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    Can't wait for the memes about Blizz after this 10000th debacle

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    Quote from TheSpunYarn >>
    Quote from Madcookie >> 
    TL:DR flamewaker mage is no different than most aggro decks, has much higher skill cap, more easily counterable and can gas out.

     I don't really agree with this take.  You can play against aggro in a way that makes sense, and is possible without specific tech.  You keep the board clear.  You manage your health as efficiently as you can.  Those are the things you do against aggro.

    But against APM Mage there's no way to do either of those.  They don't play minions.  Unless you're a Warrior, your health isn't going above 30, which is a totally manageable number for the deck to burn away at turn 5-6.  Playing aggressively to take them out before turn 5-6 is the only way to beat them, which isn't how you counter aggro - because that's how you counter a combo deck.  But a regular combo deck would need to reach 10 mana (give or take a bit) to combo off, even then they'd need some level of prep.

    I don't know what you're saying with this whole "there's no recovery" thing, the deck is like 75% spells that generate more spells, either by drawing them or randomly generating them.  It has either 3/4 minions depending on whichever variant of APM Mage you're playing so Refreshing Spring Water nearly always is free or plusses you on mana.  Sure, the deck can burnout to like 5 cards after 1 Flamewaker turn and still not kill you (anecdotally I had 2 full boards as even Paladin that Flamewaker Mage managed to burn through and kill me with anyway, so going wide didn't help at all) but if they keep a Flamewaker in hand they can still go again next turn and clean up.

    And the "a God Hand is required for the deck to win" argument doesn't really hold up to scrutiny.  If the deck was purely highroll, then why is it the most popular deck on Wild Ladder?  Why is it doing so well if it only does well when you're lucky?  Is every APM Mage just like, the luckiest person in the game?  Sure, I've won maybe 2 games against APM Mage, but only because they were really UNlucky.  If an absolute terrible brick-hand is the only game state where APM Mage can lose, it's not exactly "God Hand required" - it's more like "literally anything but the worst possible hand required".

     1. You keep the board clear is nice in theory until you you play some games and find out that aggro decks usually outdraw control decks by a mile, hence they can produce multiple boards while you have limited and usually expensive removal. Also "No tech required against aggro" well, mate, your board clears are your tech against aggro. Think about it if there was no aggro at all, would you run low cost board clears in your deck and have them sit in your hand in mirror matches?

    2. On the no recovery - if you use tech card and pull/kill a combo piece OR APM mage doesn't kill you on in one turn there is no recovery in 99% of cases.

    3. On the god hand - god hand to win on turn 4 is what I wrote, not on turn whatever.

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    So much salt here...yeesh. Yes flamewaker mage can OTK on turn 4(with coin) but it needs a god hand. Meanwhile most aggro decks can easily and consistently produce 10-15 attack on board by turn 3-4 and threaten lethal esp against slower decks (Aggro token druid, odd paladin, secret mage, even pirate warr if 1-2 brigands are in hand).

    On the topic of aggro do people forget for most aggro decks nowadays have way more draw than control decks? No one bats an eye to this, but if you look at any other card game it's basically the opposite. You are playing aggro, you are a fast deck, you either win by turn 3-4 or lose and go home. You don't get to have value and massive refills that make you hit fatigue on turn 7 while the opponent has 17 cards in deck.

    Lastly flamewaker has much higher skill cap than most aggro decks, you need to know when to go in, will you be able to kill the opponent at one go, because if you can't and he kills your flamewakers the deck gasses out. There is no divine favor, no skull of guldan, no chance for refill and rebuild. It is rather easily counter able (dirty rat, mindrender, loatheb, iceblock, explosive rune, obsidian statue, convincing infiltrator, pot of poly etc). Finally the animations can be troublesome and lose you the game.


    TL:DR flamewaker mage is no different than most aggro decks, has much higher skill cap, more easily counterable and can gas out.

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    After 45 mins of losses I finally found a generous soul who conceded early so I can get my pack out of this bugged poopfest of a brawl.


    Thanks Blizz....

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    Quote from Asuryan >>

    I see Hearthstone as a CCG, not a video game. Coming from an MtG background, HS is incredibly cheap. I don’t get what all the fuss is about.

     Good point to someone who misses the fact that when you buy paper MTG the cards are yours unlike this digital jpegs that you don't even own. On top of that you can sell your MTG cards at any point, sometimes even at higher price compared to what you bought them for, while selling your account is much more difficult, if not prohibited.

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    A small tidbit of info from a casual f2p perspective. I like playing card games for 1-2 hours every 2-3 days. I also like to open a pack or two every time I log in.

    In MTGA , when I do this I get the following ~2500g(2,5 packs quivalent) from 3 quests and daily wins plus 1-2 packs from XP season pass (the free one).

    In HS, when I do this I get ~200 gold(2 packs) from 3 quests and wins + 0,5 pack per visit from the brawl. Now if HS implements this pass BUT REMOVES daily quests and furthermore makes it so that capping out wins = cap out XP (in order to get the rewards), the game will become even more inaccessible for the f2p crowd who doesn't live in the game to grind. (I've maxed out my daily wins only once in 5 years).

    Now I've played HS for 5 years now, but if they do this, I'd quit. For good.

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    Battletag: Madcookie#2212

    Region: EU

    Trade only? Yes



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