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    posted a message on Hearthstone Dev Iksar Seeks Ideas For An Upcoming Expansion Theme

    I'd like to see something underwater

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    posted a message on Archmage Williow nerf? No dust refund?

    This is a significant buff. Do you know anything about Hearthstone???

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    posted a message on 18.2 Patch Notes - Battlegrounds Parties, Card Changes, Solo Adventure & More!

    The card was legitimantly insane. It's now a very fair card. 

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    posted a message on Petition to buff Krul the Unshackled

    Yes? Did you miss the whole boomsday speel?

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    posted a message on Headmaster Kel'Thuzad
    Quote from CasmX >>

    I'm gonna go out on a limb and say this guy is just 'good'. Not great, not even Very Good. Slightly above mediocre. And I will admit I think there's a strong chance I'm wrong on this, considering the potential power of the effect, but dammit, I'm sticking to my gut feeling on this one. lol

    He's obviously best used with either strong aoe or strong single target removal, both of which will require the player to have an abundance of mana. So, he's effectively only playable at 7+ mana or more, depending on your class. Then, you have to have the strong removal in hand while you also have him in hand. Finally, your opponent has to have something valid on their side of the field worthy of playing it on. That is actually quite a bit of criteria necessary to make him amazing or '5 star'. Of course, you can always play him sub-optimally. You can tempo him out as a simple 5 mana 4/6, or you could just "steal" a weak minion or minions, depending on your opponent's board and/or the removal in hand, the latter being IMO the most common scenario. He does have that tiny bit of flexibility but that doesn't lend him credence of being a 5 star game changer.

    When everything falls into place, he can single handedly win you the game. Oh, that shaman just played Galakrond and now has four 8/8s with rush? LOLZ, Kel'Thuzad + Shadow Word: Ruin. Mine now b*tch! But honestly, how often will that scenario happen? Or, the Hail Mary Kel'Thuzad + Brawl where he happens to win and you literally steal your opponent's entire board. Of course that'll be good...great even, but it won't be reliable. What I do think will happen for the first 2 weeks is something along the lines of Kel'Thuzad + (spell) where you get one mediocre to above average minion, like your opponent's ArmorsmithImprisoned Felmaw, maybe something slightly stronger on Turn 9ish. And let's face it, if that is the average expected outcome in most games, then it won't be much more than simply 'a good card'. And don't get me wrong, a turn 9 4/6 + 5/4 while removing your opponent's 5/4, while not bad by any means, is not going to exactly break the meta.
    This is just my speculation with what we know right now. We still have an entire expansion left to be revealed, so anything is possible. I just fear this card is going to be overhyped where everyone thinks it's the next Zilliax and will be an auto-include everywhere where in reality, it's just a decent card that'll be tried out in a few decks before it finally finds a home in one or two or otherwise completely forgotten.

     Dude the synergy with Torrent is disgusting 

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    posted a message on buying cardbacks with gold ?

    They should monetize every monthly cardback, it's just smart business. Have the cardbacks from 2014 cost 500/2.99, 2015 400/2.50 etc. For those complaining about exclusivity, that ship sailed once they offered the raganaros cardback in a tavern brawl. People need to accept that the only things that will remain exclusive are the pre-order bundle heroes.

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    posted a message on Hadidjah Chamberlin Has Left The Hearthstone Team

    Or just asking like a normal human being. Oh but decency is too much effort. 

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    posted a message on A reflection on disenchanting wild cards

    I did this when Standard first came out, bigfwst mistake I've ever made in Hearthstone. Since then I've recrafted most of my old wild cards and haven't dusted since.

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    posted a message on The next expansion

    I'm only really excited for the new game mode and it will probably revealed later into the month.

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    posted a message on Warglaives of Azzinoth a tad too strong

    It's fucking broken. In Odd DH the card's just stupid. It's heads and shoulders the strongest 5 cost weapon in the game, and it allows way to much tempo. It needs to be nerfed to 6 mana. 

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