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    I like this list.  I’d like to see how it counters Bomb Warrior.  Thanks for posting!  What do you mulligan for?

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    Look pretty solid.  Thanks for the list!  What do you think about Masked Contender in this deck?  If it has potential, what would you replace?

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    Ok.  Thanks all for the responses.  Glad to hear I still have time to craft...

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    You should really look at the Wild section of the Viscious Syndicate website to review the Tier 1 decks and go from there.  Warlock probably does have the most Tier 1 options, but I didn’t review your card list.

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    Quote from Lycaon55 >>

    I am planning to buy the megabundle + the shadow bundle but... It seems Team 5 is still going for infinite value cards. I'll wait to see the other cards. If there is no PLAYABLE tech card or class card to counter this kind of card then this expansion will be just like the previous ones. Not a problem: I have enough gold to buy 60 packs. 

     Hakkar might be a good counter?

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    Any possibility that the fortune teller could be the 5th villain in disguise?  The tentacle makes me think she might really be one of the Legendaries from “Whispers of the Old Gods” masquerading as a fortune teller or in an alternate form.

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    Quote from SteamyXD >>
    Quote from Excellent20 >>
    Quote from Gusty >>

    do you want me to give you a link to a deck or two that are pretty funny that has Dollmaster Dorian?

     hell yes!


     Same. Experiment a lot with dorian but any advice can be good! 

    Someone on my friends list uses Dorian in their all Legendary Wild deck.  I’ve spectated and seen at least one great moment where it pulled Rag.  Seeing that deck in action a couple of times, I can think of a lot of other great possible scenarios (ie Emporer Thaurissan, Stalagg/Feugen..).  I think Dorian may  be under-valued in Wild after watching it in action.

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    Enjoyed the watch.  Thanks!

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    Quote from Thezzy >>

    Wait, I've got it!

    You play BOTH Duskfallen Aviana and Harbinger Celestia on the same turn!
    Think about it, if your opponent then tries to play a huge minion for free, Celestia becomes a copy of it.
    If your opponent chooses to play a crap minion, they waste their free mana minion!

    Also, your opponent may simply cease to function and not play anything after having their mind shattered by seeing both Duskfallen Aviana and Harbinger Celestia played on the same turn. It just won't compute.


    Hahahaha!  That’s so hilariously great!   ;-)  But seriously, that just might work.  Of course, you would have to put BOTH of those cards in your deck...

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    Quote from Xynot >>

    Blizz making the game profitable as the primary priority? What kind of world do we live in?  Next, you will be telling me that the airlines are cramming people into airplanes, charging you for checked bags, not serving a meal, and not letting you choose your seat simply to make more money and not because customers view it as a higher quality flying experience.

     What?!?!  I’ve been had.  I’ll never fly again.

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