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    posted a message on What are you most excited about in United in Stormwind?

    I like the questlines so im happy with any i draw. As a priest main i will craft its quest if i dont draw it anyway :D

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    posted a message on Multiple Quests Deck

    I dont think its possible to play both quests. I think i tried it with the quests we have already and you can just have one quest active. I doubt that it will be different with this one

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    posted a message on [BLIZZARD SUE / LAWSUIT] Hearthstone's card reveal schedule canceled after Alliestrasza and Lt. Eddy callouts

    I think it would be much more smart if all influencers would just dump there reveal all in one go. Not a video, just like a twitter post with that card and thats it. It would be good for those who want cards and still punish blizzard since all there „hype schedule“ is pretty much done. This way it just sucks for me and punishes blizzard not that much imo.

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    posted a message on How to fix Wild

    I agree to unnerf some of the cards but definately not all of them. We dont need naga sea witch again. It broke the game completely when everyone can play a full board of giants by turn 5 or 6

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    posted a message on When is secret mage gonna be nerfed?

    I dont think its broken either. Its just very unenjoyable to play against and it really FEELS unfair with all their 0 cost secrets + synergy cards that benefit from that.

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    posted a message on When is secret mage gonna be nerfed?

    As always the problem is the cost reduction to 0 mana. It‘s simply unfair. It would be enough to make a secret cost 1 mana.

    But tbh they should just code a rule that no card can get reduced to 0 mana because this is always the problem.

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    posted a message on returning player - whats the hell is going on ????

    Casual is Wild without rank.

    Wild is Wild

    Standard is Standar

    Classic is Vanilla Hearthstone 

    Classic Packs get you cards for classic mode. Now there are standard packs for all expansions in standard.

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    posted a message on Rexxars bow weapons should give his hero power a bonus, not be used to bludgeon
    Quote from Fyrfytr998 >>
    Quote from PetiteMouche >>
    Quote from Fyrfytr998 >>

    Because Hunter’s in standard don’t already have enough power? Now you just want to outright break the class?

    Breaking balance is clearly not what he is suggesting, what is the point of your reply ?

    He is suggesting some flavor changes about how hunters use their weapons.

    It is weird that we have to melee hit something with a bow, and the new bow gave him an idea, basically 2 charges of poisonous on your HP when the bow is equipped. I don't see how it would break balance in any way, as his current suggestion would cost 4 additional mana (4 to equip the weapon and 2x2 HP) to get full benefit, but it is certainly an intersting idea and I quite like it.

    How would it look like on other hunter weapons ? Eaglehorn Bow gives 2 charges of Phase Stalker effect ?

    Let's not discuss how X bow would be broken or useless at Y or Z mana cost, I don't think it's the intent behind this thread.

    Gladiator's Longbow wouldn't necessary need a change as the immunity effect is kinda reflecting the "long distance shot" aesthetics already. Maybe just change the animation of all bow to make them shoot arrows.



     1) He didn’t specify whether or not the weapon would lose durability.

    2) As worded, it would give Hunter’s an advantage in deck building as they wouldn’t need to use different combinations of cards to give the same effect. Like Dwarven Sharpshooter + Venomous Bow. Hey now I got room to add cards that reduce the cost of my hero power.

    3) Then you’d have to give all the other classes a weapons bonus. I’d love for Guldan to have a weapon the let’s me draw a card, but instead damages the opponent. Or Jaina with a Scepter that let’s her target adjacent minions as well. Etc…..

    To point 3:

    Actually that would be awesome and add so much more flavor and incentive to use the hero power. Weapons would be more like artifacts that lose durability when you use them. The examples given are quite cool tbh. A scepter for a cleave effect on jainas hero power? Hell yeah! Also the bows would make so much more sense. 

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    posted a message on F2P Lives Matter too...

    It‘s definately luck-dependent. I‘m a f2p since Naxx and i experienced both sites. In TGT for example i got 2 legendaries out of the 1st 60 or 70 packs (when there was no leg in the first 10 rule). And the last two expansions i got one in every 18th pack if i calculated it correctly. So right now i‘ve got a quite good collection for just a f2p

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    posted a message on Switching decks during a ladder run

    I play priest as long as i dont have a quest. Dor quests i switch decks except im just a few games away from a ranked floor. But for clarity im also not going for legend. I play not that much, so maybe i reach diamond 10 or 5

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    posted a message on I need your help with FUN deck in Hearthstone!

    Here is my own creation of a reno priest. It‘s the most fun i have in hs. If you have the cards and like long control games give it a try. It can carry you to diamond with a decent winrate. From time to time i switch some cards to experiment with. Like caravan for example.


    ### The One and Only
    # Class: Priest
    # Format: Wild
    # 1x (1) Activate the Obelisk
    # 1x (1) Reliquary of Souls
    # 1x (1) Renew
    # 1x (2) Condemn (Rank 1)
    # 1x (2) Far Watch Post
    # 1x (2) Insight
    # 1x (2) Penance
    # 1x (2) Seance
    # 1x (2) Sethekk Veilweaver
    # 1x (2) Shadow Visions
    # 1x (2) Soothsayer's Caravan
    # 1x (2) Zephrys the Great
    # 1x (3) Gift of Luminance
    # 1x (3) Madame Lazul
    # 1x (3) Mindflayer Kaahrj
    # 1x (3) Mindrender Illucia
    # 1x (3) Palm Reading
    # 1x (3) Vivid Nightmare
    # 1x (4) Hysteria
    # 1x (4) Lightsteed
    # 1x (4) Mass Dispel
    # 1x (4) The Nameless One
    # 1x (4) Xyrella
    # 1x (5) Cobalt Spellkin
    # 1x (5) Raza the Chained
    # 1x (6) Onyx Magescribe
    # 1x (6) Reno Jackson
    # 1x (7) Mutanus the Devourer
    # 1x (7) Soul Mirror
    # 1x (8) Shadowreaper Anduin
    # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

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    posted a message on Unreal Engine 5 - The future is here!

    He talks about the VR World in the Book „Ready Player One i guess. Which in short „zombifies“ humanity because life on overpopulated earth sucks in the future and they look for comfort in a VR World.

    But to be on topic: Yes the Unreal Engine 5 looks mindblowing. I‘m curious to see the first games that use it.

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    posted a message on Don't be shy, my friend. Who is your waifu?

    Finally a thread not about whining people about more nerfs! Best thread in a long time and hilarious answers like shufderwock xDD

    On topic: i like 2B too but honestly i can‘t pick the „best“ waifu

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    posted a message on Interesting glitch

    Honestly that would be a hilarious meme card. XD

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    posted a message on Has Hearthpwn lost its charm? Is there any way to recover it?

    There are different reasons that this site became a little boring. One thing is the community and the constant complaining. That‘s not fixable from the site owners. BUT what is also missing is the articles i initially came to this site in the first place. Where are the card design competitions??? I used to love creative card designs from the communtiy. Why are there no such articles anymore. All articles are grandmasters, which i dont care about and collections of deck lists, which i check from time to time but are also boring to read most of the time.

    Edit: the „Best Duels Moments“ are a nice idea for a new type of posts on the main site. But since i don‘t really play duels i cannot relate to those situations and is not really that entertaining to me

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