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    Attack command never stacked in the past, so it shouldnt stack from this card too.

    You have  1 attack command per turn (2 if windfurry) if u reset the command u get 1 attack per turn back.. if u reset 10000 times  at same time u still only got 1 attack back.. 

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    Its more an bugg/exploit then anything else. It may attack again shouldnt reset your attack timer to 0 twice and give u like a pseudo windfurry effect...

     I just wrote a support ticket for this, to report this bugg. This cant be a real mechanic, cause Blizzard never wanted those OTK decks, specially if u have no counterplay potential. If the druid attacks more then 6 Times through 2 taunts and hit u  5 times in the face, it should be hotfixed ASAP!

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    posted a message on PSA: Every Magnetic creature has Charge! FIX ASAP! PLS
    Quote from Kanturu >>

    So magnetic is doing exactly what it is supposed to do?

     No cause Magnetic exploiting the "Attack turn trigger event" or how its called.

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    posted a message on PSA: Every Magnetic creature has Charge! FIX ASAP! PLS
    Quote from DoubleSummon >>

    oh wait what? so magnetic gives windfury?

     no Instant Charge.


    You have 1/3 taunt on the board attack with the taunt, then fuse the tound to make it like 6/8 and instant attack again. Its completely a Shame that u can instant attack with minions you play from your hand.

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    Quote from Chueven >>

    ???????????  make an example?!


    How it should work: You fuse your minion, wait 1 round and attack with the fused minion, or attack with the minion, then fuse it and wait 1 round.


    How the current bugged version is:

    Attack with the Minion, fuse the Minnion, ATTACK AGAIN! With the minion. Without needing to wait 1 round..


    Its completely game breaking.  -> SO basically every Magnetic Minion has instant Charge when u fuse it.


    So just Rope those bugged warrior decks



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    posted a message on PSA: Every Magnetic creature has Charge! FIX ASAP! PLS

    So it looks like every Magnetic creature can instanly Charge to face. I talked with many people about this issue.

    Is Blizzard aware of this bugg/exploit?



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    posted a message on New Legendary Minion - Harbinger Celestia

    I dont understand why so many people rate this as the moth useless card of the set.

    4 mana 5/6 is awesome. and Now the enemy has to waste Mana AND a Card to make your 4 mana 5/6 useless. (Counter it)

    So perfect card to block enemy turns, and slow the game down.  Its a better Mirror entity. Cause if enemy doesnt do anything u have a good minion on the board.

    The chance that an enemy is holing a 1 or 2 mana creature  to counter this card is very unlikely. The chance that the enemy has only 5+ Mana cost minions in midgame is very high.


    So to summ it up:
    Worse Case Scenario: Enemy has to waste a handcard and 1 mana crystall. and u still get the 1mana crystall minion from your enemy.


    Very likely scenario: Enemy waste a handcard, 3 mana crystall and us till get value from it.


    Good scenario: Enemy cant play lichking,ysera, malygos,  -> complete turn blocked








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    posted a message on So Hunter is the underdog once more...

    bearshark +houndmaster+bonemane = gg so often loosing agains this dump combo. hunter is fine, they dont need aoe they have highmane+ bearshark, goodluck clearing bearshark as a mage. (when u not play freeze/exodia) 

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    posted a message on DisguisedToast's Frost Lich Jaina Midrange Mage

     Add Baron geddon its a free Reno on a full board after u played Frostlich Jaina. ;) so nice Won Fatigue agains a priest ^^

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    posted a message on Strong decks after 1st day after KOTFT - meta predictions

    I only face like Combo Priest, Miracle card steal Rogue and a confusing Warlock list.
    I dont get those Warlocks what streamer made that kind of deck where u make turn 1-4 nothing but lifetap + aoe and maybe void caller. Drawing your complete deck/lifetap. and then like round 20 he play the Hero, i make one AOE and the Warlock Die in fatigue.. Doesnt get the point of that warlock, how he wanna win, when he doesnt do anything like first 10 turns. And looks like only 8 Drop is Lichking, most minions are just likt 4/5 or so.

    Myself playing Frost Lich Jaina-freeze-survival-fatigue game. Is very fun. And got one of the funniest and crazys Fatigue Rounds ever.
    I like the meta, no boring aggro decks, like every game last until fatigue or close to fatigue ;)

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    posted a message on Has anyone beat Lady DeathWhisper yet?

    I just used my Constructed Elemental/Freeze Fatigue Mage agains her, i only attacked to heal my self to win fatigue was funny :P



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    posted a message on (GAME) The most interesting cards of the set,

    (The most broken card of the set) - 
    The Lich King

    (The first card you'll craft) -
    Frost Lich Jaina

    (The neutral card you think will be used in almost all decks) -
    Deathspeaker and of course The Lich King

    (The worst DK card) -
    Malfurion the Pestilent

    (The new best card of the arena) -
    Eternal Servitude

    (The card that would be better if it doesn't exist) -
    Gnomeferatu i bet it will troll me so often and destroy my combo/controll decks.

    (The best DK card) -
    Frost Lich Jaina

    (The card with the most intersting mechanic)
    Uther of the Ebon Blade and Archbishop Benedictus

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    posted a message on Few days after ! Who is the best Hero ! [Thousands VOTES and going...]

    Only Jaina is the Real Waifu <3

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    posted a message on New Hero Card Revealed! - Uther of the Ebon Blade


    New Uther is like this:

    Someone should make a 10 hour version of this xD


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    posted a message on New Card Reveal: Skulking Geist
    Quote from Syndragosa >>

    This will destroy the secrets created by Primordial Glyph.

     nope cause they works on white mana, not green/reduced mana. like molten giants make always 25 dmg with the paladin spell. secrets from mage are 3 mana, so it doesnt destroy them, even if u have sorc apprentice..
    Cards always look on base mana cost.
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