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    posted a message on Tier S - Meta Breaking - Control Mage

    Playing at rank 3 calling it tier S... lol

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    posted a message on The Worst Hearthstone Cards That Deserve To Be a Disenchanted (Gadgetzan Gazzete)

    Popularity of a card does not equate to how powerful it is. For example, swamp king dred is a powerful tech in Deathrattle Hunter. Bolvar isn’t terrible but there’s no archetype to put him in. All that a lot of cards need to become viable is other supporting cards or a certain archetype to come along.

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    posted a message on Legendary Priest Card Reveal - Madame Lazul

    It’s boring but has potential. I’d rather this than a shit meme legendary

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    posted a message on Disenchanting all new WILD cards

    Wild is sort of a shit show and it seems that blizzard doesn’t care much about its health. They only cared up until the wild bundle came out.

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    posted a message on When the Baku refund hits, should I craft Zilliax?

    How is no one saying to craft zilliax? It’s literally the safest claft in the game. It’s used in every class asides from shaman, druid, and paladin.

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    posted a message on A Spot of Greed Is This Week's Card Design Competition

    Yeah, 1 mana echo draw a card is absurd. That would be so insane in quest mage.

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    posted a message on Hearthstone Now Has a Live Legend Leaderboard On The Official Site
    Quote from Snowman2193 >>


    Why is she getting so much attention just because she is a girl? Like sure it’s an accomplishment but many people do the same.

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    posted a message on Baku didn’t even affect the equality nerf

    Equality is an insane aoe for only 2 mana. Compare it to another aoe like lightbomb, which costs 4 mana and is still an absurd card, and equality is almost as good. Now compare equality to consecrate. Didn’t it feel weird using the equality for 2 mana and then the consecrate for twice the cost, even though equality was doing all the work? Equality deserves to be at 4 mana.

    Another thing to point out is that odd paladin maybe wouldn’t even run equality for 3 mana. It would end up as a dead card the whole game in most matchups, also slowing down divine favour. Odd paladin simply doesn’t want equality because once it has lost the board and is trading everything away, it’s probably already lost the entire game.

    So please stop with this terrible argument because I feel like everyone just spews this shit and doesn’t even think about it just because they want to hate on Blizzard for whatever reason they can.

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    posted a message on How do I shaman now?

    Is this a troll? Even shaman is total fucking cancer in wild. Yeah sorry, but thank god I will be seeing less 0 mana 5/5s and 4 mana 7/7s. You literally said this nerf kills your ability to “abuse” your cards. I’m sure your opponent loves facing you abuse everything. And yeah, too bad you only have crackle, another amazingly designed card, for burst. Even though you also have jade lightning so I’m not sure what you’re saying.

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    posted a message on Any reason to get to rank 10?

    Is there any reason for anything? No. Just do what you want and you’ll be happy.

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