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    posted a message on Pile of Cards Quest Priest

    Thanks NYK_Rider!

    I really appreciate your constructive feedback on this deck; its nice to share in some genuine discussion :)

    With 4-cost Xyrella: I understand what you are saying and have decided to add her in place of desperate prayer; she is a useful card, though I play her so much as a naked 4-drop that I forget her uses. 

    I love Disciplinarian Gandling and would recommend him: His stats usually call for an opponent dealing with him; he is valuable on lower drops, I think I may be biased towards him :L

    Mindrender Lucia I often play for tempo or to complete quests and her power is surprising: If you play Secret Passage you get to keep the opponent's hand; if you another quest priest you take their quest reward, and it is a well-timed Mozaki Mage counter.

    I'm making another change too and will edit it in tomorrow: Archdruid Naralex for Claw Machine.

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    posted a message on Does anything beat ping Mage?

    Cheers for the feedback: I was mostly interested in how Pirate Warrior, Questlock and Buff Paladin fare against it.

    Good to hear Mozaki and Face Hunter are viable too.

    Good season so far I have to say: Kind of reminds me of the power levels of Kobolds and the Dr.Boom expansions.

    A new Thread question maybe, but I take it Outlands, Scholomance, and Madness at the Darkmoon Faire will be leaving in April?

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    posted a message on Does anything beat ping Mage?

    Hi Y'all,

    I've been playing ladder and have half to good odds against all classes and deck-types;

    except Mage.

    I wondered how everyone is doing against the newly buffed mage and what has been winning against it recently.

    Personally, I think Wild Fire maybe shouldn't stack on Dawngrasp: The +2 stacks incredibly fast and with ping-synergy cards it now seems too strong; what was a three or max four damage ping is now a 6-8-10 damage after a few turns.

    I'm not sure about the Parrot to 6 too: It can now be a three turn "do 30 damage" by turn 9; which to me is too fast for any deck: Figuring 30 damage; albeit over 3 turns, should be restricted to a turn 10 play at best. I would make Parrot 7 and I would make Mask of C'Thun to 8.

    Sorry, I didn't mean critic the buffs; though I suppose discussion on it is promoted too.

    Primarily though: as I've said; does anything beat ping-mage, besides ping mage in the current meta?

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    posted a message on Owl Warlock is Toxic

    I think that they should nerf the 3 cost Tamsin:

    I think they should get a copy of the shadow spell but that it should cost the regular amount.

    It probably won't fix the problem but it'd be a step in the right direction.

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    posted a message on The new Alterac Meta? - There is NO new Meta!

    I think that Warlock shouldn't get draw-counts from soul fragments and fel demons [the 3-3s] counting towards their weapon, I don't think fatigue should count in the warlock quest, and I think their weapon should cost at least one mana more.
    Warlock is the only class I still can't beat this season and it bothers me.

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    Warlock is broken; period.

    Soul Fragments and Fel dudes shouldn't count as draws for their weapon.

    Their weapon should be at least 5 mana.

    Their draw is broken: I've seen them draw 1 fatigue and it count as 4 fatigue as they've drawn soul fragments and the like inbetween: This was with the Tamsin Hero card.

    Their Scavenger and Bristleback cards are far too strong as their draw is far too easily made.

    I shouldn't have to run Cult +1 to spells and Barrens Towers to counter one class; and they won't even work as their removal is too efficient.

    I seriously don't get how warlock is balanced. Doing my nipples in at the moment.

    I will auto-concede to Warlock until it is fixed and I suggest you all do the same.

    Not Happy!

    As Zeddy's been saying for ages; their Quest SHOULD NOT COUNT FATIGUE DAMAGE.

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    posted a message on Mr. Smite: Team 5's not so subtle art of card design

    I was Priest sitting comfortably at 28 health and a clear board, guy gets Gorehowl and Smite from Juggernaut; plays two Bloodsail Raiders and Smite from his hand and hits for 37 from nothing.
    Not the funnest way to lose a game imo.

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    posted a message on is there something in our power to have blizzard remove the questlines from wild?

    I think they should implement sets into a new game mode like they do in Arena:
    Imagine a game where 5-7 sets were in play and they rotated every update;
    There could be Un'Goro, WOTOGs, GvG, Naxrammas, Scholomance, Alterac included for example.

