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    Oh, boy, I can't wait not to play this!

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    Can't wait for the memes about Blizz after this 10000th debacle

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    Quote from Asuryan >>

    I see Hearthstone as a CCG, not a video game. Coming from an MtG background, HS is incredibly cheap. I don’t get what all the fuss is about.

     Good point to someone who misses the fact that when you buy paper MTG the cards are yours unlike this digital jpegs that you don't even own. On top of that you can sell your MTG cards at any point, sometimes even at higher price compared to what you bought them for, while selling your account is much more difficult, if not prohibited.

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    A small tidbit of info from a casual f2p perspective. I like playing card games for 1-2 hours every 2-3 days. I also like to open a pack or two every time I log in.

    In MTGA , when I do this I get the following ~2500g(2,5 packs quivalent) from 3 quests and daily wins plus 1-2 packs from XP season pass (the free one).

    In HS, when I do this I get ~200 gold(2 packs) from 3 quests and wins + 0,5 pack per visit from the brawl. Now if HS implements this pass BUT REMOVES daily quests and furthermore makes it so that capping out wins = cap out XP (in order to get the rewards), the game will become even more inaccessible for the f2p crowd who doesn't live in the game to grind. (I've maxed out my daily wins only once in 5 years).

    Now I've played HS for 5 years now, but if they do this, I'd quit. For good.

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