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    I mean, the deck still has good tools, it's a good deck, you can still win a lot of games that you didn't draw DoL at all, now it doesn't have the disgusting highroll potencial so early and doing nothing on turn 4 is a lot worse than not doing anything on turn 2 so I thing DoL is just gonna be cut, maybe for C'thun or maybe for Evocation.

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    Quote from Tarious >>

    I called all the nerfs. Libram pally ain't going anywhere though. Worst case scenario is people replace penflinger. Lunacy mage ain't going anywhere. As I've said before, the discover pool atm is WAY to good for their cards, they have too much minion generation between Apex and Font of power. If Lunacy didn't exist, the deck was good enough on its own due to how broken a lot of mage damage spells are atm (1 mana 3 damage and freeze, 2 mana 2 damage discover a spell, apex blast dealing 5 damage and summoning 5 mana)

    Also I like how they buffed elementals in BGs. Elementals are the only tribe that have infinite and easy to access to those buffs. A Molten Rock early can be impossible to deal with for everyone with how buff it can get. Gar and Rag are both infinite buffing cards by just playing normally.  Not to mention that elementals can stay at tier 4 since mojordomo is there.

    I've got a motto in bgs "Elementals or lose." Unless someone gets good taunt synergy, the person who gets the best elemental synergy wins. Dragons are garbage midgame and require their tier 5 legendary to stay competitive late game. Mechs have no endgame, murlocs require too much tavern luck or a hero power, pirates are closest to elementals, but they don't go up infinitely. Demons don't have much buffs, and rely on the early game too much, and getting the correct mid game infinite buffs. Beasts require a tier 5 legendary and too much RNG "what attacks what" luck midgame. Meanwhile, elementals have cleave in Wildfire, multiple 1/1 buff cards just for playing the tribe, that damn windfury with divine shield that everyone just buffs up, a 2 star infinite health buffer.

    Also, I think blizz needs to remove the golden perk of discovering 1 tier higher and make it same tier. Would get rid of a lot of the high roller crap we see now.

     You're really underestimating how impactful is Pen Flinger in Libram. It's your finisher, without it Paladin is just a consistent deck but it doesn't have anything to close games. 

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    It's funny how both Mage and Paladin were the most problematic decks and their nerfs feel like they don't achieve a whole bunch but Blizzard decided to completely obliterate both Watchpost and Wife Rogue. Guess we're back to playing nothing more than stealth aggro and weapons for another 6 months *sigh*

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    Quote from Shagwagon >>

    Paladin should have been hit harder.

     I mean the secret weapon nerf is insignificant but the pen flinger one changes a lot for the deck. It no longer has a good finisher anymore, it needs to go a lot more aggresive to stay relevant.

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     I like your idea but it would have to be a whole separate game mode for it to work. There's people that are too into wild and they'd get mad that basically a large portion of their collection and favorite cards are locked for a period of time. But yeah, wild is supposed to be about playing your "old favorite decks" but in reality that doesn't work, you can't play old decks. The decks are mostly the same every single expansion and then they get updated with the good cards printed with each new set. Like I don't play a lot of wild but I'm aware of the meta, or the meta pre expansion cause I haven't played a single wild game since Barrens launched but I'm pretty sure there's still some form of Darkglare Warlock, Reno Priest is still there, CtA Paladin has to still be strong, Secret Mage is still ridiculous probably, then some form of Kingsbane rogue to punish greedy stuff and then the other stuff that has been on the format forever, like Renolock, Token Druid, Pirate Warrior. I think at the very best there is maybe like one new archetype per expansion (for all classes) and it's not like it's a good meta deck upon arrival. That's the reason I don't like playing Wild that much, it's honestly the exact same decks from 1,2,3 years ago with minimal changes. 

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    It has nothing to do with "being afraid". Decks are meta for a reason, meta decks are good, and people want to win. And well both Mage and Paladin are superior to everything else, the only other deck that can compete with those 2 is Rogue. It's only natural than 9 of of 10 times you're gonna play those 3 decks, specially the higher you climb.

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    Quote from Rino >>

    Did you, by anychance reduce the cost of a Libram to 4 lol? I don't know if this could effect it.

     This, if any of your librams got reduced to 4 they still count so keep that in mind. Also I'm pretty sure that the 4/3 divine shield rush that reduces your librams is better in that deck.

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    Quote from Brads_Gaming >>

    Removing all gold cards helps but I still get the bug often. No idea what its related to but I just have to keep clicking play until the game randomly lets me in.

     Cause your opponents can also have golden cards in their decks, you not only have to remove all golden Core cards but your opponent needs to do it as well.

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    Quote from Nefine1337 >>

    I am confused as well

    I have Thalnos twice

    1x Legendary
    1x Golden Legendary

    It says "core" core = for free, i can not disenchant it in core, BUT i can disenchant him in Wild. in Wild I have him 3 times. What happens if I diss him? Will i still have 2 Thalnos?


     You have your old Thalnos, then the regular Core Thalnos and then the Golden Core Thalno (for having more than 5k wins across all classes). If you disenchat your copy you won't be able to play Thalnos on Classic mode or on the next years in wild if he's not a part of the Core set of said years. 

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    I mean it's fun but the problem is that it'll stay fun for a couple more days and that's it. The meta is figured out, it has been figured out for 7 years and the good and best decks won't change, maybe they'll get very slightly refined (and i mean like 1 card out 1 card in) and there's nothing more to the format. I think it's a format you'll play from time to time when you get burned from whatever your main format is but in reality the format is just stale from the very beginning. Every class has realistically just 1 deck that works and then Warlock has 2 in Handlock and Zoo. You can try your "interesting" homebrew but it'll just get slapped by the meta decks. The problem is that the meta will never feel refreshing, the meta is what we have now and won't change and at least for me that's an issue. 

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