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    posted a message on The new MMR matchmaking system sux!
    Quote from Hooghout >>
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    The matchmaking does not know which deck you queue up with.

    How do you know that? Been at Blizzards design team and mechanics and have insiders knowledge? You saw with your own eyes the inner workings of the matchmaking?  I seriously doubt that. Blizzard has reasons enough to exactly know which decks ae queued. 

     And what evidence do you have to prove that the matchmaking sets you up against a counter when you're winning to much. Oh, wait, you have absolutley no evidence beyond your feelings. If you want to be taken seriously record data, actually analyze what's going on and recording it, so you have some legs to stand on. You can't state something as a fact without having evidence to back it up.

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    I'd agree to a fault. I think this is true in arena, but in Standard I wouldn't say RNG is killing the game. It's true lackeys are annoying and probably should never ever be printed again in the future (or anything remotley similar), but there still is enough counterplay that I think it's borderline acceptable.

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    Quote from Qirajin >>

    Was gonna ask about Cho but I guess you want to fill your opponent's hand with 2 mana librams.

    Not sure it's worth it or that the deck can afford it, but a fun idea for sure.

     Yah that's the main purpose. It's really, really good against druid, because they aren't really playing any minions. Clouding their hand is really useful to force mills/prevent big draw play.s Against Jade you pretty much lock out there win condition by just spamming librams. It's also nice against Priest as well, and it's fairly formidable once you stick some buffs on it. 

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    posted a message on The state of wild games

    Yah I agree. It's kind of a fuck fest right now. Just a lot of non-interactive, extremely busted interactions and cards, that amount to an experience that feels like nothing you do really matters. The speed and survivability of combo decks is actually ridiculous. Control pretty much has no place in the meta, which is a shame. Speaking of Libram Paladin, here's the deck I've been using and I think you'd like it: https://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/1346663-libram-paladin-17-2-edition.

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    posted a message on 17.2.1 Patch Notes - Balance Changes & Bug Fixes

    Bloodboil Brute was pretty insane.

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    posted a message on 17.2.1 Patch Notes - Balance Changes & Bug Fixes
    Quote from Thaumius >>

    The Lurker Below is just a strictly better Fire Elemental now

     Can't go face, isn't an elemental, and is a one of, but generally yah it's better.

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    posted a message on 17.2.1 Patch Notes - Balance Changes & Bug Fixes
    Quote from thebitterfig >>

    The "Why did they nerf Aldor Attendant?" comments point to something interesting.  Maybe they just missed the mana reduction, but there's room to debate whether a 1-mana 1/3 is really better than a 2-mana 2/3.  Given that Dire Mole saw more play than River Crocolisk, I think things lean pretty heavily towards the 1-drop being better, but I still think there's room to disagree.

    We've got a metagame where it's really important to be able to do 2 damage to minions like Satyr Overseer or Battlefiend.  Aldor Attendant--which used to be able to trade into one of those--can't anymore: it'd need to be buffed.  One of the weaknesses in Libram Paladin is that you can get really hosed by a bad draw, and if you don't draw the librams, you're useless.

    Flip-side is that with things like Shotbot, Paladin didn't really have a dire need for more 2-drops, but was missing a good 1-drop that could be followed up by a Turn 2 Hand of A'dal.  Maybe Call to Adventure becomes a better fit, since it can reliably fetch Aldor (but probably not).

    Overall, I think this is going to wind up improving paladin, but it could wind up being pretty small potatoes, and barely making an impact on Paladin's performance.

     It's better by a wide margin. Being able to tutor with crystology, curve into Hand of Adal, and cost 1 less (allowing cheaper discounts), and the fact that it cost 1 mana in a deck that really has no good 1 drops, this change is huge. 

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    posted a message on Patch 17.2 - New Heroes & Card for Battlegrounds, Deck Rearranging Feature
    Quote from Nickfuryusn >>

    Wow, what an amazing patch! Adding a feature that should have been there years ago and lameass battlegrounds content, it's like Christmas!

     We could have not gotten a patch at all dude. 

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    posted a message on Patch 17.2 - New Heroes & Card for Battlegrounds, Deck Rearranging Feature

    They've never locked QoL improvements behind a paywall.

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    posted a message on Consecration might need a buff?

    Consecration does not need a buff. Paladin just needs better cards. 

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