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    posted a message on Tavern 5 on 8 gold !

    Playing as AFK, on 5 gold I got double Khadgar with double Murloc Tidehunter offered, so I buy one, tavern up, play it, triple, get a 3 star, freeze. Next turn, tavern up, sell, buy the second Tidehunter, get a 4 star. 7 gold, another Tidehunter on Bob's side, same thing, tavern up, sell the token, buy, get Sneeds. Then I end up with this board and 8 gold, so I just tavern up again because why not ? I guess this is the fastest way to get to tavern 5 in this game. It was hilarious to be at this spot when everybody else was tavern 3.

    Needless to say that I ended up winning the whole lobby with 30 health remaining and crushing everyone with board full of 5/6 star minion,  doing a total damage between 30 and 35 every turn (I was playing on my smurf with 7100 MMR).

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    posted a message on How to make the most out of Aggro DH

    Can't really tell it now if the deck is good, but why should I play Demon Hunter Zoo when there is already Zoolock ? Feast of Souls seems too much situational to be consistently good and you are not even playing Crimson Sigil Runner and Furious Felfin

    I personally think DH will work better if it's trying to abuse the Outcast mechanic, as bonus effect is needed to outscale your opponent.

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    posted a message on Fighting twice the same guy in top 3 situation

    I thought they solved that issue long ago, and I was a bit surprised when I faced Nozdormu twice in a row in a top 3 situation.


    Malygos killed someone last turn then fought a dead guy while I was once again against Nozdormu. Does anyone had the same issue or it is a super rare bug ?

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    posted a message on New Demon Hunter Common Card Revealed - Crimson Sigil Runner

    Best 1 drop ever. The fact that this is a 1 mana outcast make it very easy to play in an aggro build, or any archetype that demon hunter will use because this cycle himself. I thought years of people playing Power Word Shield and Tracking will be enough to made realize everyone that 1 mana draw a card is indeed powerful, specially when it come with a body, but I see a lot of them underrating it.

    Outcast is stronger when it come with low mana price because you can cast it easier. This is 1 mana. No it's doesn't become garbage past turn 1 because it DRAW you a card for cheap.

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    posted a message on [Theorycraft] Odd Demon Hunter

    Skull of Gul'dan is a premium card to run, I agree with you, specially on top deck situation when you can refill your hand and play it at the same time it's insane.

    However I'm not sure about Mana Burn, which cost 1 card to have an 1 mana gain over you opponent (it's like running The Coin, but without any synergy with it) and Metarmophosis, since you transform an already good hero power for 3 more damage.

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    posted a message on MOST highrolly demon run ever

    It most likely that you lose because you just didn't have any demons on board. 2 golden juggler is clearly enough, and the other 2 normal juggler is only taking spot for other demons. Also Battlemaster is not even that good in this kind of comp since he doesn't die quickly enough and have only 3 attack. Malganis, voidlord and even an other imprisoner is worth more than a juggler at this point of the game. 

    Although I agree that you lose in the long run with this composition, but I've seen enough people doing top 1 with only 1 golden juggler to think that is much possible.

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    posted a message on New Mage Prime Legendary Card Revealed - Astromancer Solarian

    2 mana 3/2 Spell Damage +1 is already playable, and deathrattle shuffle is good for current highlander mage I guess.

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    posted a message on Is Millhouse actually a top tier hero?

    Highrolling demon and getting 1st place doesn't mean he is now top tier. But the 3 gold start is very interesting, you can double buy turn 1, triple buy with 6 gold, then tavern up easily to 5. Definitely a hero that you should not underestimate now.

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    posted a message on Cards That Should be Good

    Amber Watcher good stat, dragon, heal a lot on any target. Too bad Dragon Paladin doesn't exist, even if they really tried to push this archetype

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    posted a message on The Battlegrounds Salt Thread

    Dropped from 9850 to 9450 in 2 days with multiple top 8-7, feel like this game really doesn't want me to win anymore :)

    Doesn't matter which hero I picked, how many times I roll, I will always have bad options and the worst RNG ever. Sometimes I wish I was my opponent because I know that no matter what happen, they will get the best outcome.

    Last game, I just lose every battle (classic turn 3 fight vs AFK, turn 4 fight vs Sindragosa, you know it), I'm against Deathwing, so I thought buying Replicating Menace and magnetize it on a Piloted Shredder with every minion on field spawning a token will be enough. But I didn't play around Piloted Shredder dying into Unstable Ghoul into 1 damage AOE killing all my token and me losing the fight to exact lethal. Damn, I really should have played it better for sure.

    I will stop playing this game for a few days, just so Blizzard forget about me. Yes, I'm really getting paranoid due to this kind of bullshit.

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    posted a message on [69% WR] Dragon Highlander Hunter


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    posted a message on Is Nozdormu just a better Lich Baz'hial ?

    I had my first Nozdormu game, and it feel too damn good to have a 0 gold reroll every turn. It's just like you have 1 more gold at the beginning of the turn than everyone else. Like in turn 4, when you have 7 gold, you could just tavern up and reroll to find a tavern 3 minions.

    The point is, you are rolling every single turn, for free. Sure he is not on Deathwing / Tirion level, but compared to Baz'hial, it's just strictly better. Not having to pay 2 health it's actually huge. Floating Watcher is now an tavern 4 minion, and so Malganis is a bad minion to have, thus reducing the potential of this hero.

    If I have to choose between Nozdormu and Lich, I would 100% pick Nozdormu. What's the point of having Lich in the game then ?

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    posted a message on Deathwing hero is insane

    Deathwing is the only hero that made me adapt my buy when I face him so I don't get destroyed. Like I can see myself buying Rat Pack and Replicating Menace even if I don't have synergy for it just for one fight.

    I totally agree on the +2 attack change, it will be not an auto win anymore if you roll Rat Pack on tavern 2 now.

    Also, Tirion is still top 1 hero, and everybody agree that he is just the best one and by far margin, if they nerf Deathwing they should nerf Tirion aswell with a 2 gold cost hero power.

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    posted a message on Murlocs buff needed but how?

    Murloc are in a bad spot right now, sure you may highroll 1 game or 2, but most of time if you try to go murloc you will end up losing badly in midgame and finish top 6-8. It's crazy to think that murlocs work better at late game transitionning with Brann + Barguggle + Megasaur.

    Revert Primalfin Lookout nerf, this way you have more odd to have an early Barguggle which let you live long enough to stabilize and tavern up until you find Brann / Barguggle.

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    posted a message on What hero power should Old God heros get?

    Kinda hard to have a balanced hero power while still having the same effect than the cards.

    I guess Cthun could be something like "Spend all your gold, deal the triple of damage to random ennemy minions" so for 1 gold it's 3, 2 gold 6 damage, etc... Weaker than Patches or Ragnaros with low gold, but interesting in late game I guess ?

    Nzoth : Your first deathrattle minion trigger twice. Kinda like Shudderwock but for Deathrattle synergy. As a passive hero power or 1 gold it should be fine.

    Y'Shaarh could be insane if it was juste 3 gold : add a random minion to your hand. You can highroll anything in turn 1 and win the game from it. So I was thinking something more balanced like 3 gold : Get a random minion from the next level tavern. Yeah you are getting a better minion but it's random, so you're not always wanting to get this.

    And for Yogg, something crazy like 2 gold : Cast a random spell. With a pool of spell containing : Fireball Flamestrike Blessing of Kings , etc... could be super good or backfire really bad, just like the real Yogg Saron.


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