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    Paraphrased from Reddit:  HearthStone is like that girlfriend who's no good for you but to whom you've become too attached to leave.

    I've been playing since BRM, and despite trying to quit several times (I actually managed to for 3 weeks just before and during KFT), I just can't seem to pull myself away.

    I often feel mysteriously pressured to play every day -- or at least enough to knock out daily quests every 3 days.  Part of that feeling comes from having spent so much time and money on this game that I can't bear to drop all the "work" I've put in.

    Advise I would give to any player is to avoid watching the "Salty" streamers.  While Kripp certainly speaks more truth than not, it's easy to let his negativity get in your head and jade your experience.  (Instead, watch Kibler, DisguisedToast, Savjz, etc.)

    Overall, HS is worth playing -- especially if you're familiar with Blizzard's universes.  However, it costs a significant amount of time and/or money to "keep up".

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    posted a message on The reason why the existence of Aggro is essential
    Quote from achan1058 >>
    Quote from Maehlice >>

    It's practically a coin flip whether you draw your early game answers or not.  If you draw them, you probably win.  Else, you lose.  In some cases, you effectively win or lose on Turn 0.  Sounds fun.

     But why would that be aggro's fault? It's the control deck that's coin flipping. The aggro deck always have stuff to play.
    My personal opinion: aggro vs aggro is skill intensive, control vs control is skill intensive, aggro vs control is brain dead from both sides.
    I don't blame aggro per se.  It's more the fault of the game's cards and mechanics that make Turn 3 kills possible and also for creating metas with only a handful of top-tier classes/decks.
    When there are only 4 cookie-cutter decks, it's too easy to refine hyper-aggressive decks capable of weaving between the opposition's early game cracks.  I think if more classes and archetypes were represented, aggro decks would invariable have to slow down a little to compensate for the wider variety of threats/answers.
    I want to see a slower meta, but I don't want to see it come in the form of OP 5+ drops and board clears.  What I want to see instead are fewer OP 1,2,3 drops.
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    The crux of the problem is that it triggers upon summoning a minion.  Change the text to play along with re-balancing its cost, and things will be fine.

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    The issue you're going to run in to is how to effectively count for duplicates in subsequent choices.

    Say, for example, your deck has 12 spell cards remaining -- 6 singletons and 3 pairs of duplicates.  You are searching for one of the duplicates.

    In your first roll, the odds are simple:  1 - ( 10 / 12 )

    However, the odds of succeeding in the second roll are either 1 - ( 9 / 11 ) or 1 - ( 8 / 10 ) -- based on whether your first option turned up one of the singletons or one of the duplicates

    So there is a significant range, which increases with the fewer number of cards available.

    The odds for my hypothetical case is between 1 - ( 10 / 12 ) * ( 9 / 11 ) * ( 8 / 10 ) = 45.45% and 1 - ( 10 / 12 ) * ( 8 / 10 ) * ( * 6 / 8 ) = 50% 

    As a bonus, the two median possibilities are 1 - ( 10 / 12 ) * ( 9 / 11 ) * ( 7 / 9 ) = 46.96% and 1 - ( 10 / 12 ) * ( 8 / 10 ) * ( 7 / 9) = 48.14%

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    posted a message on The reason why the existence of Aggro is essential
    Quote from Skylarapas >>
    Quote from Maehlice >>
    Quote from Skylarapas >>

     P.S.: If anyone has found another counter for Exodia Mage please give me some info.

     Play Exodia Mage, and you'll find out very quickly it is barely even a Tier 2 deck.  Exodia Mage is essentially a 12-card combo, and one of the cards is an absolute must have (Archmage Antonidas).  So not only do you have to create 6 random cards and play them, but you must also manage to draw into a 5-piece combo all while staying alive for 12+ turns.
    • Hunter counters Exodia, because of its hero power.
    • Burn Mage can beat Exodia, because of its burst and hero power.
    • Ra'zakus Priest counters Exodia, because of Shadowreaper Anduin's hero power.
    • Handbuffadin counters Exodia, because of Chillblade Champion and weapons.
    • Rogue counters Exodia, because of both Sap and reach.  (Mill Rogue especially counters Exodia, because Exodia's huge hand is always a juicy target.)
    • Any deck with Silence can beat Exodia, because silencing a Doomsayer post Frost Nova is often GG.
    Exodia is not hard to counter.
    Quote from Skylarapas >>

     Because without aggro, each player would play a bullsh*t deck, filled with crappy pointless cards

    Please expound upon for me (A) what exactly constitutes a "bullsh*t deck" and (B) how it is a deck with "pointless cards" has any chance of winning (spoiler alert; none of the cards are pointless).

