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    I think people that say having a ban list in Wild is counter productive have never played in Wild when it was dominated by one deck to the point where you could not even play anything else. Star Aligner Druid is a great example. There was a time when Druid was so strong if you queued anything else, you lost. Is that healthy for wild?

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    Maybe even 2 cards per class and 10 neutral cards

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    Just a little quick background of myself before I get started.

    I have been playing Hearthstone since June of 2014, right before Naxx dropped. I was a longtime World of Warcraft arena player and found my first card game in Hearthstone. One of the reasons I made the transition to Hearthstone almost exclusively was that I could play competitively by myself without having to be on other peoples schedules. 

    As far as achievements go, I have made it to Legend numerous times in both Standard and Wild and even taken my own created decks to Legend. I have quit here and there but always seem to find my way back to Hearthstone. My last hiatus was a year long break which led me back in November of 2022, which I hit Legend November with Secret Mage and Murloc Paladin, in December with a custom Odd Silver-hand recruit deck, and again in January with Reno Paladin and Totem Shaman.

    In my three months of being back, playing the game in wild mode, this is what I have found. 

    1 - many classes aren't being played.
    2 - if a class is being played, it usually has only one or two archetypes being utilized. 
    3- many cards which are extremely over-powered are pushing people to play only the decks that include them

    In no way to I think the Wild Hearthstone meta is at its worst point, I also know it isn't at it's best. Here is the solution of a long time experienced player on how I would make the mode more competitive and fun.

    I propose a 16 card ban list from ladder that would rotate monthly. All 11 classes would have one card that would not be able to be added to ladder decks. In addition 5 neutral cards would also be on the list. As an example.

    Death Knight - Blood Boil
    Demon Hunter - Mana Burn
    Druid - Wildheart Guff
    Hunter - Defend the Dwarven District
    Mage - Open the Waygate
    Paladin - Divine Favor
    Priest - Shadow Essence
    Rogue - Prize Plunderer
    Shaman - Firemancer Flurgl
    Warlock - Raise Dead
    Warrior - Ancharrr


    Brann Bronzebeard
    Reno Jackson
    Mutanus the Devourer

    This would be an example of a month of banned cards. I think something like this (not saying the idea is perfect) would shake up the meta and force people to play new decks. At the very least it would make the climb on ladder a lot less repetitive. 

    What are your thoughts or ideas?


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    I would say banning Soul Barrage would fix 99% of Wild's problems. There's nothing really else that is gamebreaking. The next thing I would look at is maybe nerfing a bit of DK healing.

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    Blessing of Might

    Started with 1 copy and added another for extra reach. Great on Leeroy Jenkins or to buff them dudes.

    Brazen Zealot

    Try to get this behind a Righteous Protector with the coin on turn 1. It goes crazy when you can summon a bunch of dudes after it.

    Desperate Measures

    Try to use this when Oh My Yogg! isnt in play if possible, this will get you more chances to get more Yogg's which is essentially Counterspell against Warlock shuffles. I try to get this right before their turn 3 to stop Tome Tampering

     First Day of School

    This could be a tech card you could sub out. I added this to have another cheap card to counter Secret Mage's Counterspell.

    Lost in the Jungle

     Just more dudes. A great turn 1 card, always keeop in mulligan.

    Oh My Yogg!

    To stop Tome Tampering or any other annoying spell you know is coming. I always keep this in mulligan.


    Great keep in opening hand, especially if you can get this behind a to stop Righteous Protector for that maximum value.

    Righteous Protector

    A good keep in opener against any matchup you predict to be aggro. I almost always keep unless I am running into things like Resurrect Priest, in which case I will toss for potential Oh My Yogg!'s

    Day at the Faire]

    Ran 2 of these and seemed slow. I almost always mulligan this away because its better suited late game after Lothraxion the Redeemed has already been played because it will be corrupted.

     Divine Favor

    Obviously amazing draw with a deck full of mostly low mana cards.

    Jury Duty

    More dudes. <3 on turn 5 when you can tap and then play this.

    Muster for Battle

    Again, dudes... Weapon is good to pick off pesky low health minions trying to trade into your dudes.

    Unidentified Maul

    One of the only weapons that can give, you guessed it, dudes. Also the potential to taunt up some divine shield dudes or give your dudes some more attack.

    Warhorse Trainer

    Buff and taunt those dudes. Awesome to keep in opening hand if you have Lost in the Jungle

    Leeroy Jenkins

    A charging Legend that pairs well with cheap Blessing of Might

    Lothraxion the Redeemed

    Helps you decks that bring you to long game. I usually keep against things Like Druid or DK


    To Arms men! Buff them dudes. Always mulligan away in opener,

    Baku the Mooneater

    Only in the deck because it has to be. If you end up having to play this hunk of shit as a minion, you already lost the game.

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