    It would keep things fresh and stop the current ethos of Wild mode.

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    posted a message on Frequent Unrecoverable Disconnects and Consequent Match Losses

    I came onto this website to post about this very issue:

    Been getting frequent disconnects to game crashes in Mercenaries, 2/5 games in Battlegrounds will fail to load up available Heroes and thus I have to concede, Ladder is a little better but I rarely use Zephrys style cards.

    Stopped playing for this evening as I've crashed in Mercenaries about 8 times in 2 hours; getting on my nerves.

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    posted a message on What are your pre-order pack opening results?

    I got Vanndar, Tamsin and Magister Dawngrasp from 81 packs.
    Hope I do better on Tuesday!

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    posted a message on Diamond Battlepass Legendary

    Hi all,

    Wondering what you think the new Battlepass Diamond Legendary will be [providing there is one].

    I think it'll be Ivus, the Forest Lord as it should be versatile enough to fit into any deck.

    Let me know cheers!

    Magpai x

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    posted a message on How to be lucky opening packs.

    Hi All,
    With the new expansion coming soon I thought I would share my tips on pack opening!
    Obviously this whole list is superstition and in no way a certified guide, but nonetheless here are three easy steps to follow:

    1. Use a Heroic Card back:
    After noticing people opening heroes; back in the Outland days I remember people would open epic rogue portraits, I got to thinking that card backs and hero selection can change pack opening luck! Therefore, I strongly advise you to use a Heroic card back: one from Dalaran Heist or Uldum or One night in Karazhan while opening packs.

    2. Click in the centre of the pack, never use the space bar and drop your pack into the very centre of the hollow:
    When selecting each pack to open; remember to click in as close to the centre of each pack as possible: This concentrates your luck directly into the heart of the cards! Similarly, never use the space bar to open a pack; always click each pack with purpose and drag it to the exact centre of the hollow to open it. The time taken and precision made will also ensure lucky openings!

    3. Never hover before clicking; feel for the order, use the force:
    When the pack burst and 5 cards are shown; you must use all your force powers to select each card in the correct sequence: Sometimes it will be top first, sometimes bottom-left, sometimes top-right etc.. What is important is that you allow your gut to guide the order of the opening of the cards. It is said that opening in the correct order will net you a legendary every 10 packs on average!

    On a serious note: Good luck in your openings the day of the release, please buy responsibly, and use the force in a safe and correct manner.

    Magpai x
    When dropping each pack, always make sure to 

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    posted a message on Vanndar Shadow Corrupt Priest

    End of night version here: Cheers again for the inspiration Mr Bishop x

    Guidance Vanndar Control - Hearthstone Decks (hearthpwn.com)

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    posted a message on Vanndar Shadow Corrupt Priest

    I tried it out and made a few changes:

    Darkbishop BenedictusSeek Guidance
    Amulet of Undying x 2  -  Renew x 2

    I play at Silver but had a large round of Control match-ups and so decided to play quest which I find fun anyway.
    Amulet I changed for the un-nerfed Renew because I don't like cards that can't be played without stipulation; I also found that when traded, Amulet won't work unless 2 deathrattles have died etc.

    ...Then I made 1 more change:

    Devouring PlagueN'Zoth, God of the Deep

    Again I haven't been against much aggro but Plague is too much of a chance card for me that rarely gets full value. N'Zoth; buffed, gets beast elemental and demon; and in terms of Seek Guidance; the 3 drops are covered by the corrupted Fleethoof Pearltusks and so on and so forth. Can also have an up or down-side depending on minions summoned by Auspicious Spirits.

    Your deck is great: I love it and hope to be proven wrong in the adjustments I've made while climbing the ladder. I've tried to be constructively critical in my feedback; and consider the deck I am using yours first and foremost. If you like, try my changes. Thanks again for the construction X

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    posted a message on So what did you pick?

    I picked Alliance but won't win:
    Horde is suited to aggro decks and aggro decks win games more quickly;
    so if everyone uses their Alliance/Horde legendary and both have a 50/50 win/loss,
    Horde will still win as more games played.

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