     A bullsh*t deck is a deck, that relies on pure greediness to win. Full steal Priests, "Control" decks with a crapload of legendaries (like 9-10) Wannabe-Dragon decks, Raza-Kazakus-Dragon-Steal-Mill-Velen-Deathrattle Priest-type decks. Generally any deck that has a weird curve at the expense of early board control or recovery mechanics, that are absent when aggro decks are absent. Why would you play Spirit Lash without aggro decks on the horizon?
    Pointless cards is something like playing N'Zoth Dragon Paladin and putting Deathwing, Dragonlord in because dragons & N'zoth, duh. Which makes no sense, ruins the curve and it's useless against anything else but Midrange decks, with little or no removal. 
    People do play this sh*t decks 1) When a new expansion is live for experimenting 2) When there's not a good aggro deck to prevent them from playing anything that comes to their minds. 
    So basically, any deck that isn't Midrange is bullsh*t ... got it.
    Spirit Lash is good against aggro, yes.  But, it is also a phenomenal card draw mechanic when coupled with Northshire Cleric & Circle of Healing and/or Holy Nova.
    Deathwing, Dragonlord is also not useless or just there for giggles in N'Zoth Dragon decks.  Both of the Deathwings are comeback mechanics.  If the opponent can't answer the Dragonlord, they're on at least a 2-turn timer, and then if they kill it, they may very well be on a 1-turn timer depending on what's in your hand.  Or, at the very least, you can res him the next turn with N'Zoth.  Or, if you're particularly lucky, somebody pulls him out for you in the early game with a Dirty Rat (which happens more often than you think in Wild).
    Typically, if a card is an answer to only one scenario with no utility options, it simply doesn't make the cut.  There are no "pointless cards" in top-tier decks.
    Quote from Skylarapas >>
    Exodia Mage has no counter means there isn't a Skulking Geist type of card to use against it. 
     If only there were cards like Eater of Secrets, Flare, or Kezan Mystic.  Then, if Exodia Mage got out of hand, we could just destroy their Ice Block and kill them through it.  If only, right?
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    posted a message on Hunter DK or Shaman DK ???

    I prefer Shaman DK.  Zombeast is fun and high value, but it's ultimately anti tempo, since every minion costs 2 more than its play cost.

    Deathstalker Rexxar is really fun in Wild, though.

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    Bittertide Hydra can only be chosen during the first Discover set, which is out of 39 cards.

    Stonetusk Boar can only be chosen during the second Discover set, which is out of 17 cards.

    Odds of succeeding the first step is 1 - ( 38/39 * 37/38 * 36/37 ) = 7.692307 %

    Odds of succeeding the second step is 1 - ( 16/17 * 15/16 * 14/15 ) = 17.647058 %

    Odds of succeeding both steps is 0.07692307 * 0.17647058 = 1.357466 %

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    From https://hearthstone.gamepedia.com/Deathstalker_Rexxar:

    • Build-a-Beast allows the player to create a Zombeast through a Discover-like interface. The player is presented with 3 Beast minions twice to choose from. The first choice will always be from Beasts with card text, whereas the second choice will always be from Beasts with either only keywords or no card text at all.[1] A minion card is then generated for the player with the combined mana costs, Attack, Health and card text of the two Beasts. The Zombeast will have the card art and quotes of the first minion chosen.[2][3]
      • Minions with Battlecry and Enrage count as being in the first pool of cards, since they have additional text besides the keyword to specify what their effect does (for example, "Battlecry: Deal 1 damage", or "Enrage: +2 Attack", instead of simply "Battlecry" or "Enrage").[4][5]
      • Hunter Beasts and neutral Beasts have an equal chance of being offered.[1]
      • The player will never be offered a Beast that costs more than 5 mana, since this could potentially create a Zombeast that costs more than 10 mana and is thus impossible to play under normal circumstances.[6]
    • If Build-a-Beast creates a Zombeast with a Deathrattle effect, the Zombeast will be able to be resummoned by N'Zoth, the Corruptor's Battlecry.[7]

    My previous answer was way off.  Recalculating ...

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    posted a message on What is the probability of getting a specific zombeast?

    At 5-mana or less, there are 20 Hunter Beasts and 36 Neutral Beasts

    Since Class cards are 4x more likely to appear, the total pool is essentially out of (20*4) + 36 = 116.

    The odds of NOT getting one of the two desired beasts on the first step is (114/116) * (113/115) * (112/114) = 94.872563 %

    Therefore the odds of succeeding in the 1st step is 5.127436 %

    And, the odds of NOT getting the other desired beast on the second step is (114/115) * (113/114) * (112/113) = 97.391304 %

    Therefore, the odds of succeeding in the 2nd step is 2.608695 %

    The odds of succeeding at both is 0.05127436 * 0.02608695 = 0.133759 %


    EDIT:  Forgot to consider duplicates.

    EDIT2:  Sources or duplicates:  Source, Source, Source

    EDIT3:  Omitting Beasts of other classes (whoops).

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    For me, a comparison of HS to other CGs is moot, because I don't enjoy the others like I do Hearthstone.  I would never argue that HS is cheap, but compared to what other video games [of varying genre and type] offer, Hearthstone is worth considering.

    And, as was mentioned by a couple others, AAA titles are finite, so I have to consider not only their initial cost but also the quantity of them I would need to fill the same timeslot as HS.  That brings the overall price of HS more in line with what I already have been spending on other games and entertainment.

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