mean Streets of Gadgetzan - Dev Interview w/ Dean Ayala

    >Freeze mage is around 3% of the population.

    Hahahaha. No.

    Or it's just me too never lucky to win 97% chance to not get a freeze mage match up, uh, every single ranked match?

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    Pretty sure I faced this last game, but he had two huge toads instead of grandmothers. What do you say? Is it a good replacement? Oh yeah, he destroyed me.

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    posted a message on Head-start to lvl85 and Liadrin

    So I have WoW with every dlc but legion, and it was a gift from a friend, I didn't like the game, but I have one token for insta-lvl85. Will it work for getting Lady Liadrin, does anyone know?

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    yep she was 2\3

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